How to check whether your storage unit is safe and secure?

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The items you store in a unit can be valuable, both financially and emotionally. Naturally, you should check whether your storage unit is safe before you rent it, but that is not so easy to do with a quick glance. Depending on the location of the unit, there could a high or low chance of it getting broken into. However, better safe than sorry is always a good policy. Even if your unit is located in a rich part of town, it is still wise to make sure that it is secure. The easiest option is to rent storage units Columbus Ohio from professionals. There are other factors you can check when renting a unit, to make sure that it is safe and secure.

Does it Have a Digital Surveillance System?

Living in the modern era has a lot of benefits and digital surveillance systems is one. This kind of surveillance system allows for 24-hour coverage. Before you rent a unit, you should ask the facility manager what kind of security system they use. Digital surveillance usually provides a better quality of video than standard tape and there is less chance of coverage lap. Additionally, the drives that store the data are much less likely to get corrupted than tapes. If you are not storing anything valuable, regular tape-based surveillance can still do the jobs. Local movers Columbus Ohio offer both, so you can take your pick.

Check whether your storage unit is safe.
The first thing you can do to check whether your storage unit is safe is to ask what surveillance system facility uses.

 How Well is the Property Maintained?

Thieves and burglars know how to spot weaknesses in security. Certain indicators tell them how likely the facility is to have good security. Things like damaged gates or fences, broken locks, even simply messy property can show that the facility lacks staff. The issue is not that something gets damaged, but that it is not addressed promptly. In order to check whether your storage unit is safe, you need to check how attentive the staff is to maintaining it. A lack of resources can quickly make the facility the main target of criminals in the area. A professional storage facility will always maintain its property.

Broken fence.
Poorly maintained property is more likely to be targeted.

Things You Can Do To Make Your Storage Unit Safe

First and foremost, get strong locks. Moving and storage Columbus Ohio will provide you with good locks, but it can’t hurt get a few more. You should get a lock that is resistant to bolt cutters and complex enough that it can’t be picked easily. It doesn’t have to be unbreakable, just strong enough to prevent easy access. A thief doesn’t want to spend a long time getting past it. You can also choose a unit that is inside a storage building. That provides an added layer of security. You should also avoid giving your security code or key to anyone but the people your trust. Finally, avoid storing anything that is extremely valuable. You can check whether your storage unit is safe as much as you want, but unfortunate events still happen. Store only what you can live without

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