Short Term Storage

People are in need of renting short term storage units for various reasons. One of the reasons is moving and lack of space to store all belongings pilled over the years. Another very common reason is home renovation when additional space is needed to clear out the house during remodeling. Precisely short-term storage is an excellent solution for storing household items for a certain period of time. Regardless of your reason for looking for short term storage Columbus Ohio residents recommend, Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage has the best storage options and facilities for safekeeping your belongings. Contact our customer service, and find out all the details about our diverse offers.

Storage containers in Zippy Shell temporary warehouse
You should consider renting a storage container that you can keep in your driveway while renovating your home.

How to choose an adequate short term Zippy Shell Columbus storage?

Short term storage Columbus Ohio has to offer is a storage solution where you can store your belongings for three months or less. If you are in need of temporary warehouse rental, at Zippy Shell Columbus you can choose the type and size of the storage unit you need. The size and type depend only on the size and number of items you intend to store in your unit. Our warehouse staff will gladly help you calculate how much storage space you need, based on the number of items you’re about to store and your demands. Furthermore, they will take you through our facilities, so that you can examine them and see for yourself the quality of our storage units.

When you may need short term storage solutions?

Whether you are between two homes and moving, renovating your home, or for any other reason you want to move your items to temporary storage units in Columbus Ohio, Zippy Shell is here to offer you a solution that will fit your needs and budget. With many convenient storage units, our services are adapted to all your requests. We understand the need of our customers for proper storage and the importance of quality storage. That’s why we have a network of satisfied clients who are always returning to our services and re-rent short term storage Columbus Ohio has to offer every time they need it.

Inside of the storage facility in Columbus
Our short term storage Columbus Ohio offers has all the necessary amenities for safekeeping your items.

Our short term storage solutions are particularly convenient for students. They allow them to store their belongings at the end of the semester instead of bringing them all back home. And when the new semester starts, they can cancel short-term storage and pick up their stuff with no hidden fees. For this purpose, we recommend our budget-friendly dorm room storage units. These are practical solutions in case your living space is too small for all your items. Or in case you are concerned about the security of your valuable items in a shared accommodation.

Zippy Shell Columbus offers short-term storage units that suit all your needs

We have based our storage services on what our clients are looking for the most. In addition to easy access and our friendly staff, we can offer our clients a variety of storage services. Even if our services do not meet your needs, we can tailor a solution according to your request.

Here is a list of storage services Columbus Ohio you can count on when renting a temporary storage unit. Zippy Shell Columbus provides flexible month-to-month storage leases. This option is highly budget-friendly since you can cancel it at any time you want. Our warehouse buildings are designed to help you conveniently access your storage space. Also, another benefit is you can access your stuff whenever you want. Our friendly staff is always at your disposal, and always available to answer any questions you might have. They will assist you with your temporary warehouse needs and provide you with extra storage information. If you are interested in our short term storage, give us a call or visit any of our local storage facilities in Columbus Ohio.

What kind of short term storage Columbus Ohio can offer do you need?

Choosing an adequate storage facility depends on many factors and your needs. Therefore, consider in time whether proximity to the warehouse, the size of the unit, additional amenities, etc. is important to you. No matter whether you need short or long term storage units, our temporary warehouse facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes. So, when you’re about to book a storage unit, you should at least know roughly how much storage you need. Based on your assessment, we offer you a unit that is not too small or too large for your belongings. Our storage representatives are always available to give you information and help when you are choosing the right storage unit.

Friendly workers in short term storage Columbus Ohio
We can assist you to pack, move and store all of your belongings.

The portable storage solutions we offer are practical and very popular

Trying to make moving as easy and simple as possible, we decided to offer mobile storage units to our clients. This option took off very quickly and gained well-deserved popularity. Our portable storage units can easily be parked in your front yard or driveway. You can easily load all your items in it while you renovate the house, and you don’t have to move it until you finish renovating. The second option is even safer, to park and keep portable storage in our closed facility instead of in the yard or on the street. Whichever option you choose, we assure you that your belongings will be perfectly safe in our portable storage. There is also the possibility to use it to move all your possessions to a new destination. Apart from short term storage Columbus Ohio has to offer, we have many other types of storage units.

Opt for an adequate-sized short term storage unit

It is important to choose a unit that is proportional to the number of items you will be storing. You certainly don’t want to pay for space you don’t need. Go through your belongings and make sure to count and calculate the size and number of your boxes. Make a pile out of them and then measure the length and width of the entire pile, to calculate its square footage. For a 4×4 feet pile, you’ll need a storage unit measuring 16 square feet. Another way you can calculate the size of space you need is based on cubic capacity. If you multiply the length, width, and height of your biggest items and boxes, the result will show you how many cubic feet of storage space you need. For instance, if the dimensions of the unit are 4x4x4, its cubic capacity is 64 cubic feet.

Easy access to the storage depends on the location

Depending on the reason you need short term storage in Columbus Ohio, you may want to rent a storage unit that is near you. You surely want easy access to your belongings especially if you are renovating your home. In this case, maybe you should consider renting our portable storage containers that you can keep in your driveway while renovating your home. This way of storing is quite convenient since you can easily pull out and put back the items as you need them. But, in case you don’t need your items on regular basis, you can rent short term storage units even if they are a little further away. These more distant warehouses usually have more available units and more affordable pricing. 

