Long Term Storage

A storage unit can be a great solution to many problems. Whether you are moving to Ohio, storing your seasonal items or simply creating more space in your home, hiring storage services can be your best course of action. But, what you need to know, is that reliability and trust are the key elements that a storage company must-have. Especially when it comes to long term storage. That is why we offer our services to only those people that take storage seriously and that consider the safety and respect of their possessions vital.


Zippy Shell storage unit
Long term storage solutions are available in our storage company

Long term storage services that we offer

If you are looking for long term storage, look no further. Our professional team is capable of handling any and all segments of item storing. With the expertise and skills that we have, we are going to provide you with all the storage services that you might need. And, while you certainly can deal with certain parts of long term storage, we recommend that you leave as much as you can to us. It is particularly important for the moving team to understand your storage duration intentions, as well as being able to inspect items before wrapping occurs, in order to determine how to best protect and place the items in your storage unit.

Another great feature of our long-term storage is a free redelivery every 6 months to exchange your seasonal items! We are offering you this type of service because we care about our customers and your satisfaction. Zippy Shell is here to ease your life as much as possible with our long-term storage services.

Packing services

The first thing that we tell all of our clients is that you cannot properly store your items if you do not properly pack them. While we will provide you with proper storage facilities and safe transportation, there is simply no substitute for proper packing. Our professionals will make sure to properly wrap, pack and label all your items. All of these steps are necessary if you want to avoid mishaps. Most accidents happen due to low-quality boxes and improper labeling. Therefore, if you want to reduce the risk of an accident, be sure to leave the packing to professionals.

Making a storage plan

The moment you know which items you would like stored, you should give us a call. A representative will contact you and, with your input, will create a storage plan that is best suited for your needs. Depending on the items that you would like to be stored and the time involved, we will figure out the price. Know that our goal is to find the best plan for your situation. Both financially and strategically.


Once we have packed and prepared your items, our team will come and transport them to your storage unit. We will disassemble your furniture, load your heavy items and make sure that everything is properly transported. Furthermore, if you hired us to pack your items, we can guarantee that they will be safe and sound during transportation and storage. There is no one better suited to handle your items than the people who packed them. If we pack your items, we will have first-hand information about their weight and fragility. Therefore, only we will be able to ensure that your items are transported and stored in the safest way possible.

We will load your heavy items and make sure that everything is properly transported.

Full proof storage units

When your items arrive at our storage facility, you can be sure that they are safe. With our professional team, you will be able to work out the best way to distribute your items around the storage unit. We completely understand that when it comes to long term storage, accessibility is just as important as safety. Therefore, we will figure out how to make your items as accessible as possible, while keeping them safe during the storage period.

Some advice for long term storage

While we will discuss all of this once you hire us, we would still like to give some long term storage advice. Whether long term storage will be successful is not just up to us. Consider it as a partnership that will only work if you follow some simple, common sense guidelines. Most people will think that these pieces of advice are redundant. But, still, we feel that there is no harm in going over them just in case.

Things that you shouldn’t place in long term storage

While there are things like clothes, books and holiday decorations that can easily be stored, there are things that you should never, ever store. Nothing alive and/or dangerous should go into a storage unit. Do try to put any plants or, god forbid, animals into storage. While they may survive outside of storage with little human care, putting them into a storage unit is simply too risky. If something organic dies it will rot. The rot will then spread to other storage units, and it will summon pests and vermin. As a respecbale storage company, we take utmost care of our storage units. Therefore we advise you that storing living organisms in our units is a no go.

Should you get a climate controlled storage unit?

Well, it depends on a number of things. If you have valuable items that can get damaged due to changing weather conditions, then yes. While we can mitigate weather changes by using good padding and wrapping, there are no substitutes for a climate controlled storage unit. We can only guarantee safety if we are able to control the air moisture and the temperature of the unit.

Long term storage
With our professional team, you will be able to work out the best way to distribute your items around the storage unit.

Should you share long term storage?

As a general rule of thumb, no. To clarify, we recommend that you only share your storage units with someone who you completely trust. Furthermore, they should have the same storage needs as you. In our experience, everything else becomes too complicated. Carefully consider who you are sharing your storage unit with as not everyone is reliable and responsible enough. When you use a storage unit on your own you can be sure that no one else can access it. Furhtermore, you control the payments. We have seen enough ugly storage sharing situations as it is.


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