Top storage tips for maximizing space in your unit

Storage PreparationNovember 3, 2019

Although people most often get acquainted with the option of storage units during their relocation, that is not to say that they do not have uses in everyday life. Just the contrary. You don’t need to be moving to Columbus Ohio to realize that some extra space would do you more than good. Whenever you start noticing that the belongings in your home are hindering your normal functioning, storage units are the way to go. And, once you get hooked to the idea of not having to throw out your items, but simply keep them in another place, you will find more items to store. For this reason, we have some tips for maximizing space in your unit and making the most out of it.

Let us just add that these tips are also rather useful when it comes to saving money. Even if you are renting storage containers Columbus Ohio, which has great prices, getting a large or several units can cost you quite a bit. Luckily, the tips that follow will help you organize your unit so that it does not come to that.

Storage units
Maximizing space in your unit will prove to be beneficial in multiple ways, with no notable downsides.

Think carefully about the storage containers you use

Just to be clear, we are referring to the actual containers you place your belongings in, not the storage locker itself.

So, whether you plan on using storage during a relocation, or just want to put away items that do not fit in your home or office, you should know that regular boxes and garbage bags will not work. When maximizing space in your unit, you need to find an option that guarantees stability. This is why regular boxes and plastic bags are not the best choices. Apart from not stacking well, they are easy to rip and overflow. Sooner than you know, your whole storage will become an impending landslide.

In order to avoid this scenario, we suggest that you invest in plastic bins. They are all in the same shape and size, helping you get the most out of your space. Everything will stack perfectly, and all of your belongings will be contained.

When maximizing space in your unit, consider dismantling furniture

Out of all the tips on this list, this one just may be the most time-consuming. However, depending on the types of items you plan on storing, it also might be of the highest importance. So, if you have large furniture pieces like desks, beds, dining sets, and anything else that is of similar volume, it’s easy to see how they take up quite a lot of space. What’s more, they leave you with these awkward empty gaps you cannot make use of. As a result, you end up with a lot of wasted space.

A great way to circumvent this is to dismantle your furniture. If you have the appropriate tools and knowledge, that is. Sawing your couch in two is not the way to go. Take apart as much of your furniture as possible. Desks are usually the easiest ones to dismantle. You can then pack them flat and lay against the walls so that they take up a minimum amount of space.

A desk and a shelf
Dismantling furniture is a great way to save on space. However, if you cannot do it, be creative with the ways you can use those pieces as storage options themselves.

Be strategic when packing your storage unit

If you are truly interested in maximizing space in your unit, you need to put some thought into it. Just as there is an optimal may one should stack LEGOs, there is also the best way you should fill your storage unit. Packing it without much strategizing will result in leaning piles. Of course, you might choose not to go in height. However, opting out of this solution will not save you a lot of space. Quite the contrary. So, to sum up, you should make the most of the vertical space in your storage unit, just be smart about the way you do it.

The way you go about this tactic is to start by packing your heaviest pieces on the bottom and back of your unit. This will allow you to create a solid base. Continue with stacking, leaving the lightest, smallest items for the very top.

In addition, to maximize the functionality of your storage unit, keep the items you are likely to use most often in places that are easy to reach.

Don’t restrain from purging when maximizing space in your unit

In order to maximize space in your unit, one of the best ways to ensure it is to simply pack fewer items. Kind of obvious, huh? You’d be surprised at how many people struggle with this tip. Getting rid of items is just the thing they are trying to avoid by renting these units. If you recognize the same pattern in your behavior, we implore you to give this advice a thought.

Namely, we understand that it can be tempting to hold onto furniture or keepsakes. You never know if you might need some of it in the future. There is some truth in it. After all, no one knows what the future holds. But living your life like this can turn you into a hoarder in no time, and we all know that is not good.

A room filled with antique items
While certain items have sentimental value, others are probably just taking up space. Be objective when making the differentiation.

So, do consider purging items that you are unlikely to use ever again. While it can be hard, all it takes is a bit of honesty. If you are unlikely to ever take them out of storage and place them in your home, you are just wasting money storing something you no longer need. Unless these items have sentimental value, we strongly advise that you consider selling or donating them and thus contribute to maximizing space in your unit.

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