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Attention students across the Columbus Ohio! If you’re looking for a great student storage you are in the right place!  Zippy Shell provides students with dorm room storage solutions. With our dorm room storage students have a chance to store their belongings in the most convenient and affordable student storage space.

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When you need our dorm room storage solutions?

  • If you don’t want to move everything across the country
  • If you are living in a small space
  • Your dorm room is too small
  • Worrying about security in a shared apartment or dorm room
  • When you are going to spring break, you have somewhere close to store your stuff.
moving truck open in the back
You can be sure your boxes are safe in containers in our moving trucks

Zippy Shell offers you dorm room storage solutions to match your needs and a tight budget!

Here are a few reasons why you should choose our storage facilities:

  • Our prices are student-friendly.
  • Our locations are near your college!
  • You can store anything you want
  • You can get to your things anytime you want.
  • There’s no minimum stay

Why would you need dorm room storage?

There are various reasons why a person would need dorm room storage. However, we’ll mention only the most important ones. To us they are:

  • safety – the security of your items while you’re not around is very important.
  • accessibility – dorm room storage solutions which will help you access your things quickly are very good.
  • utility – when you’re in college, you’ll need all the space you can get. A storage unit can help you with that.


As we mentioned before, going back home for the holidays or the summers break is the most common reason. It’s easier to put your items in a storage unit close to your dorm than to lug them across the country and back. In addition to this, the chances of your things getting damaged during the transport will be reduced to a minimum. Also, you’ll be sure that your belongings are safe from theft in a storage unit.

Sleep easy knowing your belongings are safe in Zippy Shell store units


When you keep your items in a storage unit close by, you’ll always be able to get to them quickly. This will help you organize your things if you’ve packed a bit more than your dorm room can handle. Keep all of the essentials you need in your dorm room, and put the excess away in a storage unit. Apart from this, when your items are packed in a Zippy Shell storage unit, you can have it shipped anywhere you want without the need to pack it first! This will make getting around with your college items very easy.


There are a lot of uses for a storage unit other than packing your dorm room up when you’re leaving for the holiday season. One of them is to use your storage unit as an extension of your dorm room. We all know how crowded a college dorm room can be. With all of your and your roommate’s belongings, it can get pretty crammed in there. Renting residential storage in Columbus can help you tackle this challenge. It will give you more space to use in a time when you’ll need all the space you can get.

student holding books and smiling
Dorm rooms usually don’t have enough space in them

So, using your unit as an extension of your closet or as a workshop where you can get some work done are all dorm room storage solutions. You can choose which one you need and which one you would like to rent. Afterward, all that’s left for you to do is call Zippy Shell and schedule the day your storage unit will arrive.

Why are Zippy Shell dorm room storage solutions the best?

Picking any old storage unit isn’t going to help you have an easier time with your dorm room items. A bad storage solution can end up being worse than not renting a storage in the first place, so you should be careful. Decide on the best possible option for you, but be careful. Not many companies can offer you the same guarantee that we can! Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage will make sure you get all your items in exactly the same state they were when you put them in our care. Thus, we guarantee their safety, especially if you need reliable long-term storage services when you leave for the summer break.


The first reason we’re an excellent choice is that we offer a wide variety of storage services in Columbus. You can choose any combination which will suit your needs. Rent a separate storage unit or ask for on-site storage if that’s what you really need.


We also offer our customers to pick the length of time they need the storage for. Since you’re looking for dorm room storage solutions, you’ll probably be back soon. So, you’re going to need short-term storage Columbus if you’re getting back in a couple of weeks. This will help you keep your things safe and sound until you return to claim them again.

mother and daughter smiling
Choose how long you need to keep your items in storage

If you need a storage for a longer period of time, we’ve got your back! You can rent a unit and our storage specialists will help you decide what you can keep in it long-term. Their invaluable advice will help you avoid any damage you might cause by storing the wrong items.

Special storage

If your dorm room had some sort of special item in it, you might need specialized storage for it. This is why we at Zippy Shell offer climate controlled storage services. If you had some documents or a sensitive piece of art in your dorm room, you can choose to protect it by renting a climate controlled storage unit.

Inside of a Columbus student storage warehouse
Our storage professionals will help you decide on the best type of unit for your needs!

Because of our numerous satisfied clients

The last, but definitely not the least, reason why you should choose Zippy Shell for your dorm room storage solutions is that we go out of our way to ensure our client’s satisfaction. Our storage specialists will help you figure out which storage options best suit your needs. In addition to this, we offer advice on how to pack your unit for maximum efficiency. So, you’ll have no issues when the unit arrives at your location. Finally, you can read the reviews of our previous customers and find out for yourself what makes Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage the best option for you!

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