Packing Services

The moment you have been dreaming about for a long time is getting closer. Your moving day. And you certainly want it to go as smoothly as possible. We are all sensitive when it comes to moving our belongings, especially by strangers. We understand that and therefore we do our best to handle your possessions as they are our own. Our goal is to meet your expectations to the fullest providing the best packing services at affordable price.

Loading and unloading - we have the best packing services
Loading/unloading and high-quality packing services are what we offer to every one of our clients

Before we start

First of all, we would like to know what are your wishes? Tell us about your plans. Let’s go through the list of your belongings together. You will provide us with basic information: how big is your home, how many things are to be packed and which sorts of items we are going to pack. Every item has its own way of packing and this is why we appreciate the much information we can get. We will tell you all about the services we offer and help you pick the one that suits you the most. Also, if you need to declutter your home before the move, we can also help you get rid of the things you don’t need before your move. 

We are here to help

Interestingly, packing could be sometimes more stressful than the move itself. One thing for sure, packing is not as easy as it seems. While some choose to take care of everything on their own, others realize they want help. Maybe they do not need it but just want it. Therefore, we are here to help. We are educated packing specialists with all the required tools and supplies to transport your things safely.

We do our business under your conditions

Whether you want a full packing service or just a partial one, we are ready to step in. There are no too complicated queries for us. Our pleasure is to provide you exactly what you want and whatever that is, we know how to do it. Packing services we provide will be adjusted to your needs and desires. Our professionally trained movers are not just experts in home moving but have extensive packing services training. This ensures your belongings are safe and secure during the entire process.

We handle your belongings as they are our own.

What do we offer?

  • Full house packing services are perfect solutions for the ones that want to save time. And of course for the ones that just hate packing. The truth is, that most people do. But do not worry, this service guarantees that you will not move a finger. We will carefully pack all your belongings in our specially designed moving boxes. We will also provide all the packing supplies needed. You do not need to think about boxes, tapes, paper or bubble wrap. We got it all covered. You just sit back and enjoy your moving day relaxed.
  • Just one or several rooms packing is also a common request. The kitchen is probably the most complex room to be packed. It also contains the most items. Packing all your dishes, pans, pots, and cups sounds like too much work? Let us do it for you.
  • You would like a packing service for your fragile items only? You are at the right place. We have special supplies and techniques for packing, cushioning and transporting your valuables. We will treat your delicate possessions with delicacy.
  • Want to safely move your antiques and artwork? We have all the special packaging needed. We will protect, pack properly and transport your treasure safely if needed.
  • If you would like a single item pack, we can help with that too. Just let us know what that is and we will be there with the right sized box and other packing supplies.
  • We also offer special packing services. We can help you move gun safes and standup piano’s, but you need to notify our movers in advance.
  • Having a short-term moving? You can leave your wardrobe to us. In one quick swoop, we will go through each room and collect all your hanging items. We will neatly pack them in our convenient wardrobe boxes until we safely hang them in your new home. This is a great time saver.
The kitchen tends to be the biggest challenge for packing.

After packing comes unpacking

One more useful service we offer is unpacking. Whether you want to get settled down as soon as possible or you just to be sure that your things will be safely unpacked, we will do this for you. Your possessions will be in the same stage they were before moving. And if you are worried about carrying the hard furniture through your new home, do not be. We are here to carry it for you and help you disassemble and assemble your furniture.

Storage services just a click away

Looking for a place to store? We offer many different sizes of storage units, adjusted to your needs. They are all climate controlled, secured and you can access them anytime. When you are ready we are glad to redeliver your storage or move it to your next destination.

Beside packing services, we offer the unpacking as well.

Personalized packing services

We are here to pack as much or as little as you need, it’s your call. There are no too small or too big projects for us. Every customer is unique. Therefore, we are trying to provide tailor-made packing service for every customer that has some special requirements. Hence, feel free to tell us exactly what you want. Be sure that we will do our best to provide it to you.

Packing without limits

Most noteworthy, be aware that our packing services are available even if you aren’t moving and need assistance with packing for storage. We are glad to help you come up with the best strategies for storing your items. And if you have your own business and looking for packing help, you can be sure that our professional team can get the job done and eliminate downtime for your employees.

Why us?

Imagine a magic container showing up in your driveway and capable hands packing your belongings. Then, along with your packed items, it takes your worries and stresses away. That is what we offer. We are fast, clean and professional. Or packers and movers work with your schedule under your conditions. We are flexible and devoted. We manage the details so that you do not need to bother with them. Also, we are trustworthy, safe and reliable. Most importantly, we make it easy. And we care for your satisfaction. Hence, the results follow.

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