How to ensure the safety of fragile items in storage

Packing GuideNovember 16, 2020

When you are packing and storing items, you naturally want to keep them safe and undamaged. Most items don’t require special attention, but you will need to put a bit more effort to ensure the safety of fragile items. Moving is already a stressful business and you don’t want to add more stress by damaging a family heirloom or having to clean up broken glass. Luckily, it is not very difficult to ensure the safety of fragile items in storage, if you know what you are doing. It comes down to choosing the right storage units Westerville Ohio, proper packing, and stacking. Here are some tips that will help keep your items safe.

Choose the Right Unit

First, you need to choose the storage unit that is suitable for your needs. You should consider the space and the services it offers. Naturally, you need a unit that is large enough to fit all of your items. However, you should get a unit that has a bit more space than you need. If the unit is a tight fit, you could easily damage your items when you are trying to move them again. Also, consider whether you need a weather-controlled unit or not. They cost a bit more, but they will keep your fragile heat-sensitive items safe. Security is another factor that should concern you. There is no reason to try to ensure the safety of fragile items if they end up getting stolen. Most modern storage facilities are equipped with the latest security technologies to keep your items safe.

Woman carrying boxes.
A right-sized unit will help ensure the safety of fragile items.

Safely Pack Your Items

Packing your items is the most important step in keeping your fragile items secure. You can easily get professional packing services, but if you want to do it yourself, here’s how. First, you need to have all of the appropriate packing materials. This will include boxes, wrapping paper, duct tape, and some soft cloth (towels or similar will do). You need to ensure that the boxes are the right fit for your items, to stop any movement. Let’s say you are packing a mirror. First, wrap it in the soft cloth you have and secure it with duct tape. Then, put an additional layer of wrapping paper around it. When the mirror is placed in the box it should not be able to move. If it can, stuff the box with more cloth or even old newspapers. The important thing is that it can’t move. Do this for each fragile item you have.

How to ensure the safety of fragile items.
You should take special precautions when packing items like mirrors.

Label and Stack Your Fragile Items Carefully

Label each box containing a fragile item you have correctly. This will help your movers Columbus know to be careful when handling the items, and it will also help you know while you are putting them in storage. To ensure the safety of fragile items, don’t stack anything on top of them. This may not always be easy and it can require a bit more space, but it will keep your possessions from getting damaged. Even if you take all of the safety precautions while packing, placing a heavy item on a fragile one is never a wise move. Have them be on top or separate. Apply these tips and you should have no trouble. Good luck with your move!

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