How to dress for a day of heavy lifting

Moving Day TipsDecember 10, 2019

If you are performing a DIY(do it yourself) move, then you will be in for a day of heavy lifting, at least. There are some exercises you can do and you need to make sure that your health is in perfect order. You can always acquire moving and storage Columbus Ohio solutions from professionals if anything goes wrong. But nothing will go wrong if you properly prepare. With that in mind, let’s see.

What to wear for a day of heavy lifting during the moving process?

Clothes make a man. Well, not really, they certainly do help. In this particular case, however, clothes protect a person. And for a day of heavy lifting, you need to wear proper protection. If you ever watched movers Hilliard Ohio while they are working, you know what we mean. We are not saying that you need to insulate yourself with layers of protective clothing but you do need to pay attention to your apparel. So, with that in mind:

  • Breathable Materials Are Perfect
  • Wear Close-Fitting Pieces Of Clothes
  • Clothes Should Be Flexible For A Day Of Heavy Lifting
  • Avoid New And Branded Clothes
  • Have Spare Set Of Clothes At Hand


Shirts made of cotton are breathable and perfect for the day of heavy lifting.

Breathable materials are perfect

The best items of clothing are those that will allow your body to “breathe” naturally. If you wear clothes that do not breathe themselves, your body will produce a lot more sweat. The reason for this is that materials such as nylon, acrylic, microfiber, and polyester pieces will raise your body temperature. They will also make you more irritable. You wish to wear clothes that are made out of linen or cotton. If you have clothes from these two materials, your skin will be able to properly breathe.

Going natural seems to be all the rage these days. While some of the current trends may be outright silly, in this particular case going natural is healthy for you. Natural materials are perfect for a day of heavy lifting.

Wear close-fitting pieces of clothes

If you want to be as safe as possible, and also, to avoid common moving injuries, consider wearing clothes with a close fit. The reason for this is that you will minimize the risk of anything catching your clothing. If you have items that flap or are extremely wide, a lot of small items can latch onto them. This will significantly raise the risk of injuries. Then there is the tripping hazard. If you have garments that are wider than they need to be, you are running a high risk of tripping over something due to the clothing that you wear. Therefore, close-fitting items of clothing are perfect for this occasion.

Avoid jeans, shirts, and dresses!

But if wide clothes are such a risk, why would anyone use them? Well, it is because they are more comfortable. This is the truth and that is why many injuries will happen on a moving day. Try to resist the urge for comfort and wear clothes that will actually minimize the risk of any injury!

Clothes should be flexible for a day of heavy lifting

Alright, so your clothes are from natural materials and they are close-fitting. Good, let’s move on to another trait that they need to possess. Flexibility. It is really important that your working clothes be as flexible as possible. They really can’t impair any of your movements. You will be bending quite a bit over the whole moving process. You will also stretch, as well. Your clothes need to follow you all the time and provide you with maximum flexibility.

This means that jeans, skirts, and dresses are out. If you are going to the gym then you already know what kind of clothes you will need for this exercise. Because, when it comes down to it, lifting items and moving them is an exercise. In case you don’t know what to wear, try T-shirts, trousers, tracksuits and similar items are perfect clothes to wear on a moving day.

Avoid new and branded clothes

If it is not already clear, avoid using any clothes that are of a good brand or new. Unless you bought them just for this occasion, that is. The reason for this is that no matter how hard you try, your clothes will get in the thick of things and they run a high risk of getting damaged. Tears and scratches are all but certain to occur.

Avoid using new and branded clothes if you don’t want to ruin them!

You will also sweat quite a bit and you will not be changing clothes during the day. This will take a heavy toll on your items and they might get some permanent damage. This is how it works, unfortunately. Heavy work ruins clothes. The best thing to do when relocating your home is to use some of your old clothes which already have some damage to them, so you will not feel bad about adding to it.

When it comes to footwear, the best shoes you can wear are sneakers. Avoid anything with a heel like a plague.

Have a spare set of clothes at hand

Finally, even though you will most likely not be changing your garments, make sure that you have a spare set just in case. These can go in your essentials bag, alongside with your other essentials. You will be working for most of the day, lifting and moving heavy items. Your clothes will be there with you at all times. You will get tired and your clothes might get smelly and not comfortable anymore. This is when you need a shower and a change of clothes.

While you can’t really take a shower anytime you like when you are moving, you can change your clothes anytime you’d like. You can always pack a third or even fourth set. It all depends on how comfortable you are working in dirty clothes. If that does not bother you, you need to have a second set just in case something happens to the first one.

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