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Residential Storage

We all come to a certain point in life when we realize that we’ve gathered too much material belongings. And it is at that time that we are faced with two choices. You can either continue down that road and become a hoarder or you can clear it all out. Every household needs decluttering from time to time. Sometimes it helps to rid yourself of stuff, at other time simply storing them away somewhere is all you need. And this is the exact purpose of our storage rental Columbus Ohio. With the help of our residential storage services, you can make sure that your home never gets cluttered.

Moving truck Zippy Shell as your most reliable residential storage
Every household needs professionals who can help you pack, move and store your belongings

We offer safety, protection, and convenience

With Zippy Shell, you can always count on the safety and protection of your belongings in residential storage Columbus, OH. Our storage facilities can accommodate all volumes of belongings that you wish to keep safe. Rental prices are adapted to fit inside your average budget needs and we take care of everything. We can come to your home, pack, load and transport the belongings into storage or you can do this. It is completely up to you and your time.

Local Phone: (614) 915-0800