Simple steps to follow when choosing a storage unit in Columbus

Storage PreparationMarch 31, 2022

There are many benefits of renting a storage unit. Small businesses have the biggest benefits of renting a storage unit. Also, temporary storage is a great option if you are moving with dorm room movers. However, there are many types of storage units. What kind of storage you should get will mostly depend on your needs. It’s not the same if you are going to keep artwork or clothes in a storage unit. Different items require different conditions. For this reason, here are the steps you need to know when choosing a storage unit in Columbus.

What are the steps when choosing a storage unit in Columbus?

First, you need to decide what you are going to keep in a storage unit. You should choose a storage unit based on the type of belongings you are going to store. So, when you are making an inventory of your belongings during moving preparation, you should separate items into several piles. One pile will be of items you are going to move with affordable movers Columbus Ohio. The other two piles would be items for storage and items for decluttering. When you are picking a storage unit, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Extra service
  • Time

You can rent a long or short term storage unit

Usually, you can rent a storage unit for as long you want. Additionally, almost every storage facility offers both long and short term storage units. What type you should get will depend on your situation and why you need a storage unit. If you need just a short time to keep some of your items during moving preparation, then you should get temporary warehouse space. Also, you can rent storage units for a much longer time if you need. Companies usually have monthly or weekly contracts. You can first rent a storage unit for short time and see if you are satisfied with the service.

choosing a storage unit in Columbus will depend on time
You can store your items for long as you want

When should you get extra services?

You should get Columbus Ohio storage units climate controlled if you are going to store items like art, furniture, plants, etc. These types of storage units have temperature and humidity levels controlled. This way, sensitive items won’t get damaged by the sudden temperature changes. Additionally, a controlled climate will prevent mold, pests, and other unwanted guests from reproducing.

How to pick the right size of a storage unit?

The most complicated thing about renting a storage unit is to choose the right size. You will choose the size of the storage unit based on the size of your items. Additionally, you should get a slightly larger sized storage unit from the actual size of your belongings. Also, don’t forget to declutter your belongings.

stack of boxes next to ladder
The size of your items is an important factor when choosing a storage unit in Columbus

How to choose the right location for your storage unit?

Location plays an important role when choosing a storage unit in Columbus. Storage units that are located on the outskirts of the city will cost less than ones in the more popular location. So, you should decide what matters to you the most: location or the price.

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