What are the most common reasons why people move to Hilliard, OH

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Hilliard is a great place to live in and many people are moving to it. There is a lot of demand for movers Hilliard Ohio and it seems that this trend is not going anywhere. There are many reasons for this but there are some that are more common than others. The most common reasons why people move to Hilliard, OH is the economy, cost of living and the climate, to name a few. We will walk you through all of these and give you all the information you might need. You will also need a reliable moving company if you are to move to this great place and we will provide you with reasons for that, as well.

Why do people move to Hilliard, OH – What are the most common reasons?

Everyone wants something out of life. Whether that be stability, fun or simply a great place to live, people are finding Hilliard more and more desirable. So, what exactly makes Hilliard so desirable? Well, some of the reasons for this are:

  • Economy
  • Cost Of Living
  • Real Estate
  • Schools
  • Weather And Climate
  • Transportation


The simple fact that the unemployment rate in Hilliard is just slightly over 3%, as opposed to the national average which is almost 4%, makes this place great for anyone. You will be able to afford more services, such as storage Hilliard Ohio, and more luxuries here than in almost any other place. Even better, it is a fact that the jobs in this area are growing still. And with the big influx of people to Hilliard, this trend does not seem to be going anywhere soon.

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Ohio – one of the best states in America!

Common reasons why people move to Hilliard, OH – The cost of living

While the cost of living in Hilliard is slightly higher (1.6% more) than the national average, the fact that such a popular place is not even more expensive is great on its own. The jobs here will provide you with sufficient money for comfortable living. Usually, the case is that more popular moving destinations have a lot higher cost of living than the U.S. average. You get only slightly higher in Hilliard and this is definitely something that speaks in its favor.

Real estate

Another one of the reasons is the real estate situation in this area. There are many homes on sale, averaging around $270,000. You can get a home for a lot less and a lot more in Hilliard, it all depends on the depth of your pocket and your needs. Another fact about this place is that home appreciation in the last 10 years runs just shy of 4%. So, if you are in a market for a new home, Hilliard has a lot to provide!

Schools are one of the common reasons why people move to Hilliard, OH!

If you are looking into opportunities for your kid’s education (which you really should) then you will be glad to know that Hilliard schools are among the finest in the U.S. due to the fact that their average test score is a whopping 81%. Hilliard invests quite a bit of money on schooling, as their public schools are spending almost 12 thousand dollars per student. This is one of the best places to raise a family!

Hilliard OH has the finest schools in the US!

Even greater fact is that there are only around 18 students per teacher in this place, which means that your kids will not be in huge classes. This allows the teachers to teach more effectively, as they can focus on single children a bit more.

Weather and climate

The climate in Hilliard is pretty seasonal. The summers are quite long, warm and humid, with plenty of clouds. Clouds are a part of Hilliard as they can be seen all year round, regardless of the season. The best time, where the weather is concerned, to be in Hilliard is anywhere from June to the middle of September. Hilliard winters are quite windy and freezing but that adds to the seasonal charm that this place has. You will definitely see snow in this area and you will get to experience all four seasons in all their glory.


Hilliard has quite a good transportation system for a town this size. You can get more or less anywhere in a decent amount of time even if you don’t own a car. The simple fact that the average commute time in Hilliard is around 22 minutes, where the national average is more than 26 speaks volumes. The mass transit system is not really used that much, which means that there are no crowds and the journey is quite pleasant. People here are also open to the carpool means of transportation so you are sure to find a partner or two to share the expenses.

You will get to your destination in no time! Hilliard has a good transportation system!

Hire reliable mover to relocate to Hilliard OH!

So, after reading all of this, you might want to jump the gun and move to Hilliard. In order for your relocation to be easy on you, you might want to hire a professional mover. There are thousands of moving companies around, though. You want to have a reliable mover for your relocation. The best thing to do, in order to find one, is to check your specific area for movers. There are movers, such as Zippy Shell Columbus, that specialize in the Hilliard area. The more experience movers have in the area, the easier your move will be. You can always try to perform a DIY move, however, but even then you will do well to contact a professional mover. There might be difficulties that you simply cannot know about. Having extensive experience in the area provides great knowledge about specific situations.

In short, if you want your move to involve a lot less work, stress and fatigue, hire a professional mover. Make sure that they are experienced, reliable and fast.

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