How to prepare and relocate large artwork?

How toMarch 11, 2021

Moving to a new place means that you have to pack and move everything you own and that is not always easy, at all. That is why you can be sure that you have some of the best Columbus moving services helping you deal with everything. This way, you will be able to deal with all the heavy work without even breaking a sweat. Still, if you have to prepare and relocate large artwork, you have to know just how to do it so you can avoid damaging it. That is crucial and you will surely have nothing to worry about if you prepare the right way. So, focus on your packing and moving, and even the art can be moved without any issues.

You have to know that it’s really important that you prepare and relocate large artwork

Moving artwork is extra tricky simply because it can be really expensive, and really robust at the same time. If this is the case, you have to give it your best and make sure that it’s ready to be relocated with all the effort necessary. It’s the only way to do this right and without damaging your artwork, and if you pack it the right way, and then hire one of the best moving companies around, like Zippy Shell Greater Columbus, you will have nothing to worry about, at all. So, make sure you know where to start, and how to do the rest, and everything will go great.

When you art has an odd shape, this means you need to be extra careful while packing

If you are thinking about a DIY move of your valuable artwork, it’s definitely durable, but we would never recommend that. The reason is simply the fact that you need to leave this to the professionals. They have all the experience they need to move the art, and they might even have a packing service. If this is the case, you will be moved in no time, because they are professional packers and movers, and they are more than capable of taking care of every step of your relocation without any issues. Just trust them and let them do their job. Still, if you want to pack and prepare the artwork by yourself, you can do that in no time as well!

How do you prepare your art for relocation?

Before packing your art for a move, you have to make sure you prepare it the right way. There is nothing to worry about if you do this part right. First of all, you should never pack your art if it’s not cleaned. Sometimes you can do it, but sometimes you need to leave it to a professional. There are great art cleaners and people who deal with restoration, that you won’t have a thing to worry about. If you hire professional packers to pack your art, the chances are that they will be able to get the packing supplies that suit the art you need to move. You can be sure that everything will be more than fine this way and you will have nothing to worry about. Simply get your belongings ready to move just like your art and you are good to go.

If you decided to clean your art by yourself, make sure it’s not sensitive in any way. You can do this with sculptures for example, but just in case that you know what are the suitable cleaning solutions for them. But, if you thought that cleaning a nice painting would be a good idea, just don’t do it. You have to be aware that the chances are that you will do more damage than you can imagine, so simply leave this one to the professionals.

Cleaning your art is only a good idea if you are sure that you are using safe cleaning supplies

Packing the art

Packing the art for the move is not the same if the art will spend some time in a storage unit. If this is the plan, you can be sure that you need to protect it and never store them on the floor. If there is a flood or some other issue, you will be in trouble since your art will be damaged.

Also, if you decided to pack your art by yourself, you need to make sure you have the right packing supplies. This is not always easy, because more often than not, art comes in odd shapes and sizes. That is exactly why you can be sure that your art will be safe only if you use the right size of the boxes and enough packing supplies. Get a moving box slightly larger than your art piece. Then, line the box with bubble wrap, packing paper, and everything else.

This way, you will be able to protect the art. Once you place it in a box, make sure you cover it from all sides with packing supplies and everything will be just fine. Close the box and tape it shut. Move it around to see if your art piece moves around inside. If yes, add packing supplies. If no, you are good to go. That is how you moving after you prepare and relocate large artwork works.

packing box
Tape the box and if nothing can move inside, you did a good job

Moving day is here

The first thing you can never forget when it comes to the way you prepare and relocate large artwork is that your movers need to know what they are moving. This means that you have to tell them that there is art, that it’s large, and that it’s valuable. You can place a tracking device or an iPhone in the box with the art piece so you can keep track of it all the way to your new home, just in case. This way, you will do just fine and completely stress-free. You will move your artwork in no time and without issues!

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