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Moving Day TipsApril 19, 2020

Reassembling furniture after relocation does bear resemblance to the task of solving a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Apart from having many pieces that somehow don’t seem to fit together, both of these projects often start off as fun but get rather arduous after the first few hours. However, what does differ is that you can put that jigsaw aside, and suppress the memory the failed assembly fairly easily, but simply cannot do the same with your couch. Luckily, you have this text that will tell you how to reassemble furniture with greater ease and far less stress. So, let us see how you ought to begin.

Preparation is the key element of every successful project

Furniture reassembly is a complicated task and should be addressed with due care and respect. What this means is that you should approach it with your utmost attention and preparation. So, just before the movers drop off your shipment, make sure that you have a clear working area where you will handle the assembly.

A chair in an empty room
You want to be able to focus on the task at hand.

The way you would do this is by clearing out the room around it, removing any fragile items or belongings that are susceptible to damage. You can place them in an adjacent room, or use some of the great storage facilities Columbus Ohio has to offer. Either way, you want to keep all that may interfere with your work out of the way.

Unpack the boxes and inspect the shipment

Upon receiving your boxes, you want to make sure that all of the parts have arrived unharmed and that nothing is missing. Only then will you sign the bill of lading, and continue with the process you set out to do. However, do not be rushed when doing this important step. It is important that you employ careful handling when opening your boxes, as you don’t want to risk scratching or damaging the pieces yourself. Place the boxes on the floor in order to have maximum stability, cut them open, and use the carboard as protection to your new floors.

If you are wondering how to reassemble furniture, know that you will need to organize

We often advise that you devote the extra time when disassembling furniture before the move to organize all the little pieces in plastic bags that you would close shut and tape to the furniture piece. Labeling the boxes is also a great method that would help you in furniture reassembly, as you would know where all of the important tools and pieces are. However, even if it so happens that you haven’t had the time to do this, or simply weren’t aware of the advantages of these steps, not all is lost.  Here is what you need to do after unpacking:

  • identify the parts.
  • group the similar ones together. Flat packs come with a lot of small parts (nuts, bolts, screws, nails, knobs, and more)
  • separate them in plastic bins or cups to avoid mixing them up, losing them, or spending unnecessary time looking for them.
  • lastly, lay them in front of you in an orderly manner.

You will need to have the right tools

Failing to have the right tools might be the biggest obstacle in solving this big jigsaw. While most ready-to-assemble furniture comes with the basic tools needed for assembly, chances are you have lost some of them before the move has even started. This might be the time to consider professional assistance in terms of Columbus moving services. Apart from handling your relocation, experienced movers can also take care of the furniture reassembly.

A professional movers assembling furntirue
If you don’t know how to reassemble furniture or don’t have the right tools, ask professional movers to help.

However, if you are adamant on tackling this task single-handedly, know that you will almost certainly need:

  • a hammer, an adjustable wrench, a rubber mallet, Allen wrenches
  • a set of flathead and Phillips-head screwdrivers
  • measuring tape, sandpaper, a level
  • and power tools like electric screwdrivers and drills with interchangeable bits

Two heads are better than one

Although we salute your initiative and good spirit, you really do not want to reassemble furniture alone. Pieces tend to be hard and you will almost certainly need at least one set of helping hands on board. So, make sure that you at the very least ask your friends or family members for assistance. Otherwise, do not restrain from enlisting the help of a professional.

How to reassemble furniture? Follow the instructions, proven that you have them

This is where the responsible ones of you will get to gloat a bit, as you were smart or careful enough to keep the original instructions of the assembly. And, now that you have it, make sure that you flip through the manual, and strictly adhere to the illustrated instructions. Feel free to go through the handbook more than once in order to get a clear picture of the process. Then, start from the base and move on to the details.

Do not despair if you lost them

For all of us that are not as careful and attentive with manual instructions, there is the Internet. While you might not be able to find the exact guide for your particular couch, you will still have the ability to watch videos of similar furniture pieces being assembled, and get the idea of what you ought to do. Keep in mind that most companies do provide online videos, as well as FAQ’s on their websites, boosting your chances of finding just the answers you need. Not to mention that many also have downloadable sets of directions you can get for free.

A man doing some research on the Internet
Living in the Internet era makes it super easy to find all the information you need with great speed and little effort.

Be patient and give yourself time

Let’s face it, reassembling furniture can be a mundane task, especially if you just want to get it over with and unwind after the long process of relocation. Some of the steps may not be very intuitive and you are bound to make at least one mistake. When wondering how to reassemble furniture, know that patience is paramount. Take a break if you need it, and try your best to relax and not to let it get to you. If you rush it too much, you will make more mistakes and lose more nerves.

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