How to decorate your dorm room?

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How many times have you heard that student days are the best days of your life? And you may find yourself thinking how is that even possible when you will be studying all day long and going to lectures. However, your student days are much more than just studying. You will be with your friends most of the time, going to coffee breaks, parties, study rooms, all of these things will be things you will remember with joy. There is one more thing that will make your college days even more beautiful, and that is your dorm room. If you decorate your dorm room right, it will become your sanctuary and a place where you can relax. Feel free to check out these college moving tips, so that you know what to expect.

How to decorate your dorm room?

If you still have not moved to your dormitory, make sure to choose affordable dorm room movers for your move. They will make the process of moving a lot less stressful, and you will have enough time to focus on decoration. Each year you will be able to decorate your dorm room in a different matter so that it reflects your personality. And most importantly, the decoration does not have to be expensive. Wonders can be done with just a little bit of imagination and even less cash.


a brown chair, a desk with a laptop on and two shelves above the desk
Wonders can be done with little imagination and even less cash as far as the decoration of your dorm room is concerned


Start small with choosing a colorful doormat. It will make you and all of your colleagues feel welcome in your room. It should be in bright colors, and in this way it will cheer you up on a rainy day. They are not expensive and they add a personal touch to your room. In the first days when you arrive at your dorm room, you will discover that you have a lot of things, and you won`t need all of them. This is why you can choose dorm storage, and take your things as soon as you need them.


Lightning should be good as you will be doing a lot of reading in your room. Decorate your dorm room by placing inexpensive lamps on a nightstand next to your bed. And then another one on your desk. Not only will your eyes be grateful to you, but your room will look sophisticated and bright.

a lamp and a pot with a plant on a night table
Decorate your dorm room by placing lamps and plants, as they bring nature and light into your room


If you place the pot with a plant near your window, you will bring nature into your room. This serves both for decoration and relaxation. Of course, you should choose a plant that does not require special care, as maybe you will not have the time to do it. If you love plants but do not know how to maintain them, feel free to use artificial ones. It is less work for you and the effect is the same.

Desk with shelves on

This is a great opportunity to make a bookshelf and to save up space in your dorm room for other things. However, in some dorm rooms, there already are desks with shelves on it, so before you buy them to visit the room, or ask someone who has already lived in that dorm. You should be prepared for moving into a college dorm. Leave the desk area empty, so that you can work on it whenever you want. Place the shelves above the desk, make a bookshelf out of it. Do not only place the books that are for studying, feel free to put your favorite books on the shelf, but it will also make you feel more comfortable. You can place a plant on the shelf as well to create an even better decoration.

Washi tape

Washi tape is the best tape there is. You will be able to decorate your dorm room quickly using very little money. What can you do with washi tape? Buy washi tape in different patterns and colors, and use it to line your bookshelves with it. Or tape it on the dorm room door if you want to place a poster there. Wherever you have an empty wall you can tape a photo with a cool frame made with washi tape. There are numerous washi tape projects that you should definitely try out in your dorm room. The coolest thing about the washi tape is that it is totally temporary.

a white fridge with photos and magnets on
Take a white mini fridge for example and place magnets and photos on it

Mini fridge

A mini fridge is something that every dorm room should definitely have. You can store cold water in it, as well as food that you can prepare very quickly for your midnight snack. In order for it to serve as a decoration when renting or buying a mini fridge, always pick it to be in a bright color. Colors add depth to space and will cheer you up anytime you look at them. You can post a photo frame on it or pencil cans, a calendar or a clock.


Finish decorating your room by placing a perfect rug on the floor. It does not have to be huge and cover the whole floor. Choose the one that fits your needs most and is not too expensive. It will as well add depth to your dorm room and will keep your feet warm.

Decorate your dorm room and make your college days the best days of your life. Keep your room clean at all times, and reorganize it from time to time so that it does not become boring to you. A colorful, beautifully decorated dorm room will stimulate your ideas and motivate you for studying. Good luck!



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