How to find last-minute moving help in Grandview Heights?

Moving SolutionsSeptember 2, 2022

Moving is a tiresome process that requires a lot of preparation and time. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time. Maybe you find yourself procrastinating a bit and start dealing with the move at the last moment. Or, the news of your sudden need for relocation has just arrived, and you’re panicking. However, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t move. Sure, it will be stressful and exhausting, but with some luck and a little help from movers Columbus Ohio, it is more than doable. If you are in a situation like this, we’ll go over how to find moving help in Grandview Heights and how to do a last-minute relocation.

Take it one step at a time

First and foremost, take a deep breath. We know that you don’t have much time, but believe us on this. Starting the process of moving with a calm and reasonable mind will help you see it through. You have a lot to do in a short period of time. The best option is to make a list of tasks and take one task at a time. Your mind needs to be quick, not your actions. The last thing you want to do is make a big mistake, which will take a lot of your precious time to solve.

Go through your home and see what items need to be packed and which ones you can throw away. Look for affordable movers Columbus Ohio and try to get an early date. Get in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues and notify them of your sudden relocation. Remember, with a clear mind, anything is possible.

A photo of a notebook
Make a list of tasks and do them one by one

Do your homework in order to find proper moving help in Grandview Heights

Moving on such short notice is almost impossible without assistance from residential movers Columbus Ohio. If you want to find moving help in Grandview Heights, you can’t just call the first moving company that pops up. Sure, it might seem tempting to just seal the deal with the first movers that you find, but trust us, researching reliable movers is well worth a bit of your precious time. Jump on your laptop and fire up that computer. When you stumble on a promising moving company, don’t forget to check:

  • Which regions and areas it covers
  • What services they provide
  • The amount of money it will charge for a move
  • And most importantly, check the reviews

We know that googling for reliable companies can take hours, but only the best movers will ensure a quick and safe relocation. An alternative, that might help you save some time, is to ask for referrals. Ask your friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone you know that might have some experience with moving. Sometimes, it is the fastest way to find a good and reliable moving company.

Deal with the paperwork

Doing a last-minute move will probably be one of the most hectic and chaotic tasks you have encountered. So, to make this process of finding moving help in Grandview Heights simpler, give yourself some time to deal with the paperwork. This includes digging all kinds of documents from all corners of your home. Also, a good piece of advice is to make copies. You can never be sure. Some tasks that you should do for a successful relocation are:

  • Contact utility providers – Make sure to transfer your utilities. The last thing you want is to find yourself without water or electricity when you move in.
  • Find new schools – If you have children, you need to enroll your child in a school near your new home
  • Medical documents – Make sure you find all your medical and dental records.

Check the moving company’s certificates

Never hire movers without checking their certificates and licenses. When looking for moving help in Grandview Heights, always choose the ones who are licensed. One of the important documents is the DOT document. This will guarantee that the drivers of moving vans are professionals. Also, look for the carrier number. Every certified moving company has one of those.

A woman looking for moving help in Grandview Heights on her laptop
When looking for moving help in Grandview Heights, check the company’s certificates

Pay attention to packing

When you need to move on short notice, packing might seem like a time-consuming task. However, properly doing your packing is a must. For the relocation to be successful, you need to move all your important items. Getting some help from movers is recommended. If there are too much of items, try to find storage units Grandview Heights Ohio. It can temporarily hold your items, giving you more than enough time to see the relocation through. However, when it comes to choosing which items to carry and which to discard, you’ll need to roll up your sleeve. Do room-by-room packing, to keep things organized. And remember, the more you have to carry, the more expensive the move will be.

After you have decided which items to throw away and which to move, you can start packing. Reach out to some friends for help. It will make the process faster. Use adequate packing supplies, and fill the boxes with the heaviest items first. It will stop the box from tipping over during transit. Inadequately packing a box will increase the risk of some items getting damaged. Or, it can make you repack some boxes, which will take even more of your precious time. Great advice, if you’re in a hurry, is to look for storage Columbus Ohio. This can postpone the tedious packing and unpacking, as well as unloading, which can save you some time.

a man and a woman packing
Properly pack the boxes, so you won’t have to redo them


Moving on short notice is a hard task, but it’s far from impossible. To keep the process smooth look for moving help in Grandview Heights, deal with the paperwork, and pay attention to packing. Following these tips will make your last-minute move a success.


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