Hacks for a tidy kitchen

Storage TipsMay 25, 2021

Organizing your kitchen can be a difficult process. There are always dishes, utensils, and other necessary implements that are being moved around on a daily basis. But if you are about to go through a relocation process, you can arrange your new kitchen with some “life hacks” to make it easier. That way, once one of the Columbus moving companies brings in your stuff, you will have a perfect place for them all! In this article, we will provide you with ten of the most effective hacks for a tidy kitchen, which can make it look amazing as well!

Hacks for a tidy kitchen – Top 10

Without further ado, here’s the list of “hacks”:

  • Double-duty Shelves
  • Use plenty of baskets
  • Customize the drawers
  • Knife blocks
  • Add a pegboard
  • Purchase a designated dish-drawer
  • Sliding doors for concealment
  • A simple metal bar
  • First-in, First-out
  • Color-grouping your items

Of course, there are numerous others that you can employ, as organizing a kitchen is quite a personal and unique prospect. But for the most part, these hacks will provide you with a new line of thinking that you can incorporate into your kitchen space.

Double-duty shelves

A smart way to store the essential items is to create shelves that serve a dual purpose. What you can do is create a small “hanger” at the bottom of the shelf, from which you can hang all the essentials. You can stick pretty dishes on the top of the shelf for decorative effect. Install several of these and they will bring a lot of decors, as well as utility to your kitchen. Also, you need to consider which moving services Columbus Ohio you are hiring and provide your movers with the necessary instructions. If you have your movers arranging items correctly in the first place, there will be less work for you to do. 

Hacks for a tidy kitchen - adjustable shelving
Ordinary shelves do not provide the flexibility of double-duty ones.

Use plenty of baskets

Baskets are a universal life-hack, and they have a spot in the kitchen as well. They come in a variety of sizes and you can position them in almost any recess available in the kitchen. You fill the lower baskets with “safe” items, ones that you would not mind your kids having access to. The upper baskets can hold a variety of items, including gadgets, stashes, etc.

Customize the drawers

A great way to organize the kitchen is to create drawers that are built for the purpose. That way, you (and everyone else) will know exactly what goes where, as there is a special recess for each and every item. This is a great way to optimize space for commonly used recipes. And, if done correctly, it can look amazing as well! You may need a contractor for this kind of work unless you are a carpenter yourself. Ask your residential movers Columbus Ohio for good contractors in the area. They get similar requests regularly and will be able to point you in the right direction.

Knife blocks

Moving on, consider adding a specialized knife block to one of your drawers. This will keep both your hands and the knives, safe and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Creating a knife block is rather easy and you only need someone with basic carpenter skills, so that is a plus as well. 

kitchen table with knives, spoons, and mugs
Keeping your knives within a drawer knife block is one of the hacks for a tidy kitchen

Add a pegboard

Adding a pegboard to a wall of your kitchen is a great way to combine appearance and functionality. You can add several hooks, both curved and straight, to be able to hang all kinds of items. You can even personalize the pegboard itself. Allow your kids to do some doodles on it, it will be a great “conversational piece”. But the functionality is what matters, after all, and a pegboard has it in spades. You can hang mugs, assorted cookware, measuring cups, and anything else you might want to have handy at all times.

Purchase a designated dish-drawer

This is an amazing one. Creating a dish drawer will enable you to protect your dishes with adjustable plate holders. You will want them to have handles, of course, so lifting numerous dishes becomes easier. You will need a deep drawer, however, so you can stack more plates inside of it. It is a great way to organize different sets of plates. It is extremely convenient to use and remove a set of platters at a moment’s notice. Plus, it looks really cool.

Sliding doors for concealment

Some kitchens simply can’t avoid being cluttered. In these cases, your best option is to install a set of sliding doors to conceal the mess if need be. This is best coupled with an open shelving system, as it provides the most convenience. Furthermore, these doors can be decorative pieces on their own. They are a great way to instantly “remove” all the clutter from the kitchen and safely invite guests in, even at a moment’s notice. You can utilize bins storage Columbus Ohio behind the doors, as well, to great effect. If you have room, adding a few sliding doors is an amazing way to “tidy up” your kitchen in an instant.

a large, tidy, kitchen space
Sliding doors can section off parts of your kitchen, masking the clutter within

A simple metal bar

A small metal bar (think towel bar) placed above your sink can be used to store anything that needs to be within easy reach. You can keep your spoons, cheese graters, and other utensils that you use on a regular basis hanging under the bar. You can also install mini metal shelving for your spices and other items.

First-in, First-out

Supermarkets utilize a “First-in, First-out” better known as the FIFO system and you can replicate it inside your kitchen. The basic premise is to put the newest additions behind the ones that are already open. Add in some bins, labels, and transparent containers and the whole thing becomes even easier.

Color-grouping your items

Lastly, you may want to color-coordinate your kitchen items. It is one of the most important hacks for a tidy kitchen, as it will create a clutterless impression. You get all the benefits of open shelving solutions but without any clutter!

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