Tips for storing Christmas decorations

Storage PreparationJanuary 28, 2020

The holiday season is over. This means it is time to take down your Christmas tree and all the decorations. It is fun to decorate your home and to give it a Christmas look. However, when it ends, cleaning everything is not fun. Just on the contrary, it can be quite stressful. You have to figure out how to store them, where to keep them, how to pack them, and so on. In order to decrease the level of your stress and anxiety, here are all the important tips for storing Christmas decorations. If you need help to move all the Christmas decorations to your new home, then find the best local movers Columbus Ohio. Everything is easier with the right help and support, right?

Declutter your decorations every year 

Storing your Christmas decorations does not have to be stressful if you declutter every year. It is quite easy to accumulate a large number of Christmas decorations. People love to buy new ornaments since the old ones can be out of fashion. They might want to change the color scheme of their decorations. However, this creates clutter that you do not need. Decorations that you no longer use only take up the storage space. For this reason, you need to declutter your decorations. See if they are in good condition. You can try selling them on Amazon or Craigslist. Additionally, you can donate them as well. If you have time, you can organize a garage sale once the spring comes around. Lastly, if there are any broken ornaments, throw them away.  

red christmas balls
Only keep the Christmas balls that you will use again

Categorize before storing your Christmas decorations 

You should categorize your decorations before storing them. The reason is quite simple. You will know where everything is if you organize and categorize your Christmas decorations. People usually categorize their ornaments in two ways. One would be to put all the similar decorations together. For example, candles, small Santa figurines, snowmen, and similar. The other pile should consist of various Christmas balls, and so on. In addition to this, you can categorize your ornaments by room if you decorate always the same way. If you dedicate a little bit of your time to categorization, you will have fewer chances of losing any of your ornaments. 

Find a good storage unit 

Storing your Christmas decorations can take up a lot of space depending on the quantity. However, if your home does not have a lot of storing space, this could be tricky. For this reason, you can find a good self storage Columbus Ohio. How to find one? There are several ways to do it. 

  • Ask your friends and family – the most reliable way since they will recommend only good units. 
  • Search online – if your family and friends do not rent or have never rented, then the next best option is to search online. 
  • Visit official websites – visit websites of storing facilities and check the prices, contact information and similar. You can also visit Yelp to read reviews about those storing facilities.
  • Check your local newspapers – most storage facilities will advertise their units in local newspapers so buy a copy and see offers. 
purple shutter doors
Find the best storage unit for your Christmas decorations

Gather supplies for storing Christmas decorations 

You should gather packing supplies for storing Christmas decorations. This means, get boxes, plastic bins, tubes, and so on. It would be best if you saved original boxes of your ornaments. If not, then shoe boxes, ordinary cardboard boxes, and similar packaging will do the job as well. You can get free boxes at your local liquor store or supermarket. In addition to this, plastic bins are quite practical. They are sturdy, offer good protection, you can reuse them many times, and they are good for your storage. As you might know, cardboard attracts pests and rodents. If you do not rent a climate-controlled unit, you might have problems with pests. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in a couple of plastic bins, especially if you do not have too many ornaments.  

Protect your Christmas decorations 

Do not just put your Christmas balls inside a box and call it a day. If they are made of a fragile material, they will break. For this reason, you can use plastic cups or small cardboard boxes. You can also use egg cartons. This way your Christmas balls will not be tossed around in the box but fixed in one spot. If you plan to use plastic cups, first lined them with soft paper so that your ornaments will be safe inside. In addition to this, you can also use takeout containers but first clean them well. You do not want to leave any food inside. This will attract unwanted guests. As for your Christmas lights, take a piece of cardboard and wrap your lights around it. This way your lights will not get all tangled up.  

turned on string light
Wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard

More tips for storing your Christmas decorations 

Put holiday pillows and blankets in airtight containers as this will prevent odors. However, wash your blankets and pillows before storing them. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them inside airtight containers. In addition to this, for garlands and wreaths, you can either buy hooks and install them in your storage. The other option is to buy a clothing rack. Next, if you received drawings from your children, frame them. Holiday cards are also very special. For this reason, you should find a place for them. You can either buy one basket and keep them there. Another solution is to buy a binder. The last tip for storing Christmas decorations is to label your boxes and plastic bins. Write down CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, especially if you plan to keep them in a storage unit. 

All the tips and tricks 

As you can see, these would be all the best tips for storing Christmas decorations. If you store them properly, you will be able to reuse them for many more years to come.  

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