How to prevent insects in your storage

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Nobody wants to enter their storage room after a while only to find holes gnawed in their prom dress, bed bugs feasting on your armchairs, and cockroaches roaming freely around your boxes. If you have a lot of cardboard and upholstery stored, you should know that all the cracks and crevices in and around them are inviting rodents and insects. Insect proof storage is the goal of all Zippy Shell Columbus clients (whether they realize that when renting or not). However, sometimes the steps they inadvertently take while putting items into a storage unit can attract rodents and other pests. Therefore, you must learn how to prevent insects in your storage whenever possible. Contact us and we will move you in no time.

Man looking around in a warehouse to prevent insects in your storage
Visit your unit as often as you can. Remember to check for signs of infestation and if you notice something, report immediately to the storage personnel.

The basic steps to keeping pests out of your self-storage unit

Before you buy all the traps and poison available, you should try some of our other methods to prevent insects in your storage. Usually, a little preparation goes a long way in preserving the items in your storage clean and safe. The best way to prevent attracting pests to your storage is by making sure you follow all the tips and tricks movers Columbus Ohio has listed below. Keep in mind, rodents reproduce quickly, and a localized infestation can turn into a serious problem because it will spread from storage to storage. All insects such as cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs are every bit destructive as rodents.

1. Ask your facility personnel if they have pest control.

Ask the storage facility personnel about their regulations concerning pest control before you rent. That is how you’ll know you are dealing with a high-quality storage facility. Top-notch storage units Dublin Ohio, have agreements with pest companies to treat the unit regularly. Such regular maintenance will make it a lot harder for pests to crawl in your unit.

2. Check out the facility before committing

For instance, and many people don’t know this, but you have to make sure the storage facility keeps shrubbery, greenery, and any type of landscaping trimmed away from your unit. Remember, if the storage management has not been taking care of the units, there won’t be a lot you can do to prevent insects in your storage. There are some red flags you should know about before committing to renting. Firstly, if the storage doors have major gaps or deteriorating seals. Secondly, verify if the company seals and disposes ofgarbage bins regularly. A well-maintained facility will be much more capable of not only preventing an infestation but resolving it promptly if one were to happen.

3. Apply pest deterrents to prevent insects in your storage

For example, you can use natural pest deterrents, you don’t have to spend a dime on serious chemicals. Plus, strong chemicals are potentially dangerous for some of your stored items. Using cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil or lavender and cedar blocks will be plenty effective. You are also free to use regular bug sprays along with the corners and at the bottom of the walls and near the door.

Bird eating crumbs
After removing food, wrapping furniture correctly, and choosing our top-notch facility, you’ll never have an issue.

4. Call in a pest professional

If you see even one bug, you should immediately call pest control. When it comes to infestations it is better to do it sooner rather than later. Professionals have experience with all sorts of insects and different degreesof this problem. Pest control experts with proper experience will explain to you what is the proper treatment. They will make sure to give you tips on how you can prevent further harm from occurring to your items.

5. Pack items in bins with airtight lids to keep rats and cockroaches out of a storage unit

  • The most effective way to preventing insects from gnawing on your belongings is by putting them in airtight containers. Plastic containers are most efficient for packing linens, fabrics, and clothing.
  • We strongly advise you to purchase new boxes for storage. New cardboard is sturdier and less prone to gaps or punctures for insects to go through.
  • If you’re still adamant about using free moving boxes, at least avoid using cardboard boxes from grocery stores or restaurants. These types of recycled/secondhand boxes will surely attract unwanted pests with residue foods and smell they are holding.

6. Never store food inside a storage unit if you want to prevent insects in your storage

  • First, check if you have left food somewhere you might not have intended to put it and forget it later. Before storing furniture, you need to vacuum it, even wash it if necessary. Check anything that you have moved from the kitchen, such as cabinets, containers, pots, and pans for any crumbs or residual condiments. Clean and dry thoroughly before storing it.
  • Secondly, make sure that you sweep the floor of your unit with a broom. Check if crumbs are layingaround from previous tenants and get rid of it. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t eat inside your unit at all. Even a faint, lingering smell can attract all those unwanted creatures.
Two lady bugs on a leaf
Bugs can burrow into upholstery and rodents can chew through it, so make sure you wrap everything tightly.

7. Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture to prevent bed bugs in a storage unit

Bed bugs usually crawl their way into storage units traveling in mattresses. To prevent insects from getting a free ride into your storage unit on your mattress, make sure you wrap it. You should use a specialized plastic mattress cover. On the other hand, you should get a breathable material to wrap couches and upholstered chairs. Plastic traps moisture, which is another thing you don’t want in your storage unit. While you want to keep insects and rodents out, you also want to let your items breathe. We hope we’ve helped you prepare for your upcoming storage needs providing effective solutions when it comes to prevention and protection!

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