Tips for preventing mold in storage units

Storage PreparationFebruary 6, 2020

When you want to place your items in storage units, you usually consider things like pricing, distance, and availability. Which are all great things to consider, truth be told. However, another thing that you really need to be thinking about is preventing mold in storage units. If you hire packing services from a moving company, most of the work will be already done for you. But if you do it by yourself, you need to know how to pack your items properly, to avoid any excess humidity creping in.

Speaking about humidity, its level in your storage unit is really important. Thus, to prevent mold in your unit, the first thing you need to do is:

Preventing mold in storage units – Check the humidity level

This is the first step you will take. Measuring the humidity level is really important and the number cannot exceed 50%. You can check for this in numerous ways. The best way, of course, is to ask someone who does this for a living. Such as a moving company, for example. Have them measure the humidity level before you rent out the unit.

Avoid mold in your storage unit, check the humidity level.

Another great way is to simply install a gauge for humidity, inside the unit itself. This will allow you to measure humidity on your own and will provide you with another set of results to compare with. Either way, its a cost. You will be required to invest some money into this but that is money well spent. Unless all you are doing is storing Christmas decorations, your gauge will give you great information on what exactly you can store inside. And even if you are, you don’t really want that Santa plushie ruined, now, do you?

Ensuring that your belongings are not ruined by humidity has its own value, depending on the items in question.

Check for any possible leaks in the storage unit

Unless it is a brand new building, storage units are prone to having places that some moisture could leak in, or out. Take some time to carefully search for such places, for they can bring ruin to your belongings. Do not be lazy and entrust this to someone else, you need to do it by yourself. Sure, bring some help or friends to help you pass the time more enjoyably but you are the only one that can spot every single possible leak point.

This can sound like a lot of work but it actually is not, in most cases. Unless your storage unit is acres long, you have nothing to worry about. It will not take too much of your time.

Almost a perfect solution – Climate controlled storage

A climate-controlled storage unit has dehumidifiers and air conditioners both. Having these systems will go a long way towards eliminating any mold inside the storage unit. These facilities ensure constant levels of humidity, regardless of the outside influence. This is great if you absolutely cannot afford any mildew or mold.

cooling system
Some items require special care. Rending a climate-controlled storage unit would be a good idea.

Sure, their cost is a bit higher than traditional storage units but you need to be comparing the value of the items inside to it. If all you are storing are old tires, no need for a climate-controlled facility, is there?

Preventing mold in storage units – Dry your items

Mold can start appearing from a single damp item. And then spread all around the other items. Obviously, this scenario is quite scary and you want to avoid it if you can. The way you can do this is by ensuring that every single item is as dry as possible. You can also acquire some bins storage Columbus Ohio and be extra safe. Make sure to account for any humidity that might appear after packing. This is why it is important to properly pack all of your belongings.

If you are unsure about what are the proper packing procedures, you can always contact your moving company and see what they have to say about it. Do not be afraid to ask for their knowledge, they will be there for you.

Utilize vapor barriers

There is a great way to block any excess outdoor moisture and it is called a vapor barrier. This piece of technology is often utilized in situations where outside moisture is really high and you really need your items dry. The way you install this is to place it on the warm side of the wall. This will block any moisture coming from outside. If you are worried about moisture coming through the floor, you can install this barrier beneath the floor, as well. You will need some know-how and some additional tools, but the end result will be worth it.

Obviously, this is one of the best methods to stop moisture coming inside your non-climate-controlled unit. However, it can get a bit pricey, especially if you are not doing the work yourself. But if you want maximum protection, there it is!

Do not take any chances – Protect your items

Your items have more potential problems inside the storage unit than mold and mildew. If you want to ensure that your items survive their trip to the storage unscathed, you will need to employ additional protection.

First off, never place your items directly on the ground. Place a buffer, such as some wooden crating or anything similar. That will give the best protection against anything seeping from below.

wooden crates
Do not place your belongings on the ground, use some wooden crates as a buffer.

Additionally, if you use proper and quality packing material in packing your items, you will be running a lot less risk. You can also wrap them in plastic sheets after all the packing, for maximum protection. To further reinforce keeping your items off the ground, you will eliminate possible condensation, something that is often overlooked.

All in all, protecting your belongings inside a storage unit boils down to preparation. If you take some time to consider how to protect your items, the better off they will be. As with everything else, preparation is key. If you don’t know how to do something, simply do a bit of research online or contact your moving company. The answers are easy to find if you but reach out. Take care of your belongings and you will not have any issues!

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