How to help kids adjust to a new home in Columbus, OH

How toFebruary 9, 2020

Relocation is very difficult for grown-ups, and we sure are resilient. So imagine what relocation must feel like for a tender school-aged child. Whether your kid is a toddler or a teenager, you can rest assured you have some work cut out for you. And you can rely on Columbus moving services to help you with the relocation portion of this process – but only you can help your kids adjust to a new home in a new city! 

We don’t want to let you spend a day of your life being worried! As an experienced moving company in Columbus, we have handled thousands of relocations, in which a lot of kids were involved. We’ve gathered some tips we have heard from parents over the years. Employ just one strategy or use all of them – it will most likely depend on the age of your child and his/her personality. 

Get your kids excited about the new house

The moving process is finally over! The last box has been unloaded, you have waved your residential movers in Ohio goodbye, and now you are left at the cusp of a new life. So what now? Now’s the right time to take a good tour of the house. 

A living room.
What fun activities await in the living room? That remains to be seen!

Even though you have already seen the house a couple of times and you know where every room is, you should still take a tour as a family. Discuss all the things you could do with the new space, the activities that will happen there, and listen to everyone’s idea about organizing the space. Hey, why not make a fun day or night out of it?

You can play hide and seek as a family or have a short quiz. The questions can be about the house, its square footage, the number of rooms, etc. The goal is to get your kids excited about spending time in your new household, which will hopefully help them feel more optimistic about the future. And there’s one thing that can help you achieve that goal quicker than anything else.

Kids adjust to a new home the best when you let them be creative

All you have to do is let your child decorate and organize his/her room. Kids think of their rooms as their oasis. It’s the one room they can run to anytime they are faced with a problem. That’s why they should feel comfortable and safe while spending time in it. Even if moving quotes Columbus Ohio didn’t leave a lot of money to work with after moving, you can still achieve the goal of helping your child be his/her own decorator.

Toys to help your kids adjust to a new home.
The rest of the house is yours – let your kids decorate their room.

You don’t have to buy expensive new furniture. The one from the old room will do just fine! But instead of creating a layout you think will look the best, why not let your child tell you what they would like? Moreover, you can let them pick out a few cheaper items such as lamps or bedding and embellish their room this way. You might be surprised how little it takes to make your child happy!

Their room should be of utmost priority

Usually, the room that is the first one to be unpacked is the kitchen itself. Kitchen items are of the highest importance for a functional daily life, which is why they have priority. But as soon as you finish unpacking some basic kitchen items, you should get started with your kids’ room.

They need to have a sanctuary as soon as possible. Their adjustment begins the moment you move out of the old house and into the new one. And while you may be fine sleeping on the sofa or floor for a little while, there is no reason to put your kids through that!

Help them make new friendships…

This is a really important one! Friends are important for adults, but they are simply essential for kids! You can rest assured that one of the hardest parts of moving for them was the fact that they had to leave their friends behind. That’s why if you want to help your kids adjust to a new home in Columbus, you need to ensure they form good friendships. How can you do that?

Two boys studying together.
One friend can make a great difference in your kid’s life.

If you are trying to pick out a good school for your kids, make sure you choose the one that has extracurricular activities they are interested in. This shouldn’t be too hard, as schools usually have plenty of these activities. By helping your kids be involved in something they like, they will not only be happy, but they will also get a chance to meet like-minded pre-teens or teens. And that, right there, will be enough for them to have someone on their side.

…while also maintaining the old ones!

New friendships are important – but so are the old ones. You should by no means allow your child to be completely out of touch with their old mates. It will be very easy to set up a Skype call twice a month and it will do wonders for your child’s happiness. You never know – perhaps the greatest friendships in life could be maintained this way.

You will need lots of patience to help your kids adjust to a new house

At the end of the day, you mustn’t forget how stressful this will be for your child. That’s why you should expect a few tantrums here and there. As a parent, your job is to guide them through this period and the best way to do that is by being attentive to their needs. And the last thing they need right now is a punishment.

Arm yourself with patience (and this guide) and you will have all the tools necessary for helping your kids adjust to a new home. Remember – there’s so much your local movers in Ohio can do for your relocation. This one is completely up to you!

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