As anyone living in Ohio can tell you, getting storage is no easy matter. You need to be able to pick the right company and figure out which storage you need to use. Well, to help the good people of Reynoldsburg, we have started providing storage units. Whether it is for moving or simply for decluttering your home for a while, if you need storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage we offer our clients various services and help them pick the one that suits them best. All you have to do is contact us, and you will get the best storage solution possible.

One of the storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio
Storage units are a great solution for all of your needs

When to use storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio

There are many situations that can be solved or made substantially better by using storage. For instance, long distance moving is often impossible without storage services. Especially if you have to relocate your entire home, you should know in which situations you can use storage to save yourself from unnecessary hassle. The largest benefit to using mobile storage is that your move labor is halved – load once, unload once. We also offer up to 30 days free storage for long distance moves – frequently required as home closings are very difficult to coordinate.

Do you need storage for local moving?

Frequently, local moving in Columbus Ohio doesn’t require storage. Although, that’s not always the case. Depending on your move type or whether you are buying or renting, any move could require a storage unit, even if for only a few days. Purchase closings have become unpredictable, making for a stressful situation. Therefore, you should know your options for moving to or from Reynoldsburg by contacting us to discuss your plans. We will help you figure out how to utilize storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio, so that your move is as efficient and easy as possible.

A mover with a portable stoarge unit
We have different types of storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio

Use storage for decluttering

Another reason why people get storage units is proper home decluttering. In today’s world, we often find ourselves with a cluttered home. But, even though we have items that clutter us, we don’t want to throw them away. They may be family heirlooms or simply items that we don’t want to use right now but will use in some later situations. If this is your case, then storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio are the solution for you. In our units, you can safely store your items for as long as you like. We can help you organize and prepare your items so that there is no risk of them getting damaged during storage.

We even offer seasonal storage for longer-term storers, which includes free redeliveries every six months so that you can exchange winter gear with summer gear.

Safekeeping in storage units

Some situations, like selling your home or organizing a big party, require us to store our more valuable items. These items are clutter per se. We use them every day. But, in this situation, they will only cause stress and needless trouble. For this situation, your best solution is mobile storage. These items usually need storage units that are easy to access and organize so that you can access your stored items if necessary. If you are going to do so multiple times, you need to store them differently than you would if you wouldn’t access them until the end of the storage period. Consider using bins storage if you plan on using your items multiple times. Many factors contribute to successful storage, and we are there to help you along every step.

An office with a lot of office furniture
Use our commercial storage

What kinds of storage do we offer?

We have created certain categories as storage needs may differ substantially in duration and type. These categories serve to help our clients figure out which storage services they need so that their storage experience is always exceptional. Our team is here to help you – from picking storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio, to figuring out the best storage plan for your situation. Keep in mind that these categories are not set in stone. Whatever your storage needs may be, we strive to accommodate them to the fullest.

Residential storage

The most common use of storage is, of course, residential storage. In our storage units in Reynoldsburg Ohio, you can safely store your everyday household items. It doesn’t matter if they are big, small, fragile, or sturdy. We are here to help you store them safely. Keep in mind, though, not every item should be stored. We strictly prohibit storing anything living (e.g., plants or animals), flammable materials, or liquids in unsealed containers in our storage units. Anything that needs constant care in order to maintain its current form is not suited for residential storage.

Commercial storage

There is no office relocation that is possible without at least some use of commercial storage, even if only for a few days. But, even if you are not moving your office, you might need to get some. Offices need to be kept clean and uncluttered in order to minimize the stress of your workers and therefore increase their productivity. More and more businesses use commercial storage as it is cheaper than renting office space simply to store these items. Some people even run their businesses from storage units. The more you think about it, the sooner you will realize why commercial storage is such a great idea.

A woman labeling boxes ready to be stored
Use storage units when you want to declutter your home

Military storage

Men and women that serve their time in the military are worthy of our respect and gratitude. And in order to show our thanks, we have made a special category specifically catered to their needs. If you or any member of your immediate family is in the military and you need storage services, look no further. We will figure out how to make your storage experience as efficient and cost-effective as possible. It’s the least we can do. Thank you for keeping our country safe. While you do that, we will keep your belongings safe in our military storage units. Contact us, and we will provide you with the best solution.

Student storage

Student storage units in Reynoldsburg are our way of investing in the future by providing storage solutions specifically tailored to the needs of students. Whether you’re moving into a dormitory or preparing for a semester abroad, our student storage units can make the process smoother. Plus, we’re more than just a storage provider – we’re here to offer advice on what to bring (and what not to bring) to college.

For students, storage space is often a significant concern. Dorm rooms and shared apartments rarely offer enough room for all the possessions students accumulate. Our student storage units are designed to alleviate this issue by providing a safe and secure place for storing items like seasonal clothes, textbooks, furniture, and other personal belongings during breaks or transitional periods. This service helps create a more organized and clutter-free living space, improving productivity and reducing stress. With our flexible storage options, students can enjoy their travels, study abroad experiences, or simple moves without the worry about their items’ safety.

Short term storage

Short term storage solutions are perfect for those needing a secure place to store items during transitional phases. Be it home relocation, a brief decluttering phase, or a short renovation period, our short term storage units are an excellent solution. The rental terms are flexible, enabling you to decide the duration of the storage period, whether it’s a couple of weeks or a few months.

Long term storage

On the other hand, long term storage is geared towards individuals and businesses that require storage for extended periods. It’s the ideal solution for long-term travelers, students studying overseas, or companies needing off-site storage for excess stock or seasonal goods. Our long term storage units are equipped with the latest security systems and climate control options. Regular maintenance is also performed to maintain the high quality of our facilities.

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Call us today to get the unit you need

Climate controlled storage

The two things that may damage your possessions are mishandling and weather conditions. While we can guarantee that your items will not be mishandled, we cannot guarantee that the weather will not take its toll if stored elsewhere. You can mitigate both of these with careful wrapping and packing, but the threat of cold weather and moisture is always there. That is unless you use our climate controlled storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio. By doing so, you will make sure that your items are safe.

Life in Reynoldsburg

Reynoldsburg, Ohio is a vibrant, family-friendly community known as “The Birthplace of the Tomato.” The city offers a blend of small-town charm and big city amenities with its welcoming neighborhoods, quality schools, and an array of parks and recreational facilities. The bustling downtown area hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year. Its convenient location allows easy access to Columbus, providing residents with a multitude of job opportunities, shopping destinations, and cultural experiences.

Get in touch with us and have your items safely stored

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