Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes in storage terms

Storage PreparationJune 11, 2019

Most of the people cannot imagine their life without storage nowadays. But there is more to it than simply choosing the storage provider and renting a unit. You also need to pack it properly. And the best way to do so is to use quality packing supplies. Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, which is better? This is the dilemma that interests all storage users. Let’s give it some thought and go through the pros and cons.

Advantages of using cardboard boxes

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, this decision really makes you think. Although there are a lot of con reasons for using cardboard boxes to store items, there are some advantages too. One of the biggest advantages is definitely their price. If you put a little effort to it, you can get them for free. This can definitely deduct your moving and storage expenses. And how do you find them? You simply go to some large convenience or liquor store and ask politely. Chances are you will get a few of them.

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes on a pallet
Cardboard boxes are definitely the cheaper solution, but much less durable

Another great reason to use cardboard boxes is the simplicity of their use. You can get as much as you like of them and simply write on them with a marker, in order to label them. And that’s it, you are all set. Therefore, getting cardboard boxes for storage can be a good thing. But this is not the case in the long run. Unfortunately, they are not really durable. Also, you will have to repack in the new ones, every once in a while.

Cons for using cardboard boxes

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes? Let’s go through some cons for using cardboard boxes before we make that decision:

  • They are easily breakable
  • You need to seal them very good in order to remain closed
  • If they get wet everything inside them will get wet as well
  • Along with the boxes you also need to purchase some duct tape
  • If you tape and remove the tape whenever you need something from that box, eventually it will become impossible to tape them back
  • In case that an accident happens in the storage, your cardboard boxes will be first to be ruined as well as everything inside them

Why plastic bins are a better solution for your storage

They are water resistant and protect your belongings from bugs

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are much more durable and resistant. While cardboard ones require renting climate controlled storage Columbus, plastic ones need no special conditions. When using them, your things cannot become prey to mold, damp or insect damage. So, if you have closed all your boxes properly, you should be able to keep your things in storage for many years without worrying. When you compare plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, you can easily see that the bins are much more durable.

Pink plastic bins vs cardboard boxes
Plastic bins are more expensive, but you can use them as many times as you like

They are nice and colorful

Plastic bins come in so many shapes and sizes. This can make moving and storing more cheerful for both you and your kids. You can create games and the colors might inspire them to help you with the packing. Besides, color-coding your belongings is also a great advantage of plastic bins. You probably don’t want to write on them since you will use them again, and again, but you can use their color as a labeling rule. For instance, you can put your clothes in the red square shaped box, and the books in the blue rectangle shaped one.

You can use them as many times as you want

When you decide to use Dublin storage services, long term, you need boxes that will last. And plastic containers can definitely survive the test of time. You can use them to store the items you don’t need. Or you can even get those collapsible ones and simply assemble them when you need them. The reuse value of plastic bins vs cardboard boxes is obvious because most professional use and recommend plastic boxes. And the important thing is, that you don’t need to assemble plastic boxes before using them. Hence, they save you a lot of time!

Cons of using plastic bins

Although plastic containers have many advantages, nothing is perfect. There are a few issues with plastic crates as well. So, let’s learn about them as well.

The money factor

Obviously, plastic is more expensive than cardboard. This makes the cardboard boxes much cheaper solution. Especially when you get them for free! However, considering the reuse value, this perspective changes. Because you might end up having to buy only one set of plastic containers in your lifetime. And you cannot say the same thing about the boxes, right? Hence, cardboard is a cheaper solution instantly. But in the end, it might be cheaper to get the plastic bins once and not worry about it ever again.

Hand holding a little tree
Plastic is less environmentally friendly than cardboard, but not a long term solution

The less green solution, but…

Once again, if you see it from one perspective, plastic bins might be a less environmentally friendly solution. Because most cardboard boxes are made from post-consumer recycled material and you can recycle them again. While bins are made from plastic, and plastic takes significantly longer to break down. But as a long term storing solution, it is might be even better to purchase plastic boxes once, than get the cardboard ones every once in a while. Besides, you can always look for bins that are made from recycled plastic.

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, which one to choose? As you can see, there are many factors that will affect your decision. But most importantly, try to find a solution that suits best your needs. Are you storing items long or short term? Are the items you are storing fragile? Breakable? Are they fragile? Have you rented a climate controlled unit or a regular one? What is your budget for packing supplies? Only after you answer all these questions, you will be able to choose. Good luck!

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