How to choose the best moving date?

Hiring MoversMarch 9, 2021

A very important part of every successful move is picking the perfect day to relocate. This goes hand in hand with making a good moving timeline. Once you have a timeline planned out, you can select a moving date that goes well with it. Relocating your home with the help of Columbus moving companies is easier at certain parts of the year. And sometimes, even the month and the day of the week can play an important role. In some instances, you might be moving because of work and have a specific date set, offering little to no flexibility. Given that fact, it can be difficult to choose the best moving date. However, with a bit of insight and a few useful tips from us, you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time.

person with a notebook trying to choose the best moving date
Carefully consider the time of year when picking a moving date

Keep the seasons in mind when making your decision

As seasons change, so does the availability of the movers and consequently, their prices. Moving during the summer seems like a logical choice since people have more free time during the summer season. School students are on break, and employed people have vacation days to spend. This is where the drawback comes in. With so many people scheduling their moves in the summer, the availability of the movers drastically drops. You’ll have a hard time finding a crew since they are so busy this time of year. If you want a good summer moving date, you’ll need to book movers many months in advance. Consider placing your items temporarily in storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio and waiting for the perfect moving day. If you’re looking to save money on your move, consider doing it in the winter, when movers are more available and affordable.

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Dont forget that movers are overbooked on weekends and holidays

Try to choose a weekday as the best moving date

Just as movers are in a higher demand during the summer, the same situation applies to weekends and holidays. People are off from work during the weekend so they find it as a convenient time to move. But this, again, creates a high demand for good companies. Holidays are no different, since the moving rates skyrocket. If you want a prime date like this, you will again have to either book months in advance, or pay a hefty sum on short notice. Overpaying like this could heavily impact your budget, and prevent you from buying quality packing materials. This is why you need to find a compromise. The better alternative is to sacrifice a day off from work and book your movers on a weekday.

woman dialing a number on her phone
Call your friends and relatives and ask when they are available to help you move

Consider the free time of your friends helping you

If you have friends or family members helping you during the move, your free times may not always sync up. You need to take this fact into consideration if you want to choose the best moving date for yourself. This kind of help is very useful when you’re moving with kids and need someone to keep an extra eye on them. Another type of friend assistance is helping you pack everything for the move. But for either of these scenarios to succeed, everyone needs to be on the same page and available at the same time. So, give everyone a call and see who is available when, so you can plan out a solution that works for everyone. With good coordination and careful thought, you’ll have a successful relocation.

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