Packing tips for busy moms

Moving Day TipsJune 27, 2019

Being a mom is already a full-time job. And when you need to move house on top of that, you will have a lot of work to do. Balancing between your everyday obligations and moving related tasks can be overwhelming. But with the right moving company by your side and a good plan, you will have nothing to worry about. Besides, we are here to help! And every successful move starts with proper packing. Follow our packing tips for busy moms and do it with ease!

Declutter first, pack later

There are so many reasons to declutter your home, and not  From saving up on money for packing supplies to just having a cleaner and tidier home. However, one reason stands out in every last minute move. When you de-clutter, you are also saving up time. That is why it needs to be part of packing tips for busy moms. And even, if you are not short on time, as a busy mum, you will definitely benefit from de-cluttering and all the time and money it saves you. And moving gives you perfect motivation and reason for de-cluttering.

Packing tips for busy moms that kiss and hold their little girls
A solid plan is an absolute must for busy moms moving

While thinking about all the things you need to pack, set aside items that you will not be needing anymore. Depending on your kid’s age, you can also let them pick out items they are not using anymore. If they don’t like that idea, you can motivate them by explaining that they need to make room for all the new things they are going to get. Also, you should avoid leaving behind something your child has an emotional connection to. When you are done decluttering, you can simply give away or sell the excess items. There are many charities that will come by and pick up the things you don’t need. This means even less time spent packing items you no longer need.

One of the most important packing tips for busy moms is making a plan

One of the most important packing tips for busy mums is having a plan and being organized. And organization comes with a lot of planning way ahead of time. Hence, you need to give yourself enough time to pack all of your belongings. This will give you the comfort not to rush which will help you avoid unexpected circumstances. Anyhow, as soon as you find out the date of your relocation, better start packing. And you can start packing items which you rarely use way before your moving date. This includes your seasonal clothes, your precious china, and other things, clothes, and devices which you don’t need on a daily basis.

Also, if planning on using the storage, you can prepare items for storing first. Obviously, storage units are an amazing solution if you need extra space for your things. When starting slow, you will give yourself enough time to pack everything on time and reduce the moving stress. Furthermore, this will make the relocation much more comfortable and easier for you and for your kids.

Little boy in cardboard box
Make packing a game that your kids will enjoy

Learn the art of multitasking

Use all the opportunities to get things done while your kids are otherwise occupied. For instance, while they are napping, you can sort through your junk drawer. And while the kids are playing in the backyard, start cleaning out the shed and packing up the gardening tools. When everyone settles in with cartoon after dinner, you can box up games and books their rooms. There are plenty of opportunities to keep an eye on your little ones and get things done, so use them!

Keep your kids occupied during the packing process

Kids definitely don’t like being idle. Therefore, one of the most useful packing tips for busy moms is to keep your kids busy and occupied while you search for moving servicesGive them one task each and inspire them to compete over who does the best job. Not only this will keep them busy, but it will also help you delegate some of the work. In case you have older kids, you can even assign some of the packing tasks to them. They can pack their toys, games, and books. If you put effort into planning out an entire day of different tasks for your kids, they will be your little helpers in packing. Besides, they will also lack the time to interrupt you while you are working. And having enough time to focus on packing without interruptions. And that is the best way to have everything ready and wrapped up in time.

Involve them in the process

Involving your kids in the packing process might not seem like a good idea at first. However, this is a great way to get them involved and to get the help you certainly need. Furthermore, you can ask them to put sheets, towels, and pillows into moving boxes. Basically, they can help you pack everything that is not fragile or bulky. Besides, you can let them do the labeling or color-code some boxes. This will occupy them for hours, and you will get labeled boxes. In order to have fun, they can decorate the boxes with stickers and markers. For instance, they can draw cookies on the box with the kitchen stuff and bed on the box with the bedroom things.

KIds packing crayons
Let your kids pack their toys and games

Talk to them and prepare them for what comes next

Hopefully, packing tips for busy moms will help you pack your things like a pro. However, apart from preparing your household for the move, you will need to prepare your kids too. Keep in mind that they can be especially sensitive to relocation. Therefore, taking the time to talk to them is an absolute must. Explain them the situation and be there for them during the whole process. Your love, support, and care will help them go through it much easier.

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