How often should you check your storage?

Storage PreparationDecember 4, 2020

Have you moved recently, and you’re looking for the space to store some of your items? Are you curious about how often you should visit the storage unit and whether it’s worth getting the cheaper, but further distanced one? Moving and Storage Columbus Ohio will help you what affects how often you should check your storage. There are many variables that affect how often you should check your storage. The first step to knowing how often you need to check your storage is getting to know how important the storage space, security, and the way that you pack your items is. To find out more about how often you should check your storage, keep on reading! 

check your storage
Get the appropriate unit so you don’t have to check your storage as often!

What is a storage unit?

A storage unit is a space where you place your items. The goal of storing your items is their preservation.  Many storages offer quality services, like Storage Units Gahanna Ohio. There are many types of storage units:

  • Temporary OnSite Storage Unit
  • Self Storage Unit – If you don’t want to drive a long way to check your storage, this is a good choice. 
  • Car Storage
  • Temperature Controlled Storage Units

And many more. Depending on what your storage needs are, you should pick the appropriate one. If you do, you won’t have to check your storage as often. 

Benefits of placing your items in a storage

First of all, there are numerous benefits of placing your items in storage. If you have a self-storage container, then you can easily access your items. It can be placed in your backyard, and you can keep an eye on it. Also, you can constantly change what you keep in it and clean it.
If you have a regular storage space rented, then the two pros of renting it are the temperature and humidity control, as well as the security of the whole storage site. When the temperature and humidity are controlled, you can preserve your items perfectly. No weather elements or any other influences will affect your items at all. That’s why placing your item in storage is a good idea. Moreover, they’re well surveillanced, and there’s usually a night guard on the site. 

 Check your storage frequently if the security isn’t up to par

Before you rent storage, you should take a look at their security measures. They should have cameras, surveillance in the form of the people patrolling, and also locks on the storage units that only you have the key to. If the surveillance seems good, then you can call to check in, and visit the site itself every other week. That’s twice a month, which isn’t a lot if the storage is within a few hours’ drive. If you have someone who lives in the place where your storage is you can also ask them to check in with the storage from time to time and save yourself time. 

What you keep in your storage influences how often you should check it

Depending on what you have in your storage, you’ll have to visit it every week, or every other week. If you have items that are antique furniture, then make sure to check in frequently. The same goes if you store your merchandise or items that aren’t only yours and private, but the ones that are related to your business. If that’s the case, getting a controlled-temperature unit is absolutely the most fitting choice. Don’t forget that you’ll also have to clean the unit and keep it organized, so that’s also something that will affect how often you 

How to use it properly so you don’t have to check as often

If you don’t want to drive to your facility often, then make sure that you keep it as clean and organized as possible. You also want to label every box, stack them up neatly, and keep everything organized. If you make an inventory list, it will help you know which of the items are in there at all times. That way, you won’t have to visit your storage units only to find out that the item isn’t there. When you keep your units clean, you should still check in every other week just for the maintenance, but if you do it once a month with the temperature-controlled unit, it should be fine. 

a person cleaning
Keep your storage clean to prevent the mold from forming.

Choose the right facility and unit

When you choose the right facility, you won’t have to go and check your items every week. That means that you have to choose the appropriate unit type for your items. To do so, consult with the storage renters. They will tell you all about their storage and what you can store inside. Be mindful about what you put in the storage, as many items are forbidden. 

Pack your items well

To ensure that you’ve done all you can and that you can have peace of mind, pack your items properly. Especially pay attention to the fragile items. That way, if you don’t visit your storage facility for a longer time, your items will stay in good shape. To properly preserve your items, make sure you wrap them in the glassine. It’s scratch and dust resistant, and it will also help repel the moisture or water if your items come in contact with it. Of course, it’s not protection that works perfectly, but at least it will help with the scratches and the dust. Make sure that you pack small items in plastic, stackable boxes. Plastic boxes can be sealed well, and they’re also a great tool in the fight against dust, moisture, or any other element. 

man packing
By packing your items properly you help them stay in the good condition while they’re in storage.

 Check your storage at least twice a month!

The general rule is that you should check your storage every once in a while. That means that you should go there every, or every other week. If you make a bigger pause between visits, if anything happened – it might be too late to react. That’s also why it’s important to store your items at a reliable storage facility. We’re always at your disposal. Give us a call and see why our storage units are a perfect choice!

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