The best places in Ohio to raise a family

Top places in OhioSeptember 3, 2019

Are you planning to move with your family to Ohio? Then, you should know where the best places in Ohio to raise a family are. This also applies if you want to start your family. For this reason, pick the best possible destination and start the new adventure of your life. Everything else that you do not need, you can leave it at storage Hilliard OhioIf you are curious to see which cities made the list, keep reading to find out. 

How to organize a move 

Since you are planning to move to one of the best places in Ohio to raise a family, you should also know how to organize a relocation. Finding a good moving company is the first thing you need to do. You can search it on the Internet to see what they offer. After going through reviews and comments, call the companies that seem reliable. Schedule an in-house estimate to see how much you will have to pay for the moving fees. In addition to this, you can ask about packing services as well. If you have too many items to pack and not enough time, you should have professionals to take care of the packing. Lastly, it is important to mention that you should hire a moving company for at least eight weeks in advance if you that much time at your disposal. 

The best places in Ohio to raise a family 

Solon is the first city that made the list when talking about the best places in Ohio to raise a family. The reason is quite simple, it has the best award-winning schools. The school district in this city is what every parent dream. It has been constantly featured on the various list as one of the top school districts in the state. However, this quality education comes with a price, so be prepared to pay a significant amount of money for it. In addition to this, it has many entertainment options for the whole family. These include a large recreation center, a pool complex, art scene that offers regular activities for children, and so on. Lastly, Solon is pretty close to Cleveland and Akron, so you can drive to one of those large cities for a weekend trip. 

a white and brown building
The best school district is in Solon

Avon Lake 

Another city that is close to Cleveland, Avon Lake is also perfect for raising the family. With the population around 24 000 people, it is small enough so you can be sure your children will be safe. In addition to this, it is also big enough so you will not get easily bored with your everyday life. Almost one-third of the population are families with children, which means this is a town for families. There are good schools here as well. Many citizens will tell you that their community is very safe and pleasant. Everyone seems friendly and willing to welcome newcomers to their small town. As for entertainment options, the favorite activities are a trip to the lake and Friday night football games. 


The next town best for raising a family is Perrysburg. It has a population of 21 000 people, which again is the perfect number for a town meant for families. The school district is named as one of the best in the state. In addition to this, the closest large city is Toledo so you can drive to it if you need anything from a bigger city. Family activities in Perrysburg include going to Maumee River and visiting Maumee Bay State Park along the shores of Lake Erie. Lastly, Cedar Point amusement park is especially interesting for families since it holds a nickname of the roller coaster capital of the world. 

people having fun at the amusent park
Visit Cedar Point amusement park with your family

The best places in Ohio to raise a family – Pickerington 

Pickerington is perfect for two reasons. It is one of the best places in Ohio to raise a family. Secondly, it is considered a suburb of Columbus, which is one of the best larger cities for living. This means you get two things in one. Pickerington has the best school because of its proximity to Columbus. The Pickerington School Districts have a graduation rate of 96 % while more than 50% of students take AP courses. These are imposing numbers, especially since you want to raise your family here. In addition to this, 40% of the whole population are a married couple with children, which makes Pickerington a perfect town for families.  


The last town on this list is Delaware. Close to Columbus, it has a population of 35 000 people. Just like the other places on this list, it has everything you want in a town full of families with children. Great schools, a safe environment for your children, and affordable homes are just some of the most important features this town has to offer. In addition to this, do not forget the close proximity to Columbus where you can go almost every weekend for some family fun or celebrate the fourth of July.

Criteria for choosing these cities 

Not every city in Ohio made the list. There are certain conditions they should meet in order to be featured. Here is what matters the most when picking the best places in Ohio to raise a family. 

  • Quality of schools 
  • Crime rate 
  • Proximity to large cities in Ohio 
  • Family-friendly activities 
  • Percentage of families with children 

It does not matter which town you choose from this list since all of them are perfect for raising a family and one of the safest cities in Ohio. 

a couple teaching their child to ride a bike
Your family should live in a town where you will feel safe and happy

The best places in Ohio to raise a family  

As you can, these five towns are the best places in Ohio to raise a family. Pick one that you like the best, pack your bags, hire a moving company, and start your new life in Ohio. 


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