Tips for organizing condiments in a new kitchen

After the moveNovember 26, 2021

Of course, organizing condiments in a new kitchen is very important. Still, there are a couple of other things that you need to take care of first. If you’re moving into a new home, let Moving and Storage Columbus Ohio take care of most of the things so that you can dedicate yourself to your new home. Make sure to give your new kitchen a good cleaning, before you start unpacking. Focus first on your pots, dishes, cutlery, and glasses. Also, you need to be sure your countertops and sink are clean. In the end, if you have at least a small amount of time, try to spend a little time in your kitchen space. It will help you in making the decision of where the condiments and other supplies belong. The dream pantries on home decor blogs can become your reality too.

Make your own checklist for organizing condiments in a new kitchen

Make sure to throw away the ones that are old and have no scent. Probably some of them are in bins storage Columbus Ohio since the company is famous for its storage services for everyday use. Still, some of the condiments will inevitably go to waste. Your refrigerator is probably already organized by food type and the rest of the items got their place too. However, the most challenging group of kitchen necessities are definitely your spices. Depending on what type of person you are, you can spread them across your kitchen counters or you will toss them out of your reach. Having all that in mind, be aware that you are not alone and there are a variety of methods to keep your condiments in order. Here are some of them:

  • decide the place
  • use alphabetical order
  • keep them in a cabinet
  • buy jars of the same shapes and sizes
Spices in jars
One of the best tips for organizing condiments in a new kitchen is to put them in small jars

For better organizing condiments in a new kitchen, decide a place first

You have probably settled down at your new place already and used moving services Columbus Ohio. So now, it is time to start unpacking and check out your living space. When you come to the kitchen, just make a decision on where you will store your spices first. The best is to keep them in a cool dark area to prolong their life. You need to avoid direct sunlight and especially the heat. There are different places where you can store your spices. Besides a pantry, they can hang on a door or wall, or you can keep them in a drawer.  However, it will happen that you will put some of them on the counter. So, if you do that, try to limit them to the spices you use most often. Basically, the choice of the location will depend mainly on how much space you need.

Use alphabetical order

To alphabetize your spices, remove them all from the cupboard or spice rack. Just put everything on a great surface and start placing them in alphabetical order. Make sure that every type of space has its own letter. Then, when they are all in order, put them back into your spice rack. Even if they were spread all across the counter, just check out some hacks for a tidy kitchen and you will make it clean again in no time. Don’t be afraid to put the spices in different kitchen parts or group them together. Keep the commonly used spices, such as pepper and salt close to you because of the food preparation. You will need it on spot.  Then, the next types of items that can be put together are the baking spices (cinnamon, ginger, pumpkin spice mix, etc.)

Alphabetical order can really make your managing in the kitchen easier

Keep them in a cabinet

After checking out the best ways how to pack cutlery, you have probably finished with that and now you are moving to the other parts of the kitchen equipment. Please, for spices, make use of door-mounted spice racks since you will make it so much easier on yourself. It is even better if you have magnetic strips (with magnetic containers), or the best-tiered shelves that amplify vertical space. In case you use a drawer, find a drawer organizer. There are multiple choices for drawers indeed. However, it is for the best if the jars are tilted and in tiers. If they are not, feel free to use a divider that will keep the jars upright. What seems a bit crazy but it is also very common is putting the stash spices in a plastic bin or shoebox.

Buy jars of the same shapes and sizes

Not only they will be more practical, but the identical jars will also be more pleasing to the eye. You can buy the empty ones in the local stores and shops. However, an even easier way of getting the same jars is buying spices from the same company. You don’t have to spend money on buying new jars if you focus on the used ones or recycled ones. If you don’t have a baby, some of your parent buddies can borrow you some cute baby food jars. They are especially convenient for grains and nuts that come in containers of all shapes and sizes. They are creating unwanted clutter and that is the moment when jars are becoming necessary. Just remember to keep the organization process simple and use markers for labeling jars and containers.

Using jars of both different and the same sizes and shapes is one of the best methods of organizing condiments in a new kitchen
Cute little jars are very pleasant to the eye


All in all, the moving experience is a pretty demanding one.  When you are moving to Columbus Ohio, you are dealing with a lot of baggage (in every sense)  So, of course, that the kitchen and the condiments are not even in your top ten. Still, after you move, you will have time to reflect and settle down. So then, when you begin, make sure to use what you have. At the beginning stage, you can use a hanging shoe rack and turn it into a snack station. Nevertheless, try to make it playful and beautiful by decorating your pantry and the ideas will come to you. That way you will be ready for organizing condiments in a new kitchen in no time!

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