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Storage TipsJanuary 3, 2022

People rent storage units all the time. Recently it became popular to rent storage units within a facility when relocating home. Such a short or long-term solution is a viable option to gain more space for a while. And many customers keep their units once they realize how awesome this service is. But if you are using your unit regularly, you must create a day-to-day storage maintenance list and keep your unit in a good shape. Hence, let us teach you how to do this and how to treat cheap storage units Columbus Ohio the right way. You do not want to break any rules or neglect your unit and get evicted. Let’s take a look.

How to create a day-to-day storage maintenance list?

Creating a list is easy. But obtaining all the necessary components for running a clean and productive environment might be a bit harder. Firstly, start with the size and the type of the unit you have rented. You either have a regular unit or one of the Columbus Ohio storage units climate controlled. Or you can choose an indoor or outdoor option as well. Nevertheless, the difference won’t affect your cleaning and maintenance that much. It will influence your accessibility only. But if you have 24/7 access, then you shouldn’t have any problems. So, your list should cover the following:

  • The size of the unit.
  • Surfaces to be cleaned.
  • List of items inside the unit.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Cleaning tools.
a person creating day-to-day storage maintenance list
You must list down all the perks of your unit and all items you’ll need to maintain it daily.

We will explain how to track each task on the list more thoroughly. Some are easier than others but once you set up everything, all you must do is clean and maintain each time you visit.

Use your day-to-day storage maintenance list to keep your hygiene levels at maximum

Ok, we mentioned that the size of the unit plays a huge role in this story. Simply because the bigger the unit is, the more you have to clean and maintain. Now, we listed that you should write down all the surfaces you should maintain. This includes floors, items, shelves, doors, and windows if there are any. Usually, storage units do not have windows but if you have one as an exception, you must clean it as well. So, take all the measurements and figure out what kind of surfaces you are dealing with so you can take appropriate chemicals from the store. You’ll probably have to deal with a bit of wood, metal, and plastic. Hence, purchase home-friendly chemicals to clean those surfaces every once in a while, to keep them clean and fresh.

What products to use to keep your unit clean?

As we already stipulated, your day-to-day storage maintenance list should include only home-friendly and easy-to-use chemicals. If you must use industrial and hazardous fluids, then you are doing something wrong. Or you are supporting a business, hobby, or something entirely different and not cleaning-related. Anything you want to clean and maintain inside a unit can be cleaned with regular cleaning products. Especially because all those heavier and flammable fluids and materials are prohibited. If you bring them in you will violate terms of use and safety standards. Such behavior will get you evicted or bring a lawsuit upon you. Therefore, use only regular chemicals and be a good storage unit owner.

miniature of a man cleaning
Each time you visit, fetch a broom and give it a swoop. It is more than enough to keep your unit in a good shape.

Rules and regulations

As we already mentioned rules and regulations, we are sure you are well informed about it already. There are safety standards tied to the storage facilities and a list of items you should never bring in. We are sure you know there are things you should never store in your garage but you knew that by heart and never paid attention. So, all those items are prohibited in the storage unit as well. Those are all hazardous materials, construction materials, flammable fluids, gunpowder, gas, radioactive chemicals, perishables, and of course, living things.

You can bring an animal inside while you are in but it can never stay inside the unit while you are not present. The punishment for such an action can be severe. Hence, we highly advise you to honor the rules and regulations set by your moving and storage Columbus Ohio company and be a good neighbor to other storage unit owners and avoid any unpleasant situations. Besides, remember that all facilities are under surveillance. Do not get in any tricky situations even if you get a crazy idea or two.

Stay organized

If you follow your day-to-day storage maintenance list you should keep yourself organized and your storage unit clean. That was the goal from the start, right? The shelving system we mentioned before will play a vital role in this story. If you install a few shelves and introduce one piece of furniture, it can be a nice support for most of the items you intend to use in your storage unit. As you know, people use their units to support their hobbies or as a second garage.

red vintage car inside a garage
Any kind of shelving system will do you good. Install it inside your storage unit as well.

So, maybe you’ll need a lot of miscellaneous items and tools to be always accessible. Therefore, a nice shelf with several labeled plastic bins would be a nice addition to the whole picture. Or a simple wardrobe with a couple of drawers can do the trick as well. This way you will gain more space for other things like boxes and furniture. And now we are in the Holiday season so you can bring in more stuff and use storage to make space for Christmas.

Pack for storage like a pro

Packing is also important for daily maintenance. Before you even begin, sort all your stuff out and figure out how many you have. Obtain enough cardboard boxes, packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap to pack everything nicely. But remember, you must pack smartly and sort things into categories so you can pack boxes that you’ll open regularly and those that you’ll almost never open at all. This way you will avoid having more boxes than intended. And once you bring them into the unit, find a corner where you’ll keep all those boxes that are simply stored and cover them with a tarp. This way you will reduce the amount of dust that will gather and with it, less cleaning will be required.

Now you know how to create your day-to-day storage maintenance list. More importantly, you know how to follow it and stay organized. Do not worry, you need to do this once and then you just rinse and repeat. Good luck.

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