How to prepare for moving into a college dorm?

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Comparing to other types of moves, we can say that moving into a college dorm is an easy level relocation. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan and organize everything in advance. It just means that you will need much less time, energy and effort to orchestrate and conduct the whole process. In addition, we are here to provide you with some helpful tips on the subject. Hopefully, this will be a problem-free task for you, so that you can concentrate and make plans related to this new phase of your life.

Steps to take before the preparation for moving into a college dorm starts

To be able to make a perfect moving checklist for your move into a college dorm, you need to collect the key information. Only this way can you prepare properly for what is expecting you. Also, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and, most probably, reduce the stress level these circumstances inevitably cause.

Contacting the Housing Department of your college is necessary

The Housing Department is a rich source of all crucial pieces of information.  By contacting the staff you can find out the key points on:

  • Your room – The staff can provide you with the information on its size, shape, and number of roommates.
  • The furniture items and appliances – It is important to know which items and appliances are provided for students. Thus, you will become clear with what exactly you need to take with you. Besides, it will be indicative of whether exploring moving and storage Columbus Ohio is inevitable or you can handle everything with the help of your parents.
  • Common areas for students – If there is a common kitchen for students, for example, it will significantly decrease the number of items you need to take. Moreover, it will be unnecessary to think of the best ways to pack fragile items.
  • Forbidden items – Some college dorms have a strict policy on which items are forbidden. Make sure you get information on this.

Contact  your future roommate or roommates if possible

Moving into a college dorm can be quite easier if you contact your future roommates beforehand. Talking to them and making plans together is beneficial for several reasons:

Moving into a college dorm if you meet your roommates beforehand.
Contact your roommates before the move if possible and make plans together.
  • There will be no duplicate items – Understandably, moving into a college dorm goes hand in hand with the lack of space for storing items. Hence, be ready to compromise and communicate this problem with your roommates. Make arrangements on which items each of you will bring on the moving day. You will be satisfied with the results by all means.
  • You can define the time frame for moving in – This way you won’t be in each other’s way. Instead, each of you will get the time to move in at their own pace. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

Useful packing tips for moving into a college dorm

When moving into a college dorm, considerable downsizing is inevitable. Unfortunately, you may find this considerably difficult to achieve. However, you need to understand that there won’t be many storage areas, so prepare only essential items for relocation. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Take some time to make a packing list. Concerning the circumstances, packing only essential items is the smartest solution. Understandably, you wouldn’t want to find yourself with too many things you have nowhere to pack once you arrive at the college dorm.
  • Make a list of items you need to buy and then go shopping. However, think well before you start dealing with this task and reconsider your decisions once again. Sometimes it is smarter to buy some items after you have moved in. This means you will have fewer items to pack.
  • Don’t bring all your clothes. Instead, pack only those items you can wear during the current season. Depending on the organization of the move, you will probably have to explore the best ways to pack clothes for moving. The more items you have the more challenging it will be.
  • If you decide to take a television or any similar electronics with you, pack them first. These are the items which are the most difficult to transport. Also, make sure you protect them well enough. Use towels, blankets or even some clothing items for the purpose if you haven’t got bubble wrap.

A few hints on the organization when moving into a college dorm

When making decisions on how to organize your relocation to a college dorm, the distance plays an important role. In other words, if the college dorm isn’t far from your sweet home, it may be the best and the cheapest solution to let your parents transport your items there. Of course, all this can be done on the move-in day. Thus, you will get a proper means of transport for both yourself and your essentials. On the other hand, if you are moving into a college dorm out of state, hiring professional and experienced dorm room movers is a must. Ideally, they will offer a considerable discount for college students. This is a great advantage, isn’t it?

Let your parents help when moving into a college dorm
Let your parents help you with the move if the college dorm isn’t too far away.

Move-in day – how to handle it successfully?

The success of your move-in day mostly depends on how good and appropriate your preparation was. As we have already stated, there shouldn’t be too many belongings to take care of, only essentials. However, on the move-in day, pay attention to the following:

  • Before you get down to unpacking, run a close inspection of your room. Most often, students get forms to fill if they notice any damages. Take this very seriously. Otherwise, you risk being charged for damages you haven’t made when the move-out day comes.
on the move-in day, run an inspection of your room.
Before you get down to unpacking, run a close inspection of your room.
  • No sooner than you have placed your belongings into your room than you have to locate your Resident Assistant. This is the person who will help you with all dorm-related issues you might have in the future.
  • Arrive at the college dorm as early as possible. Thus, you will avoid horrendous crowds later during the day.

After the move – explore, study, and enjoy!

Once moving into a college dorm is complete, take some time to explore your new surrounding. Look for places of interest, take nice walks and prepare for studying. Understandably, if you want to succeed, you have to work very hard. Interestingly, a good relationship with your roommates highly influences this aspect. Consequently, try not to start on the wrong foot with them. Establishing a healthy and conflict-free relationship should be your top priority. Hence, try your best to communicate with your roommates on how to determine key rules that will make all of you feel comfortable in the dorm room.

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