Tips for decluttering your storage unit

Storage PreparationAugust 23, 2019

Finding the best storage is already a challenge. And cleaning it is an entirely different level. If your mission is to declutter your storage unit or portable storage so you can move out and stop paying storage fees. Or to be able to fit additional, more important things in it, our hacks should work perfectly, so read on. Whatever the reason for decluttering your storage unit, our moving and storage Columbus Ohio management has all the tricks in the book for you to do it quickly and efficiently.

Understand that you cannot complete your mission in just 15 minutes or even in one day. That is if you are cleaning it without professional help. Our best advice for decluttering your storage unit is to make a plan of execution for some point in the future. Then you’ll need several decluttering sessions to see the plan to completion.

How long will it take?

As always, this depends on how much stuff there is in your rental. It will also depend on the unit’s size, and on how quickly you make decisions to dispose of unneeded items. But of course, it will take as long as you have to spend hoarding all your surplus items! The time will continue to pass either way. Remember that you are paying monthly fees for this pleasure. So head over to your facility as soon as possible and start decluttering your storage unit today!

A huge pile of books - decluttering your storage unit
Clutter costs money and time, even though you feel a momentary comfort when you buy something.

Why decluttering is good for you?

In general, we as a society tend to buy too much stuff, which is why we end up needing storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio. In reality, none of us don’t really need all the stuff we’ve got. Not even close. Almost all of us would have to admit to holding onto some old, unneeded or never used stuff in our homes. Well, except for the most disciplined minimalists.

Then, we have to adjust to the restrictions we’ve got. Maybe you have a small home, or many people living in it. Either, way you’ve just got to learn to work with the space you have. Trust us, it’s possible. During the process of decluttering your storage unit, you’ll learn that much of the stuff you’ve got in your home is unneeded excess as well. But in the long run, it is more time consuming and it empties your wallet! Well, you’ve been renting storage for all that surplus stuff, haven’t you? So, if moving expenses deducted by decluttering your storage unit is not enough reason to get into it, we don’t know what is!

Saving money by decluttering your storage unit

When renting a storage unit, you want to save money long term. Don’t forget you worked hard for your money. Don’t waste it by paying for multiples of one item. Or for holding onto stuff you think you might eventually use someday. For sure. Maybe you will. But you bought it in 1992 and haven’t looked at it since! Get rid of the clutter and breathe more easily! Now let’s get down to business!

A good rule of thumb is that the longer you’ve been keeping it in portable storage, for example, the more likely it’s junk. It doesn’t matter if it was expensive when you bought is, or that it has some potential to see the light of day eventually.

Piles of books
If it hasn’t been put to good use in a while, sell it, donate it, just don’t have it getting money out of your pocket!


Before decluttering your storage unit, you need to first learn how to identify clutter

In many ways decluttering your storage unit in a storage facility is very similar to clearing out any other storage room in your home. Our first advice would be to pace yourself. We’ll try to show you how not to make a mess in the process. Finally, we advise you to keep making permanent and strict decisions about what is trash, what to sell and what to donate. You will actually see steady progress by removing items from the space without just shuffling boxes around.

While decluttering your storage unit will have some resemblance to decluttering your home, you’ll see obvious differences as well. In regards to that, we offer you two different strategies for decluttering your storage unit. You are free to decide which one will work best for you.

1. Strategy: Decluttering your storage unit right there and then at the facility, but committing more time

Depending on how big and full your unit is, one hour-long session will, of course, not be enough. Use this strategy: schedule many one hour sessions into your calendar as appointments. Keep dealing with the clutter in small units of time to avoid burn out and boredom. Enlist a family member to help if you need to. It will surely facilitate getting the task done.

Just keep making decisions and repeating these steps, until you finish and have three pile of stuff. Decluttering your storage unit will depend on how often you’ll have time and energy for these hour-long decluttering sessions. They are highly effective because they override procrastination. On the other hand, the process may take a while, but it is the best way to go.

2.Strategy: Clear out the unit and bring all the items home to go through them

  • The first strategy means you will be paying for your unit for several more weeks, but that is practical if you have a lot of piled up items and a big unit. If you need to stop paying for that unit quickly, you have an alternative. Pack up all the stuff from the unit, bring it home, and then sort through it there. Practical, easy, but with a catch.
  • This method will only work if you’ve cleared enough space in your home to store these things. Also, if you a procrastinator, you’ll probably be tripping over boxes for a while. In that case, the first method will work better for you.
  • Either way, our most important tip is decisiveness. If you are too sentimental, our best strategies will fail. Instead, enlist a friend or a member of the family to be strict with you. They should know you well enough to stop you from leaving the storage behind and moving to a different state! 
Clutter in a work shop
Our most important tip for you is to keep making definitive decisions!

Celebrate mission accomplished!

Finally, once decluttering your storage unit is behind you, your monthly rental fee will be a thing of the past as well! So make sure to celebrate that. You can use the money we’ve saved you and have a drink in our honor!


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