Packing items for long-term storage

Packing GuideDecember 2, 2020

Packing items for long-term storage is not that much different than regular packing. You just need to take everything you would normally do a step further. Similar to how you would protect your possessions if you were storing them short-term, you should do so here, with a bit more investment. You will need to thoroughly clean everything and get appropriate long-term storage supplies. Because your items will be in storage for a long time, you will need to be very diligent with how you organize your unit. In our short guide, we will break down all the most important steps you should take. If anything is still unclear, you can contact Columbus moving companies for additional advice.

Clean Before Packing Items for Long-Term Storage

Thorough cleaning of your items is very important before you pack them. Do your best to kill any bacteria or fungus so that it can’t spread. If you are storing clothes or similar items, this means washing them before packing. On the other hand, for items like electronics and plastics, use bleach or similar solutions – this will guarantee you kill any bacteria.  Mold or mildew can easily develop during long term storage. When you deal with it at the beginning, you don’t need to worry afterward. Similarly, clean the unit itself. You don’t need to do it as thoroughly as with your items – a decent scrub should do the job.

Man preparing for cleaning.
Clean everything thoroughly be you start packing items for long-term storage.

Get an Appropriate Storage Unit

Before you start packing items for long term storage, you need to find a unit that suits your needs. Mostly, you need to think about whether you need a climate-controlled unit or not. If you have any temperature-sensitive items, you need to get a climate-controlled unit. It will protect your possessions from getting damaged. This is especially important for electronics. Residential storage is not too expensive, and this is one area where you don’t want to cut costs. If your items are going to get damaged during storage, you might as well throw them away and not deal with the packing.

Invest in the Right Storage Supplies

Long-term storage necessitates that you spend a bit more money to keep your items safe. Plastic bags and regular cardboard boxes are not the best options for packing items for long-term storage. Plastic traps moisture, making it the perfect environment for bacteria to develop. Your boxes should be sturdy, ideally with an additional corrugated lining. Regular boxes simply won’t stand the strain of long-term storage. An additional benefit of getting new boxes is that you can get them in the sizes you want, making stacking easier. On the other hand, you could hire professional packing services and not worry about a thing.

Man filling box.
Long-term storage necessitates high-quality supplies.

Stack Carefully

Once you are done packing items for long-term storage, you should be careful how you stack them. First things first – fragile items always go on top. Other than that, spread the boxes around the unit, while leaving yourself a pathway you can use. Labeling everything correctly is also a smart move. Good organization will make it much easier to find the items you need and later unpack. Good luck with your packing.

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