Should you move yourself or hire movers?

Hiring MoversApril 20, 2020

If you can properly pack up your household, it will be one of the most important aspects of your relocation. If you do not follow correct procedures to protect your items, you are risking the safety of your precious belongings. You could end up with a box of broken glass, or electronics, or any other damage that happens to your items. If you are thinking about whether you should move yourself or hire movers, we can help you decide. If you do not have the time or the skills and patience to pack up, then you should hire one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio. This guide will compare the pros and cons of moving on your own or hiring movers. With our help, you will easily see what is the better option for your unique needs.

If you use fragile boxes along with poorly sealing and inefficiently wrapping your items, then they are more likely to crack, break or scratch during your relocation.

Here are some facts to help you decide whether you should move yourself or hire movers

1. Hiring the pros is faster – and safer!

If you have a big house or a large office space with lots of commodities to pack, professional packers go through them faster. If you have a lot of furniture they need to disassemble and prepare for transport, but you also happen to be on limited time, then hiring our local movers can be a lifesaver. What normal people take several weeks or even months to finish, professionals can complete in just a day. Or even in just a few hours. So if you wonder should you move yourself or hire movers, book us. We bring our premium moving supplies with us!

2. Should you move yourself or hire movers? Professionals have training for packing your items correctly

There are certain protocols that you need to follow if you want to pack your house or commercial premises efficiently and effectively. Zippy Shell Columbus employs professionals with skills and experience. We also offer cheap storage units Columbus Ohio. And besides that, they know how to properly wrap your fragile and delicate items in order to protect them. They know how to disassemble and pack any type of furniture. All the movers in our network are trained in all the best ways of packing valuable works of art, fragile mirrors and sculptures. If you have a certain number of delicate, fragile things or items of odd shape, then deciding on whether you should move yourself or hire movers should be an easy decision!

3. In which scenario are your items more likely to survive the move intact?

If your belongings are properly packaged for transportation, they are less likely to break. And If you are moving long distance, your belongings are going to be in that truck for a long period of time. Which only increases the risk of an accident, except if you are protected with good insurance and have hired the best movers to properly pack and wrap everything. That special cargo is more likely to endure the trip.

Boxes with packing pellets
Professional packers ensure that your belongings are properly packed with the most suitable materials.

4. However, booking a moving company means your costs will increase

Normally, any additional moving services such as specialty packing will come at an additional cost. Packing services can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It depends on the weight of things that you want to pack and haul. It will usually also come down to the time it takes for your movers to pack everything up. Some movers also charge an hourly rate, while others will offer you a flat rate price package. You can ask for a fixed price by obtaining a written estimate for the number of belongings you have on your property. You might also choose high-quality packing materials, which will obviously cost you extra. Sometimes packing supplies may be included in the price, but the contract will clarify everything.

Should you move yourself or hire movers: Pros and cons of packing yourself

The biggest advantage packing by yourself is cost reduction. Relocations usually cost a significant amount without having expert packers to wrap up your belongings. However, packing is a tiring project for people who are already busy with their careers and/or children. If you cannot find enough time to do the packing, you will only prolong this process for months.

1. You don’t have a lot of control if you choose to hire movers over moving yourself

When you wonder if you can move yourself or hire movers who know the fastest and most effective packing methods, still, you should understand that they probably won’t organize your items exactly as you would. But if you choose a mix of between moving yourself and hiring professional packers, you can opt to pay only for the packing services. Then later you can unpack by yourself.

Cardboard boxes
Be sure to ask any company you plan to hire if there is an additional charge for supplies.

2. However, some simple guidance and detailed instructions could give your packers an idea of your preferences

It’s normal that you’re not comfortable letting a group of complete strangers into your home or office to wander around. We understand that it takes a lot of confidence to allow new people to work with your things and pack them into boxes. It doesn’t matter if they’re expensive and hold real personal and sentimental value. It’s normal to worry about the risks of theft or breakages. And although you cannot always be 100% sure that you’re dealing with ethical professionals, comprehensive and thorough research of the company you are hiring will definitely reduce the possibility of any misconduct. So if you contact us, we promise we will try to work around your tight budget, to moving needs, and your schedule. Your move can be a breeze if you rely on experts who have been in the moving industry for years!

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