The 5 fastest-growing cities in Ohio

Top places in OhioSeptember 4, 2022

If you were wondering what are the 5 fastest-growing cities in Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio would like to answer this question for you. There are many great cities in Ohio, but some of them are better than others. So let’s see what are those cities and why are they growing so rapidly.

Grandview Heights Ohio is one of the fastest-growing cities in Ohio

Nowadays suburbs are growing faster than cities and Grandview Heights in Ohio is not an exception. According to the Columbus Monthly, Grandview Heights is special because of the community that has always welcomed diversity, and because it’s suitable for pedestrians. Since 2010, the city of Grandview Heights has grown by 16.7 %. It has 14% fewer crime reports than the national average, so we can say that the city is safer than any larger city. Grandview Heights provides inhabitants with an urban-suburban mixed vibe. Also, the majority of people rent their houses here. Since many of them rent, they don’t have a lot of space for all of their items. This is why many people decide to rent¬†storage units Grandview Heights Ohio has to offer.

The city of Powel

This city has a population of 13,353 and unemployment of just 2.2%. Also, the poverty in Powel is only 1.3% which is good compared to the city of Columbus, which has a poverty rate of 19.1 %.¬†Now the best part is about to come, Powel’s crime reports are 75.54% below the national average. Also, Powel has experienced 19.8% growth and it’s only 30 minutes drive from Columbus. Which makes it a great place for commuting. Also, the whole of Delaware county has increased 212.5% since 1990; which makes it one of the fastest-growing exurbs in the United States.

If you plan on relocating here you should consider renting storage units Powell Ohio has to offer. This way you will not have to stress about the lack of space.

Crime scene with police and a house in the background, and a reported dressed in red;
These fastest-growing cities in Ohio have some of the lowest crime rates in the whole US.


Since 2010 the city of Hillard has grown by 22.8 percent. A lot of people call it the Biggest Boomtown in Ohio because of its development over the last decade. The crime reports are -67.22% below the national average which is safe not as Powel but much safer in comparison to Grandview Heights. When it comes to unemployment it’s pretty low at just 3.5% which is pretty amazing. Moreover, the poverty rate is also low at 5.4%, which is below the national average which is 14.4 percent in 2022. By the way, these poverty rates started increasing in 2004 and have never come down after that.

If you decide that Hillard is the perfect place for you just contact one of the best moving companies Hilliard Ohio to book your relocation. We are sure that you will love it here!

New Albany

New Albany has experienced growth of 32.4 percent since 2010. In 2015 it was awarded as America’s #1 Suburb by Business Insider. From the year 2000 to 2016 its population grew by 179.2% which is incredible. Bloomberg ranked it as the 26th richest city in the United States. We’ve provided you with some reasons why is this city so popular:

  • Low commuting time since it’s close to Columbus
  • Low poverty rates
  • The low number of crime reports
  • High-end public schools
suburban homes
New Albany is one of the richest cities in the United States.

People describe it as a friendly, peaceful but dynamic city, which makes it suitable for everyone. Now if you’re moving with some expensive household items, we’re here to help you. The biggest reason why is this city flourishing is that the workforce and business have doubled since 2010. There is a famous New Albany Business Park which is one of the best business parks in the country. The park also has a lot of resources and it helps tech startups so if you’re looking for a place to start a business, you can move here.

Canal Winchester

This city is specific because it has good routes like US-33, the railroad, and the canal as the name suggests. Moreover, this city has focused its economic growth on building warehouses. This is important since we’re living in the age of e-commerce, and this combination has put Canal Winchester on the map. As you might’ve guessed the city is using all of these routes, canals, and stores to fill the needs of millions of Americans in never-ending consumer-driven demand for more things. This isn’t bad because many small cities like this one have flourished because of big companies like Amazon for example.

Canal in one of the top 5 fastest-growing cities in Ohio
Canal Winchester became quite popular in the recent years.

Which one of these 5 fastest-growing cities in Ohio would you choose?

As we can see Ohio is the future state speaking in terms of business and life quality. Big cities on the coast, are “too big” and they’re also polluted a lot more than smaller cities and suburbs. What is different about Ohio suburbs is that they’re flourishing and they’re quickly adapting to the upcoming trends as we saw in the example of Canal Winchester. No matter which one of these 5 fastest-growing cities in Ohio you decide to move to, you will not make a mistake!

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