Things to do in Grandview Heights Ohio

Top places in OhioApril 18, 2020

Did you just move to this beautiful place? Congratulations! And, trust us, there are so many things to do in Grandview Heights Ohio! However, if you are just thinking about moving here, you first have to find reliable movers Columbus Ohio. And once you’re done with your move, let’s see what are some of the activities you can enjoy!

Here are 5 interesting things you can do in Grandview Heights Ohio

As we said, there are many things to do in Grandview Heights Ohio! Our list may be long but we narrow things down to 5 interesting places you can visit.

columbus - Things to do in Grandview Heights Ohio
There are many things to do in Grandview Heights Ohio!

Here are our suggestions:

  1. The first one is a cultural gem: a Grandview Heights Public Library! Think a great selection of books plus storytimes for children and interesting events. If you have kids, you will find a ton of play blocks and puzzles, dollhouse which will all keep your kids occupied for a while. Plus, you can get a book for yourself and enjoy the whole experience.
  2. If you like coffee, try The Angry Baker on King Avenue. It’s a great little secret spot you can even take your kids too. Plus, they have amazing pastry, along with a full meal menu.
  3. Pierce Field Playground is ideal if you have kids and it’s in the center of Grandview. Different types of structures make play even more fun for your young ones. Plus, the parking is wide and there is a lot of greenery.
  4. If you are in a hunt for hidden spots, try Funk-ee Town Playground in Harrison West, close to the river of Harrison Park. You can walk, run, play and swing here and it is also great for children who are a bit older. The bad side is it can be a bit hotter during the summer season, but it’s ideal for spring and fall.
  5. Looking for a great restaurant? Try Matt the Miller’s that is affordable, clean and pet friendly! What more can you ask for? Of course, it’s also kids friendly if you want to come earlier, just be sure to find a parking spot in advance.
Go to Funk-ee Town Playground in Harrison West, close to the river of Harrison Park.

What to do if you can’s go outside

With COVID-19 around nowadays, it can be difficult to wander outside the house. Hey, we hear you if your only way out was just to take your things from some of the storage units Grandview Heights Ohio! It may seem like all days are the same, and that you are slowly going crazy inside. But – there are things you can do! Here are just some of our suggestions.

Try house cleaning with a video call

Chores may sound boring but they don’t have to be… And you maybe really need one! Especially if you just finished with your residential moving! We are sure there are a million things you can do right now so don’t be lazy – this situation can be the best time to clean your house. Or, if you haven’t moved, you can make a new arrangement of your furniture, or simply put some flowers in vases that will refresh your living space. Or call someone on a video call and do chores together! It can be fun and you can think of various home activities… Like, who will clean first on clean better. Again, you can find a good movie and organize a movie party. Or some board game, that you can play during a video call and have fun! The possibilities are endless!

The small walk is safe if you keep a safe distance and respect other people.

Books, movies, and blogs

If you are in no way able to get organized with friends and family for a video call or you are simply not in the mood to call anyone, go and read a good book. There are tons of free stuff now online! The other thing you can do is watch a movie on your own that you have heard is good, but never had any time to see it. Look online, but don’t spend too much time on social media. It’s better to find an interesting blog about a topic that interests you or play games than reading news that will upset you on social media. There’s never too much education!

Go for a virtual walk

The walk is safe if you keep a safe distance and respect other people. So go for a short walk if you think you’re going crazy inside the house. Even shopping or walking your dog can be good alternatives if you act responsibly. If you do not have a dog, maybe it’s time to consider adopting one… you will never be bored with a pet! You can also visit a virtual museum or concert you have never had time before. Maybe this could be an opportunity to learn new things. Or make a list of things that you will do once the pandemic is over. Making plans is always good idea!

Be creative… Or don’t!

Best ideas can sometimes come out of stressful situations. “Visit” your attic and your basement, find some old things, clothes or toys, and if you have children, show them your “innovations”. Again, you can paint an old pot or shelf, or maybe paint your bedroom… Or even paint a piece of art! You can try to be useful and we are sure you’ll be proud of your little artwork. However, if you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s ok too. The world is a strange place these days, so it’s quite normal to feel under the weather. Again, creativity is a strange act and comes from different places. Sing in the shower, dance around the house and – stay safe! Good luck!

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