Moving expensive household items long distance

Moving SolutionsAugust 5, 2022

When moving, most people fear potential damage and breaking of their furniture. That can happen, especially if your relocation is lengthy and your new home is far from your old one. The further the distance the bigger the chance for complications. That might scare you, especially if you have many valuable items, either financially or emotionally valuable. To avoid this, you can pack them and transport them as safely as possible. If you are not sure how to do so, moving and storage Columbus Ohio gives you some tips on moving expensive household items long distance. 

Moving expensive household items long distance doesn’t need to be complicated  

Before deciding to pack all items, you should separate expensive and inexpensive household items. That way, you can label them easily and spend more time preparing for a relocation. When separating items, you should determine which are the expensive ones. Expensive items are mostly big electronic devices such as fridges, coolers, ovens, TVs, computers, laptops, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, etc. Expensive items are also big couches, closets, king-sized beds, etc.

A girl surrounded by boxes thinking about moving expensive household items long distance
You should pack each household item carefully, but expensive ones should be treated with extra care.

Amongst other things, expensive items can be:

  • Art pieces and jewelry (paintings, vases, statues, mirrors)
  • Collections (books, figures, comics…)
  • Music instruments
  • Gym and car equipment

Packing electronic devices

The best way to pack electronic devices when moving expensive household items long distance is by using their original boxes. Putting them in an original box after wrapping them with bubble wrap will protect them from commotion during the relocation. After putting them in a box, seal it shut multiple times and wrap it with wrapping foil. Most of the time, it’s easier to pack smaller devices such as laptops, blenders, etc. However, there is a slight chance you will be able to pack the washing machine since you need to lift it to put it in its original box. That is why hiring long distance movers Columbus Ohio has to offer is essential for your long distance move. Deciding to pack them yourself is a bad move since they are heavy and can easily fall. That can damage items or hurt you.

Moving other household items long distance

If you need to pack other items such as beds, glass tables, closets, and sofas, the best option is to hire movers to disassemble them. That way, they will be easier to pack, and you can always put them back once you relocate. If that is not the option, wrap them with bubble wrap as best as you can to protect them from minor damages. After that, movers will transport them in one piece into the moving truck.

Moving art pieces and collections long distance

Art pieces and collections are expensive and usually have emotional value as well. Transporting them depends on their size and fragility. If you collect Legos, the best way to move them is by packing them in their original boxes and then putting them all in one big box. Make sure to close the box, so they do not fall out. If you collect books or figures, try putting them all in one box, but do not put too many of them in one box. If you have old books, you can wrap them with wrapping paper. And, if you collect figures, it’s best to put them in their original boxes and then wrap them with wrapping foil. It’s best not to put your collections in bins storage Columbus Ohio has to offer if they are smaller since you can bring them in your car.

If you have vases and small statues, the best way to pack fragile items is by wrapping them into cloth, tying them, and then wrapping them with bubble wrap. As for paintings and mirrors, the best way to pack them is to choose a specific box that suits their dimensions. After that, wrap them with at least 3. layers of bubble wrap. After that, seal the box and wrap the box for additional safety. As for jewelry, the best thing to do is use a jewelry organizer. Put it in a box, with plastic foil, seal it shut, and you are ready to go!

A guy plating a guitar on girls bed
Hiring movers when moving expensive household items long distance is a must.

Packing music instruments

Many households have some musical instruments. Preparing them for a move depends on their dimensions. If you have small instruments such as a violin or a flute, you can wrap them in bubble wrap and pack them in original boxes. However, if you have larger instruments such as drums, guitars, or pianos, they need a different type of preparation. You can transport them to your home by packing them in their original boxes and wrapping them with plastic foil. However, the better option is to either put them in long-term storage. That way, they will be safe and secure, and you can return for them once you finish your relocation. That way, you are reducing the chances of potential damage.

Moving gym equipment and tools long distance

Gym equipment is usually small and light. However, if you have a treadmill or a gym bike, it is probably big, heavy, and expensive. Moving it alone is too much. Therefore, call your movers and get moving quotes Columbus Ohio. You cannot lift and pack it yourself, so leave it to the professionals. When it comes to tools, you might have some expensive tools such as drills, grass trimmers, etc. The best way to pack them is by using their original boxes or a toolbox for packing the rest of your tools. Some tools might be hard to lift and move. That is why hiring movers is a must!

Two workers moving a couch
Your movers can help you disassemble your bulky furniture.


To sum it up, moving expensive household items long distance can be a challenge. However, all you need is some help from movers, enough packing supplies, and patience. We also advise you to take pictures of your expensive items before you pack them. That way, you will have evidence if something bad happens. Also, if you worry about the safety of your belongings, you can always use moving insurance, which will probably make you feel much safer!


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