Storage units with red doors
We can offer you a storage container that is the right size for your belongings.

Pick a storage unit that has drive-up access

With Zippy Shell Columbus, you can rent temporary warehouse solutions that allow you easy access to your belongings, every day and hour. Also, our facilities have drive-up storage access so you can easily load and unload your container. Some of our temporary warehouse facilities are more flexible in terms of access than others. This is particularly convenient if you’re a business owner involved in trade and shipping. Drive-up access notably facilitates frequent loading and unloading of goods. Other benefits of our commercial storage units are inventory shipment receiving services and an inventory system at affordable prices. So, whichever storage unit you choose, we assure you it will fit your needs in terms of budget, location, and rental duration.

Cost efficiency is a trademark of our short term storage units Columbus Ohio

Cost efficiency is something that we guarantee to our clients. And precisely they will tell you that the price-quality ratio of our services is excellent. On our website, you can find reviews of our satisfied clients and see them for yourself. When you research storage companies, you will soon find out that we are one of the most affordable ones. We are a storage company that specializes in temporary warehouse solutions, same as long-term storage. We have the most convenient pricing formula for our clients. Our goal is to provide you with affordable and convenient short term agreements. We are here to give you the best possible deal you can get in Columbus Ohio!

A flexible lease is another perk when storing in our warehouse

Sometimes you don’t know exactly how long you will use your short-term storage unit. This is quite often the case when you have sold the old home and you still don’t have a new home where you can transport your belongings. When that happens, Zippy Shell Columbus can offer you temporary storage with a month-to-month lease. It is the most cost-effective and convenient option for you if you are not sure for how long you will need a storage unit. So, you will pay on a monthly basis until you are ready to take your thing out of our temporary warehouse facilities.

Even our short term storage Columbus Ohio residents rely on are climate-controlled

If you want to store fragile or other temperature-sensitive items, be sure you can find a convenient storage unit in our temporary warehousing. It is common practice for clients to rent short-term storage units without additional amenities. Our short-term units are clean and safe, so most items will withstand temperature fluctuations for that short period of time. However, we recommend temperature-controlled units if you plan to store valuable items sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. The temperature in our climate controlled storage units is between 55 and 85°F which is optimal for preserving your belongings. These units are great if you are planning to store items during periods of extreme heat or cold. Sometimes extreme temperatures and humidity can damage certain items so you want to be sure your items are protected in temporary storage units

Storage security is our priority

Satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal and our best marketing. That is why we are completely committed to preserving and protecting your belongings. We are your reliable storage facility that offers safe and climate-controlled units. Security of the storage unit is a crucial factor when renting. Especially if you need to store high-value items, it is important to rent a temporary warehouse where you can be sure your belongings are protected. Hiring Zippy Shell Columbus and our short-term storage units for your items will guarantee you peace of mind.

Warehouse in Columbus Ohio
You can be sure your belongings are well-protected in our storage facilities.

We offer both, moving and storage services

Why hire two different companies, one for storing and the other for moving when you can have it all in the same place? Zippy Shell Columbus is a storage company that offers you great moving services, too. We are more than capable to provide you with the best temporary warehouse rental when moving. Our friendly staff is trained to load, move and store your items with utmost care. If you are in need of a short term storage unit in Columbus Ohio our skilled movers will move your items out of your old home, store them, and then unload them at your new home. By hiring us, you wouldn’t have to worry either about the labor force, transportation, or storage.

A couple waiting with packed items to store them in a short term storage unit
Our friendly staff is trained to load, move and store your items with utmost care.

Hiring our moving company and renting our storage units is the most timely and cost-effective way to handle your move. Instead of hiring movers for the move and renting storage units somewhere else, with Zippy Shell Columbus, you can have it all for an affordable price!

Allow us to convince you of the quality of our moving and rental services

Although we have built our reputation primarily on portable storage solutions, our moving services have elevated us even further. Thanks to them, we are today at the very top of the best moving companies list in the Columbus Ohio area. We are a verified and accredited company, with a large base of loyal members who opt for our services regularly. Our satisfied clients and numerous awards are proof of the quality of our services. Not only do we offer short-term and long-term storage, but also military, student, commercial, residential, and self-storage. And we are also proud of our range of moving services:

In addition to everything we have already mentioned above, we offer a 10% off discount for the first rental month. This applies to all online reservations longer than three months.

A woman talking on the phone and booking short term storage service
Contact us and opt for our storage services

Choose one of the best moving companies in Columbus Ohio

Experienced clients know that it is necessary to compare several rental companies to find the one that suits them. When you compare prices, storage unit sizes, locations, amenities, and terms, the best option will stand out. You will see that we are one of the best options in the city of Columbus. Considering the variety and quality of our services, we are surely one of your best options when renting a short term storage Columbus Ohio has. If you contact us, Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage will become your reliable partner. Visit our website for a free estimate of your relocation and more details about our storage rental options, or call us and we will answer your questions.

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