Tips for choosing the best storage for your valuables

Storage PreparationJune 25, 2019

If you are a proud owner of some collection, you certainly want to keep it safe. Sometimes we don’t have enough space for our treasure at home. But there is a way of storing them safely elsewhere. You just need to find the best storage for your valuables. And there are few factors that should affect that decision. Let’s give it some thought!

Search for the best storage for your valuables online

There is no better way to find exactly what you need than to search for it online. But once you start, you might think that it will never end. In order to save time, the first thing you should do to narrow down your search is set some rules. First of all, the location of the storage facility should play a big role in deciding. For example, if you are looking for storage New Albany, you will search for a location that is easily accessible or close to your home. You will also consider rates and accessibility.

Find the best storage for your valuables such as books
Delicate items such as books require special conditions, because of their sensitivity to temperatures and humidity

Once you have set a few ground rules, your search will become much smoother and easier. Only a few hours later you will have up to ten or at least five different companies on your hands. Next step is to compare rates for the services you need and read a few reviews. It is always useful to hear a second opinion, and have an insight into movers’ business. Buy take reviews with a pinch of salt, because some of them might be fake.

Choose the service that suits your needs, it’s your call

Additionally, you have a choice between a moving and storage company and storage facility. They both provide similar services and it is purely your call what you find most appealing. Since they usually go hand in hand, you will most likely turn toward the moving and storage company. In case you do, we will recommend extraordinary Zippy Shell Columbus. They are simply one of the best moving and storage companies around. They provide services of storing, packing and relocating that is up to the highest standards. When comes time to choose the best storage for your valuables you should consider every detail.

Make a list of your belongings

If you do have enough time on your hands and you are not doing things at the last moment, there is one more thing you should do. Make a detailed inventory list. Trust me, you will need it. This list should include both photo and preferably a value of the items you are storing. Once you store it into any storage unit, you will probably get a serial number for each item. This is also very important in case of any claim against theft or damage. Besides, making an inventory list is great for choosing the proper size of the unit for your valuables. And even if you are doing things in the last minute, you can quickly go through your belongings with a phone camera and photograph each item. You will be able to find things much easier and have a clue what you have put in your storage.

Label all your boxes, for easy unpacking

Label your items clearly

When storing your belongings, chances are that some of them are large. However, if you are downsizing or moving into a smaller home, you will need to put smaller items into your storage too. Once you start packing, label your boxes loud and clear. Believe me, you won’t remember what is that smaller box in the right corner. You just have to write everything down! Because after some time, chances are that you will forget where you’ve put what. Also, if you decide to take something out of the storage, this will make unpacking much easier. It will also be a great advantage if you just need to quickly grab something really quickly from your unit.

Fragile items require special conditions

In case you are storing antique furniture, artwork, instruments, books or some other kind of fragile items, you will need a unit with appropriate conditions. These delicate items and materials are sensitive to temperatures and humidity and can be damaged or ruined if not stored properly. Hence, the best storage for your valuables that are sensitive is climate controlled storage Columbus. This type of units have adjusted temperature and humidity level and your belongings will be safe there.

Make a packing plan

Whatever you are about to store, packing is extremely important. Consider using medium and small sized boxes for easier stacking. This will save a lot of space in your storage unit. Make sure to keep big items low and do not leave them on top of the boxes that contain fragile items. Remember to cover floors with pellets. If you didn’t rent a climate controlled storage, have a moisture absorbent to reduce humidity levels. You can also use shelves and hangers to expand your space. Finally, disassemble all furniture and wrap your valuables in protective sheets or blankets.

If you take good care of your belongings, you get to enjoy them for many years to come

Know what you want and don’t settle on anything less

Now you know all the tricks to choose the best storage for your valuables. With only a few hours of research and a couple of visits, you’ll surely find a perfect match. What is left, is for you to be creative and organize your storage unit like a pro. Remember, if you take good care of your belongings, you get to enjoy them for many years to come.  Good luck!

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