Top spots in Ohio to buy a second home

Top places in OhioMarch 29, 2022

Ohio is the 10th most populous state in the USA. The name Ohio comes from the word ohiːyo’, which means “good river”. Ohio‘s name reveals the natural beauty this state has. From rivers and waterfalls to natural preserves and forests. If you are not sure where to move to in Ohio, were here to help! Zippy Shell Greater Columbus reveals top spots in Ohio to buy a second home!

The city of Hillard

The first top spot for a second house is Hillard. Hillard is a beautiful city in Franklin County. Roughly half of the city’s population (circa 34 000) lives in a house. This information is crucial if you’re planning on moving with a big family, or if you prefer living in a spacious house. In addition, Hillard’s many parks and walking/ hiking trails prove its beauty. For example, Homestead Metro Park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Hillard. Hillard’s climate is very convenient.

A city in Ohio during the night
There are many top spots in Ohio to buy a second home.

As for education, Hillard has fourteen elementary, three middle, and three high schools. Public transportation and economics are developing more and more each day. The rate of crime and homelessness is low. Moreover, only 4.4% are unemployed. In addition, it’s worth noting that the prices of housing and groceries are a bit more expensive than in Columbus. If you consider moving to Hillard, storage Hillard Ohio will help you start a new life journey in this beautiful city. If you have any questions about Hillard, you can check their official website. Their official website provides basic information about upcoming events and holidays, tourist attractions, and local news.

Top spots in Ohio to buy a second home – Westerville

The second top spot for a new home in Ohio is Westerville. Westerville is a city that connects Franklin and Delaware counties. Westerville is also one of the spots in Ohio to buy a second home. According to statistics, circa 40 000 live in Westerville, and a third of the population live in houses. It’s also worth noting that about 0,3% of the population is Native American. The economy is also very developed, with only 5% of unemployed citizens. However, the prices of housing and groceries are a bit more pricey than in Columbus. As for education, the educational system is developing with each day. Moreover, Westerville has eight colleges, with Otterbein University being the most famous one. Westerville’s transportation is also very developed. This city connects with Ohio, suburbs, and the international airport.

Westerville has a mix of the mild climate and beautiful nature. With many walking trails, preserves, and gardens, the city of Westerville concurs the hearts of visitors. Char-Mar Ridge Preserve is just one of the natural gems of Westerville. However, before you decide to move and use storage units Westerville Ohio, you can visit their website. They offer information about the city, upcoming events, and important news.

The city of Reynoldsburg

The third top spot for a new home is the city of Reynoldsburg. Reynoldsburg is a beautiful city that connects Fairfield, Franklin, and Licking counties. The population of Reynoldsburg is circa 42 000, with about a third of the residents not living in apartments. About 0,2 % of the population is Native American. This city has a mild rate of unemployment, around 5,6%. However, two big companies’ headquarters are in this town- Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. Reynoldsburg has six elementary and two high schools.

Even though the economy and some institutions are not highly developed, nature is one of the most beautiful in the county. Blacklick Woods Golf Course, many hiking/walking trails, and Blacklick Woods are only a small portion of everything Reynoldsburg has to offer. The climate in Reynoldsburg is mild. If you’re someone who enjoys nature and peace, Reynoldsburg is a perfect place for you. If you’re thinking about moving to this beautiful city, storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio can help you. However, if you have any doubts, you can visit Reynoldsburg’s official website.

A family in a living room
Finding where to move can take some time.

Top spots in Ohio to buy a second home- Columbus

The last top spot for a second home in Ohio is Columbus. Columbus is the capital city of Ohio, with circa 900 000 residents. Columbus is the county seat of Franklin County. Moreover, it extends into Fairfield and Delaware. It is no wonder why Columbus is one of the top spots to buy a new house in. Education, transportation, and economy are highly developed. Columbus is home to many colleges. Above all, it is home to the famous Ohio State University. The city of Columbus has 142 middle, elementary, and high schools. Other than that, the city is full of museums, libraries, and recreational centers… Transportation consists of:

  • Two major highways
  • Local roads
  • Two airports
  • Multiple bridges

Bigger cities are usually more expensive to live in, but that is not the case with Columbus. Although the unemployment is 5.7%, Columbus is one of the biggest economic centers in the USA. For example, foreign companies such as  Siemens and Roxane Laboratories have their headquarters in Columbus.  As for natural beauties, Columbus is home to many parks and natural treasures, such as Olentangy Indian Caverns and Hayden Run Falls.

A city in Ohio during the night
Bigger cities are not always more expensive ones.

Which city to choose?

In conclusion, there are many beautiful cities in Ohio. However, our top spots in Ohio to buy a second home are Westerville, Hillard, Reynoldsburg, and Columbus. Each of these cities is beautiful in its way. But, if you prefer nature and fresh air, we recommend Hillard and Reynoldsburg. However, If you want better job opportunities or plan on going to college, Columbus and Westerville are perfect choices.

When choosing a city, think about living expenses. Bigger cities are not always the more expensive ones. For example, there is a slight difference in food prices in Reynoldsburg and Columbus. Meanwhile, the prices of housing and groceries are way more pricey in Westerville and Hillard. Even pricier than Columbus.

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