3 rules on moving in with a friend

Moving SolutionsJanuary 5, 2022

You have decided on moving in with a friend. Those are awesome news! You will surely have an amazing time together and you will create a bunch of stories to tell to your grandchildren one day. But before you move in together, you must know about a few key rules on how to maintain a relationship when living with a friend. Aside from that, you must also prepare for the upcoming relocation, pack, and find one of the professional Columbus moving companies. So, let us cover this topic quickly and set you on the right path. Let’s go!

Moving in with a friend – Why do it in the first place?

The first thing you must ask yourself is – why am I even moving in with my friend? Obviously, if you already have this idea in your mind, there is a valid reason. Hopefully, it is not only a hyped-up thing where you want to spend your parent’s money and party all the time. If you have an idea and a plan on how to spend time together and share your space, then consider the following:

  • Money saver- Living together will save you a lot of money. You will split the utility bills and groceries. It is much easier to maintain the home cleaning as well if you split all the expenses.
  • Splitting chores – You can’t clean your home, run errands, and cover chores alone. If there are two of you this will be much easier.
  • You are not alone – There is always someone to keep you company. Whether to have fun or to provide support in times of need. For some people, this is the most important aspect of this story.
  • Be yourself – Yes, you can finally be yourself. This does not mean you should run naked in the backyard even if you can do it so. But just to relax and start living the way you like it. Hopefully, you are living with a best friend that already knows you well enough to accept some of your routines.
you will have a lot of fun when moving in with a friend
Above all, you will have a ton of fun together!

If you are still up to moving in with your friend, call your local movers and prepare for it. We suggest you check Zippy Shell Columbus as one of the most reliable local choices.

You can share costs when moving in with a friend

We already mentioned this one briefly but this is an important topic so we will explain it more thoroughly. A moving budget and a startup budget can be quite high. Young individuals, especially ones that are just out of college usually do not have the means to support this kind of relocation and the new beginning. Therefore, they decide to move in together and find a job in a larger city. It is a smart way to make a new beginning with your best friend and share costs. If you attempt to do it alone, your chances are slim. But together, you are much stronger and you can achieve the impossible. Therefore, unite your budget and rent an apartment together. You can even hire dorm room movers and relocate all your stuff together as well. You should split costs wherever is possible.

a person giving out the receipt
Splitting all the costs is one of the greatest benefits of living together with your friend.

Rule number one – respect the privacy

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, the first rule of relocating with a friend is privacy. And we are not sure where to begin with this one. Let’s start with the privacy of your friend’s room or a personal space depending on the size of the apartment you have. Then, the privacy of their belongings, personal matters, job affairs, and so on. You are the one who knows your friend best and you know what kind of approach to take in certain situations. Moreover, at some point, you or your friend would like to be alone and you should try to make it happen. Respect your friend’s wishes and privacy and they will do the same for you.

And one more thing, probably the trickiest part in the whole “respecting privacy” story is the fact that someone will bring a boyfriend or a girlfriend over at some point. We can’t advise you how to react and how to establish some rules there. But one thing is certain, you must do it straight away. No arguments, just rules for both of you. It would be smart to create a list of rules before something like this happens.

The second rule – Try to share everything

Even if it sounds impossible, you should try to share everything. Again, it will save you a lot of money if you use one batch of cleaning products and share most of the food. But we know that you might be allergic to some types of food. Or your friend is working out and they eat only salads most of the time. This makes it difficult to keep your fridge up to date with all the groceries but you do the best you can. Communicate with your roomie and find the best solution to this situation.

several people eating pizza
Sharing is caring. Try to share everything with your friend.

Rule number three – Document the time you spend together

You should definitely document the time you spend while moving in with a friend and living together. You both know that you won’t live together forever. One of you will find a job of a lifetime or fall in love deeply and move away at some point. So, you must cherish the time you have and spend it the best you can. And nowadays with all the technology we have available, it is easy to document everything. Therefore, snap a selfie or two occasionally.

Even when packing together make a photo session and document the time you moved in for the first time. Although, if you are using Columbus moving services and have your movers pack you instead, then even better. Take a bunch of selfies with the crew and enrich your social media and your private collection.

Now you know the rules of moving in with a friend and how to handle it. Just be honest and make some ground rules right off the bat. If you do so, you won’t have any troubles in the future. Good luck.

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