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When it comes to moving and storage-related tasks, one can say that the majority of people find them quite complicated. This is precisely why moving and storage companies work hard to come up with ways to make the process easier for everyone. You'll quickly realize just how hard Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage has been working in order to enable you to move with the greatest of ease. If we focus on the things that matter the most during any relocation - then we simply must talk about convenience and efficiency. And nowadays it can be difficult to imagine a convenient and efficient relocation without the use of our pods Columbus, Ohio.

Storage delivered to your doorstep
Option to store onsite or at storage facility
Possibility of moving your container to a new location
At-home storage option for easy access
Exceptional customer care
Flexibility to load, pack and unload at your pace
Professional packing and loading at your disposal
No hidden costs
Positive reviews and customer satisfaction
Affordable and competitive prices

Have you had the opportunity to hear about Zippy Shell portable storage units? If your answer is no, keep on reading. You are about to find out about the advantages of our moving portable storage units over anything else you might come across while searching for a way to relocate.

Zippy Shell portable storage
Our portable storage is accessible and easy to park

Advantages of Zippy Shell moving portable storage units over any other similar option

Nowadays, you may be able to find numerous storage solutions. None of those, however, can even remotely compare to the practical and well-thought-out Zippy Shell portable storage. Our options work for any kind of relocation and reorganization circumstances. The features of our portable storage bring you the advantages you simply cannot find in other, seemingly similar options.

Zippy Shell is the only portable storage option to consider if you live in a city

Yes, it is certainly convenient to have a wide driveway available for your moving pod. And most, if not all, moving portable storage units out there require you to have one to accommodate their storage unit delivery. But what happens if you don’t have a driveway? What do all those people who live in any sort of home that has no driveway available do? The answer is simple. They use Zippy Shell portable storage units. Where would you put any other type of moving pod, anyway?

Our portable storage trailers have both license plates and wheels, which means they can be parked with ease anywhere a regular car can. Portable storage units with no wheels are simply useless when it comes to any sort of city residential moving. And more often than not, you’ll find our moving portable storage units Columbus, Ohio more suitable to your driveway, as well.

cars parked in the street
Zippy Shell has made all other moving portable storage options obsolete!

We offer multiple sizes of portable storage units Columbus, Ohio

There’s no reason to give up on various sizes of portable storage units just because you want them on wheels. Zippy Shell’s containers come in two sizes. So, you can choose the size of your moving portable storage and also have it parked in the street just outside? You’ve read that right. The smaller, 10 ft. container (7 ft. high, 7 ft. wide and 10 ft. long) can hold one to two rooms. The larger size is a 15 ft. container (7 ft. high, 7 ft. wide and 15 ft long) and you’ll be able to fit two to three rooms into it. This means that while moving or renovating your apartment, you can easily fit your entire apartment inside just one Zippy Shell. Meanwhile, your portable storage unit will remain safely parked just outside. You’ll never have to worry about it.

Our moving portable storage units are the most convenient and accessible way of utilizing portable storage options

Unlike the services of other similar companies, Zippy Shell’s services are broadly available. You should have absolutely no trouble getting your moving estimate for any location you need. We’ve been working hard to create a company that can operate in almost every corner of the country.

There are features of our portable storage units you don’t want to miss out on

If you’ve been searching for a way to move with the least possible amount of stress, then using portable storage units Columbus, Ohio is the way to do it right. And you’re in luck because Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage can offer you the most efficient way to pack, move or store all of your belongings. So, here’s what you should know about Zippy Shell moving and storage options:

  • Zippy Shell can keep up with any unusual schedule changes. Flexibility has become immensely significant in these hectic times. And we know just how to handle unforeseen situations. Don’t know when you’ll be coming home until only several days before you actually arrive? All we need is a few days notice. And if you happen to need your items packed by professionals and ready in just two days – there’s no reason to feel anxious at all. We’ve got it all covered.
portable storage in our warehouse
Busy lifestyle calls for flexibility of your storage options – a feature of Zippy Shell you don’t want to miss out on
  • Unable to load the Zippy Shell on your own? No problem there! Just ask your Zippy Shell representative. We’ll make sure you get loading and packing service available. There’s no need to do all the heavy lifting by yourself!
  • Have you started thinking about safety issues yet? There’s really no reason to worry about safety when using our storage services. All our portable storage units are kept parked in an enclosed facility. This offers much better safety options than any other type of regular storage units.

As you can see, apart from being affordable and convenient, our moving portable storage units Columbus, Ohio are also the most sensible option for your storage and relocation needs. It comes in two sizes, it doesn’t require wide driveways nor does it create parking issues – it is the most reliable and efficient portable storage solution out there. You are just one click away from having a Zippy Shell at your disposal, so make sure you use the opportunity!

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