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Storage PreparationJanuary 1, 2022

So, you needed a perfect storage unit and you hired one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio to help you out. Now that you have found it it is not enough just to leave it like that. It will not clean on its own and that is why you need to think well about maintaining options. Whether you are using companies storage unit or you have created yours, keeping it clean is very important. Basically, it is the same as maintaining your home. It needs to be on a daily basis in order to be decent. No matter what kind of things you put in it, you will have to provide HQ conditions in order to keep it safe and sound. Here we will discuss some of the essential things from your potential storage unit cleaning checklist.

Let’s list the crucial steps for the storage unit cleaning checklist

Each individual can be different and choose different crucial steps. You can call your friends and family to declutter day. Besides getting ready physically you also need to get yourself in an appropriate mental state. After picking a suitable time to do the actual clean-out, you should come back equipped with moving supplies. You will probably need more than one day to clean out your storage unit in detail. Also, if you need additional equipment, use bins storage Columbus Ohio to get additional suitable bins. In addition, here are some storage maintenance tips you should consider:

  • cleaning the floors and the rest of the warehouse
  • disinfecting the space
  • upgrade the inside of the unit
  • fix the exterior
a person making a checklist
It is important to have a storage unit cleaning checklist before you actually start the cleaning

The storage unit cleaning checklist starts with cleaning the floors and the rest of the warehouse 

Old and rusty objects can often damage the floors and walls of the warehouse. That is why before cleaning, make sure to put them aside while you finish your cleaning issue.  Old and rusty items can cause safety damage also. Therefore, keeping it tidy will also provide conditions for keeping your inventory safe. Storage company Columbus Ohio will definitely do that. After old and rusty items, getting back to cleaning floors – a lot depends on the material your storage floors are made out of. Depending on the material, you should choose proper cleaning products accordingly and invest time in using them on your unit. On the other hand, repairing the walls and the roof can be a bit difficult, but, there are some tutorials for easy reparations that can be really helpful.

Disinfecting the space

Make sure to disinfect your storage before using it. The next thing after that is making sure to clear out all the garbage thus maximizing space in your unit. Basically, the main reason for doing all this is to protect your health. Disinfecting is about destroying germs. Even when you don’t see them, they are there. To put it this way, cleaning destroys what is visible and disinfection what is not visible. Of course, it will take a huge amount of your time but you need to prioritize safety at all costs. In order to do that, you will need adequate supplies. However, bear in mind that you be careful due to some of them being hazardous and especially when in touch with your eyes. That is why, while disinfecting you should always wear protective gear. Rubber gloves, face masks, and protective eyewear are the essentials.

person holding cleaning supplies
Cleaning supplies are extremely needed when cleaning the storage unit

Upgrade the inside of the unit

Keeping the outside fresh is important, but upgrading the inside of the unit is almost equally important. The good thing about maintaining storage, whether it’s a long-term or short-term one,  is that it is not so expensive. Depending on which items you have inside, you will upgrade the inside accordingly. If you have big items, you should focus on expanding the space. One of the ways to do this efficiently is to install separation walls. It sounds complicated, but if you watch some tutorials, you will manage. The other way is to add some floating shelves. In addition, if you have smaller items such as files and tools, a cabinet with drawers will help you organize them. After optimizing space, the next thing on your storage maintenance checklist is repainting the walls. You will get rid of the mold and the walls will look fresher.

Fix the exterior

Even with a modest budget,  you could repair the exterior of your storage unit in no time. It will be especially easy for you of course if you have it in your backyard. However, even if it is not, it should not be so difficult. It does not sound like a priority, but it is also important. The most important reason is that you will have easier access to your stuff. Therefore, make sure to remove the weeds and broken pieces of concrete that can be a drag. Consider repainting it also if you have enough time.

In front of storage units
The exterior of the storage units is also important

All in all, keeping everything clean is important. You should treat your storage unit the way you treat your home. Besides organizing storage units, you also need to maintain them and you will have no issues in the future. Storage units will provide the space you need in order to make some room at home. Also, when you have a storage unit,  your possessions are safe and secure. Therefore, in order to keep your storage unit accessible, make sure to clean it regularly. Make sure to invest enough time and plan in advance. Avoid procrastinating, use adequate supplies, and the most important part – follow the steps from your storage room moving checklist. In addition, make sure to protect yourself. The suitable protective gear is a priority!

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