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Packing GuideFebruary 7, 2020

When you have an upcoming relocation, there are a lot of things you should think about. Should you hire professional movers? What should you wear to protect yourself on your moving day? What about the moving budget, and how much hiring professionals to help you usually costs? And what about choosing the right size of moving boxes? What packing system to implement? You might be questioning yourself like this already. But, don’t worry, all these questions have answers. There is really no need to worry about anything you when you rely on self storage Columbus Ohio services. A relocation doesn’t have to be something annoying and stressful. Read on to learn how it can be fast and maybe even have a bit of fun.

How important choosing the right size of moving boxes can be?

Once you decide to move, probably the first thing that comes to your mind are in fact the moving boxes. You are thinking about a packing system for your things and how to find the appropriate moving tools.

For absolutely any item in your home, there is a perfect box

For example, you cannot pack a mirror in just any kind of a box. So, choosing the right size of moving boxes is a very important part of any move. If not the most important part.

  • Choosing the right size of moving boxes for packing up your entire household is an essential part of a successful move.
  • But you can relax because moving boxes are really easy to find.  Especially when you have our local movers Columbus Ohio on your side! You can usually get boxes for free if you go to the right place. Some large stores dispose of them after they remove the goods from the boxes. They usually just throw them away. So if you come to them at the right moment, you might be able to find the right size of moving boxes and use them for free!

First, you need to learn about the types of boxes

There are types of boxes that you can find. Those types usually differ just by the size of moving boxes that people need for different items. There are:

  1. Small boxes are used for packing heavier items that can fit in nicely. In this size of moving boxes, you can pack books, toys, hygienic items, etc.
  2. Medium boxes are for everything that you cannot fit in a small box, obviously, but more importantly, they are used for items that are a little lighter. The large size of moving boxes is great for a lot of things.
  3. Use large boxes for packing your Tupperware for example. Linens, pillows, clothes and other light items work great for this size of moving boxes.
  4. Extra-large boxes are great when it comes to packing blankets, sheets and generally larger items that are not necessarily heavy, just bulky. Note that these boxes look huge but do not be scared, they usually serve for light but big items.
Boxes seem just so easy to pack things in them

Be careful with picking the right size of moving boxes for fragile items

One of the very important things to do when moving is to know how to pack your delicate, fragile items. In this case, choosing the right size of moving boxes for breakable household goods is a matter of huge importance. So, give the search for good moving boxes some extra time when it comes to packing your mirror or a lamp. Even if you pay some extra money for packing supplies, you shouldn’t hesitate.

Since it is cheaper to buy good boxes than to buy a new mirror, lamp, antique furniture or any other piece of furniture that is expensive or very breakable. Once you find the size of moving boxes, always ask for help for packing breakables! Professionals work best because of their experience with fragile items and stacking boxes on the moving truck in a safe way. In that way, everything is up to the movers to relocate everything carefully.

Be careful how you pack

Now that you know how to choose the perfect boxes, what to pack in them and who to call for help, we’ll teach you how to know when to stop packing. Firstly, there is a point when you will feel like the box is full. Fill the boxes up lightly, do not push and cram more stuff in it. Even though you think that in that way you will pack more effectively or use less space in the moving truck, you are wrong.

  • Never fill the box completely full. It can fall apart while you are moving it and then you will end up with your stuff in the middle of the street. Just be careful and do not cram and jam stuff up to the top. Not to mention boxes containing fragile items.
  • Don’t be stingy with packing materials. Use one box for a single mirror and a lot of bubble wrapping and packing peanuts. The same goes for lamps, for example. It is safer if you take the extra stuff pack them using luggage, baskets, or something similar. Whatever you have around the house.


But, even in case you happen to be short on boxes, you still shouldn’t overfill them

Hire professional moving services who have extensive experience with packing

We will arrive at your doorstep with all the necessary moving tools, materials, and equipment. We own a fleet of reliable vehicles of different sizes, and we can safely move any type of household or office goods over long distances. Just imagine, you won’t have to lift a finger, while your items are quickly and safely disassembled, packed, transported and set up at your new home. It sounds like magic, but it’s just our experience and expertise! You can ask for an accurate estimate of how much it will cost you to pack all of your belongings for relocation and transport if you contact us via our website! Or simply phone us today! We are here for all your needs and doubts.

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