How to use self storage to create space for Christmas

Storage TipsDecember 15, 2021

Holidays are upon us and as always, you need more room inside your home than usual. Maybe you want to have your entire family over or to invite friends and host a Christmas dinner. Whatever is the case, there must be a solution for the situation. And there is one. A long or short-term self storage Hilliard Ohio unit might be the answer to all your troubles. Whether you have one already or you are about to rent, we will explain how to use self storage to create space for Christmas. Let’s take a look.

Find a good storage unit provider first

In case you do not have a storage unit yet, this is the right moment to rent one. But first, let us find a good provider. So, you have two options in front of you. You can rent from a storage unit business only or one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio. There is almost no difference apart from the fact that moving companies provide relocation services as well. So with them, you’ll get full services and if you need something like that, you should go for it. But we must advise you to check out moving companies first because they have a wider network of associates and they are linked with storage unit providers as well. So in the end you will end up with the appropriate unit.

Find it and use self storage to create space for Christmas
Surf the internet for a while and you’ll find a good storage unit provider soon enough.

Movers offer a plethora of storage choices. You must know there are several sizes and perks that can come with a unit. There are indoor and outdoor units. Ones with 24/7 guard on site, surveillance system, maintenance crew, and all-time accessibility. Also, there are small, medium, and largely-sized ones. Hence, you must figure out how much stuff you want to bring in and talk to your moving representative about it. They will give you the input about what is the best choice. And in the end, if you find the storage unit too difficult for you, simply rent one of the moving containers Columbus Ohio and let it be delivered to your home. Store your items there for a couple of days until the Holidays are over. It is another lucrative way to use self storage to create space for Christmas.

Prepare your items for storage

You probably already know what areas of your home you need to clear up. It is probably the living room and the guest room that need a bit more space. So, gather all the items you intend to put inside the storage and prepare them adequately. You will need a few packing materials for the occasion so you should run to the nearest hardware store to obtain them. Gather packing boxes, blister packs, labels, and adhesive tape. Labels are optional so you can write down the content of the box and easily find the items in question. Tape is there to keep your boxes nicely taped down and closed. And blister packs are used to create a cushion and buffer between items.

Also, you will use protective plastic wrap to wrap furniture and other robust items. If there are any in the first place. And of course, cardboard boxes are your key players. You will put all your smaller items inside and nicely stack them inside the unit. Be sure to buy enough of them to cover the entire batch of items. As for the preparation, you must clean all your items and make sure they are in a good shape for storing. You will use self storage to create space for Christmas but you never know if they will sit inside the unit for a month or much longer.

Declutter and downsize

While preparing items and sorting everything out, you should pay attention to all those items you do not need anymore. It can be anything starting from clothing all the way to old electronics. So, set aside old, unused, broken, and outworn pieces and use one of the following methods to get rid of them:

  • Donate to a charity organization or a local church.
  • Recycle or throw away.
  • Sell online or at the garage sale.
  • Give to your friends or neighbors.
  • Rent bigger storage and keep everything there for future use.
old and antique items on the table
Decluttering and downsizing are some of the solutions to free some space as well.

Those are just a few ideas. You can always give them a higher purpose because your old items can be quite new to someone else. You can use them to cultivate your hobby or to create something out of them. Think about it but be sure to downsize because it can create a lot of space all around your home. Be sure to check your attic, garage, basement, and backyard. We are sure you’ll find a bunch of items to get rid of.

Clean and use self storage to create space for Christmas

Before you put your items inside your unit, you must clean them inside out. You never know who used it before and even if they cleaned it already, you should do it anyway. Especially now when we have the pandemic situation upon us. Hence, use a sanitizer and basic home cleaning products to do the trick. Also, a duster, broom, and microfiber kitchen cloth will be enough to stay inside the unit for future maintenance. Each time you visit your unit, you should swoop in and clean for about 10 minutes. Dust it off and let the breeze in. It should be enough to keep the mold and pests out.

Smart ways to use self storage to create space for Christmas

Depending on the size of the unit you have rented and the nature of the items you are storing, there are several ways to use your unit. Even if you got the idea to store items for Holidays, some people keep their units for future use. Maybe after you realize how valuable this extra space is, you will as well. You must know that you can use your storage as an extension to your garage space. Large storage units can fit the entire family home content along with a vehicle.

garage with a vehicle inside
You can use your storage unit as support for your garage or move some of the garage equipment there.

You can build a gym, a painting studio, a music studio, or an extension to your business. As long as you are following the rules and regulations regarding safety standards, you are good to go. This method is highly sought after small businesses so if you have one, talk to your commercial movers Columbus Ohio and check out your options. You’ll be most pleased when you realize what your storage unit can bring.

Now you know how to use self storage to create space for Christmas. Just pinpoint all those items you want to store, call your local moving company, and complete this task within a day. There is no better way to free your home from all the clutter and extra furniture in such a short period while keeping it all at the same time. We wish you lovely holidays and the best of luck!

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