Packing old and fragile items for storage

Packing GuideSeptember 9, 2020

Our items have a lot more value to us than they do on the market. Some of them have been in our families and home for so long, they are a part of it. This means we have to make sure they are well packed and stored. Packing old and fragile items for storage can be tricky. But we are here with some tips on how to succeed with this task.

Buy quality packing supplies

If you are relocating and want to save money, you can by saving on packing supplies. There are a lot of household items that can serve a purpose like packing supplies. When it comes to storing old and fragile items, this is not the solution. Before you decide to look for storage rental Columbus Ohio you need to gather packing supplies. Long term storage means good packing supplies must be used in the process. Especially if you are packing something fragile.

New cardboard boxes used when Packing old and fragile items for storage
Always opt for new packing supplies when packing old and fragile items for storage

Preparation is the key and you can not miss a single step. That is if you do want to preserve these items and keep them safe. Here are some basics you will need when it comes to packing supplies:

  1. Boxes and containers
  2. Packing peanuts
  3. Packing paper
  4. Tape
  5. Blankets
  6. Air-filled wrap

Store safely

Storing is a science on its own. You can not just throw it in the unit and call it a day. There is a whole process that needs doing when packing old and fragile items for storage. If you already have some items in storage make sure you have room for more. Organize your storage unit so your fragile items are on top and easily accessible. Moving companies Columbus Ohio will make sure they get to your storage area safely.

Before storing your fragile items make sure to organize and declutter your unit. Get rid of unnecessary stuff and make a logic layout. Heavy and sturdy items should be on top. Leave the shelves and top positions for lightweight and breakable items. Make sure to label all the boxes and furniture so you know what is where. Print a map of your unit divided into logical sections. That way you will never feel confused when you walk in there after some time.

Before packing old and fragile items for storage make sure to clean them

Cleaning is necessary before any moving or storing process. Old items tend to have garnish and piled up dirt from over the years. So before spending all that money on packing supplies you need to properly clean them. If you want you can hire professionals to do it for you if that is some sort of jewelry or painting. Storing art can be especially tricky. And you will need a lot more of packing supplies made just for storing art. Climate controlled units are a necessity as well and moving services Ohio will transfer them to it.

a sponge in hand
Clean your items before packing them

Make sure you have the tools and the means to properly clean your fragile items. Since we are not talking about everyday items, time and patience is the key. Devote your time to them so you know it’s done perfectly. Only then will you be able to proceed with wrapping the packing of your items.

Wrap well

Wrapping is another crucial step when packing fragile items. Putting something in the box and hoping for the best is not a solution here. You have spent some time and money now on cleaning and packing supplies. Now it is time to find the perfect technique to pack it. If you feel like you are not up to the task you can always hire packing services to do the job for you.

Professional packers are here to make your life way easier. And packing is what they specialize and do daily. Especially if you are relocating with children and you are busy. And of course,  if you don’t feel like spending a lot of time packing, this is the solution. Not only will your items be packed to perfection, but it will also be done in a heartbeat as well. If you do want to do it on your own, make sure to look up online and ask friends for help if needed.

Be careful in transport

Transport to your unit is another part of storing that you need to be careful about. Now your items are packed and ready for storage. Make sure you secure them well in your car and to drive carefully. Not only for the sake of packed goods but you as well. Make sure you know how to relax and be well-rested before your trip. Even if it is to a storage unit and then back home. Driving safely is necessary. Moving services can also transport your items if you feel like professionals can do it. Paired with packing services you will have nothing to worry about.

a van on the street
Be careful when transporting your items

Make sure you are there to settle everything into place once the truck arrives. Aside from that, the professionals can do everything else. Paying for services like these assures you that everything is done and up to a certain standard. You will have no worries whatsoever and can be sure everything is safe. You can also have some friends and family over to help you. Make a party and make some interesting international food or snacks. This can be made into a chill hangouts with your friends with some work on the side. Nothing needs to be all work and no fun, remember that.

Packing old and fragile items for storage is not your average packing day. Being prepare and careful is the key to success here. You will feel nervous after a lot of time spent on this task is normal. So make sure to have some time for yourself and catch a few brakes. Have your family help as well as the professional if you have a lot on your plate to deal with alone.

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