How much should you tip your movers?

Hiring MoversMarch 6, 2021

Tipping has become somewhat of a norm in contemporary society. We often tip not really knowing why we tip, or even should we tip. We do it merely because everybody else does it, to play along with a social convention. However, in reality, the tipping should be a sign of appreciation. It should reward someone’s additional patience and effort, beyond what’s the required minimum for a certain service. When it comes to the movers, their job isn’t easy. Moving and storage Columbus Ohio based companies have earned their good reputation through blood, sweat, and tears. Guys who do the heavy lifting deserve to be additionally compensated for their efforts, even though they’re only doing their job. So, the question is how much? How much should you tip your movers? Here are a few pieces of advice in that regard.

How to determine how much should you tip your movers?

As said, if they go the extra mile in their efforts to provide you the best service possible, you should definitely tip your movers. That extra mile may include a lot of things, it’s much more than just transporting and physically carrying your belongings. The way they pack them, the way they carry them, it’s all part of the equation. Was the move hard and difficult, or was it just a bunch of regular, light boxes. Or if the move lasted for 3 additional hours compared to what was initially agreed. Even if some of your old stuff were to be moved into some of many storage units Columbus Ohio, it’s how they approach it that makes all the difference. If they don’t drop a single one of your items and treat them as they would treat their own, they deserve a reward.

A mover holding a box
You should tip your movers if they go the extra mile in their efforts

How much should you tip your movers?

Ok, we have established that careful, patient and responsible movers should be rewarded for their efforts. But the question remains how much should we tip them? Well, the simple answer is that it should be proportional to how much your expectations were exceeded. Here are a few examples:

  • Let’s say, your movers arrive earlier, while you are still packing, and they kindly offer to help you out with that. In that case, the answer to the question of how much should you tip your movers is – at least enough for each of them to buy a round of drinks in a bar.
  • The place you’re moving to suffers unexpected water damage that takes one day to fix. Your movers offer you temporary use of some of their storage units, for the sake of overcoming that obstacle. That calls for a tip that is at least 10% more than the agreed price.
  • You must move out of your apartment, on the shortest possible notice. What to do?! Your movers somehow manage to squeeze you into their tight schedule, by postponing the move of another client who’s not in a rush. In that case, consider tipping 20% more than the agreed price.

How much should you tip your movers and is tipping even mandatory?

Of course, there is no law that forces you to tip if you don’t want to. It’s a social convention more than anything, a matter of common courtesy. Still, you need to put it in perspective. If you regularly tip in bars and restaurants, and if you think that waitresses deserve it, then you shouldn’t think twice about the movers. To prevent any confusion, movers aren’t the moving company they work for. They are people that break their back every day to prevent your belongings from breaking and get them safely to their final destination.

How much should you tip your movers if you buy them a pizza?
Movers will in most cases have to have at least lunch together with us

Should sharing a meal with your movers be considered a tip?

Moving is very often a whole day operation. Meaning that our movers have to have at least lunch together with you. Even though such a meal is seldom a regular one, it’s still a meal and you are paying for it. Whether you’ll consider that pizza, sandwich, or anything else a tip or not, it’s entirely up to you. Tipping your movers isn’t something that you can find a manual to, and each situation is different. How much should you tip your movers is the decision you should make by taking into account everything that has been previously said.

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