What to do with your garage clutter before moving to Lewis Center

Moving SolutionsSeptember 7, 2022

With a relocation to Lewis Center on the horizon, you already feel exhausted. Even if you think this is strange, actually this is probably because you don’t know where to start. Although it may sound strange, our experts from storage company Columbus Ohio recommend you to start from your garage. Even if decluttering and packing your garage is not the first task on your moving checklist, it actually should be. If you are ready to pack all of your possession from your house, a neat, clean, or even empty garage will be an ideal place to store moving boxes when you fill them. In addition, you will not disrupt your family routine if you start decluttering in your garage. In this article, we will remind you of efficient ways to get rid of the garage clutter when getting ready for moving to Lewis Center. Let’s start this project together!

Prepare to declutter your garage before moving to Lewis Center

In most households garage is a place where most of the clutter goes. Moreover, garages are true magnets for all items you are not sure whether will you ever use or not. For this reason, packing everything you store in your garage has no sense. If you do that, it means you will transport a lot of useless items and increase your moving costs. Instead of packing everything you keep in your garage, take the advice from our storage Hilliard Ohio providers and take the time to make a plan. Firstly, make an inventory of the most important items that you keep inside your garage. This list should contain items you will use and want to bring to your new Lewis Center home. Now that you know what important items you don’t want to forget, it is time to purge the rest of our garage inventory.

garage clutter that needs to be taken care of before moving to Lewis Center
Start preparing for moving to Lewis Center by decluttering your garage.

One of the crucial things when decluttering your garage is to start early. This will give you plenty of time to properly dispose of and sort out your belongings. You need to check if are you allowed to toss certain items in your regular garbage. Also, you should organize boxes that you keep in your garage. If you find some valuable items in your garage, you may wish to organize a garage sale and earn money. This will help you save on moving costs and downsize your load. So, before you appoint your moving date with our Columbus moving companies, plan to announce a garage sale and sell items you don’t need anymore. This will help you rid of many items your garage contains.

Plan out packing and get packing supplies

Many people keep plenty of items inside their garages. Among seasonal clothes, camping gear, holiday decorations, and your kid’s old toys, the garage is home to original boxes for the appliances and tools you often need in your household. So, before you throw in the trash something that you actually need, purchase quality moving boxes on the Amazon website. After you get sturdy boxes, sort out your garage inventory. Firstly gather all items you want to get rid of without hesitation. Put dusty, old, and useless items aside and free some space for sorting out items that you need. You can divide your garage inventory into a few groups such as seasonal clothes, your tools, cleaning equipment, toys, and your kid’s old clothes, decorations, and old paintings.

Packed cardboard boxes
After you fill your moving boxes place them in your clean garage.

After you finish sorting out, you’ll realize what items you should pack in the end and which should go first in your moving truck. Keep in mind fragile items and the heaviest ones and you will avoid damage when moving to Lewis Center. Also, while you sort out your garage inventory you will realize which packing supplies you will need to pack everything properly. Aside from regular items, pay attention to specific items that may require additional protection. Write down what packing supplies you need and purchase them on time. After you gather all it takes to conduct your packing, packing can start. Nevertheless, make sure to take out the garbage from your garage and you will get enough space in the garage to pack everything without jumping over a lot of clutter.

Visit your new city and set everything for your arrival

Whether you are moving from a large or small house, you should know all details about your new home. This will help you realize will you need to rent storage and place some of your belongings there. So, if you are a newcomer to Lewis Center, go and get to know this small city. You can go there to choose some of the most suitable storage units Lewis Center Ohio and enjoy your stay after you complete that task. With about 30000 residents, Lewis Center is a paradise for all those who appreciate peace and a slower pace. Although it is a small place, here you will find many shops, restaurants and interesting things to see. So, instead of wasting time trying to place everything you have in your new home, enjoy discovering this city and meeting its locals.

Street sign near a brown house
Take time to visit Lewis Center and you will be ready for the relocation.

Although most people often move to more spacious homes, make sure how spacious your new home is. Whether you have a garage or not at your new Lewis Center home, consider renting a storage space. Also, take the recommendation from our residential movers Ohio and prepare your new home for the big day. Moving to Lewis Center can be smooth if you organize your belongings ahead and get rid of items you don’t want anymore. Once you cope with all the clutter from your garage, packing your home will become a breeze. We hope our advice on decluttering your garage will make your relocation to Lewis center simply and pleasant. We wish you enjoy organizing your household and preparing for a new chapter after it!


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