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Moving Day TipsMay 26, 2019

Leaving your parents’ home for the first time can be both exciting and stressful for students. It represents the beginning of the new chapter of your life and a big change. Although getting into college was the hardest part, there are plenty of tasks you will need to handle when moving to college. You need to organize everything, pack your belongings, find yourself affordable dorm room movers, and say goodbye to your friends and family. It won’t be easy, I’ll give you that. But with our college moving tips, it can be a bit easier.

College students hugging and talking about college moving tips
Moving to college brings a lot of new and exciting things

Focus on the location 

While some students choose a college fairly close to their home, others tend to move to a different part of the country for school. Remember, it is very important to research the area and the temperatures before heading out. What is the weather like most of the year? Cold or warm? Or something in between? Is it a drastically different temperature than the one you are used to? Are there some specific activities you are going to take part in? Is it going to be snowboarding, hiking, or swimming? Whatever the case may be, make sure you are going to pack the correct clothes.

Pack casual and seasonal

Have in mind that you won’t be needing heavy woolens in August. But, what you probably will need is plenty of casual, comfortable clothing, workout clothes, and a nice outfit or two. And if the school has a Greek system and you are interested in participating, you can add a couple of dressy outfits to your wardrobe boxes. In case you will have a music major, you probably need to check on concert wear. Some colleges require black, floor-length gowns and tails and tuxedos. On the other hand, others require black trousers and a black dress shirt, so keep that in mind, when packing.

Even if you are moving locally when it comes to clothes, better travel light. For a few weekends or for Thanksgiving you will probably come home, and there is no reason to overpack. This means you don’t really need to bring your winter boots and coat your first week of school. Bring the clothes you will need for the first period and bring colder weather items later during the semester.

Girl in sweater
Bring only the clothes you will need for the first period and colder weather things later

Storage Bins wanted

Getting plastic storage bins is one of the best tips you college moving tips you can get. Have in mind that it is much easier to load a car with regularly shaped objects, such as boxes or large plastic storage bins—than with trash bags or grocery sacks. Additionally, boxes and bins are much easier to carry multiple times of crowded dorm stairs, especially when they have convenient handholds. Many dorms don’t have elevators, and even those that do can be crammed.

Storage bins are amazing, not only because they are practical, but they are also reusable and have so many different purposes. You can keep them under-bed to hold spare towels and bed linens, for example, and save space in your dorm room. The bin goes straight from the car to underneath the bed with no unpacking necessary.

The early bird catches the worm

This one of the most important college moving tips and is especially true in case you are flying in or driving in from a long distance. Arriving early will give you time to pick up any items you may have registered for at stores or pick up items you may have shipped to a local UPS or Fed Ex location. You will even have time to shop for toiletries and some groceries. If that is possible, you can avoid the long lines on the move in day and pick up your student ID and room key the day before as well.

Get there early on move-in day

Try to arrive at your dorm as early as you are allowed. But inform yourself well and respect the move-in window specified for you by the college. Because some schools don’t allow students to select their bed until everyone is there. If that is the case, try to coordinate the timing with your roommate. Upon arrival, follow the instructions given by your school and the staff on hand. In some cases, you will unload all your items and then stay with them while your parents go to park the car. If you have someone with you, or some student helpers on hand, one of you can stay with your belongings while the other starts carrying things into your room.

Cast a wide net while searching for accommodation

Once you choose a suitable neighborhood, start looking for your off-campus apartment or house early. Most noteworthy, your campus housing office may have a list of rentals or the list of landlords you can contact. Keep in mind that even if a place is currently occupied, students rotate out every semester, especially around graduation. Hence, try to be proactive by asking around, putting flyers up on campus, and letting your friends and classmates know that you’re looking.

University sign
Arrive as early as possible but respect your college rules as well

 College moving tips and student storage tips

When it comes the time to leave your dorm room, at least for summer, you should know your options. Either you are going to move all your belongings back to your parents’ home, or you will rent a dorm room storage for your things. That is short term but a very practical solution for the summer, and also cheaper than moving back and forward. We really hope our college moving tips will help take the hassle out of your move. Good luck and happy moving!

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