What should you know before moving to Columbus Ohio?

Moving day tipsNovember 11, 2018

Feel that it is the right time to move, but you are still researching where to? There are a couple of things you should know if you are thinking about moving to Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Ohio is the right choice for your relocation.

You are moving to one of the fastest growing cities in America. Columbus is known as an energetic and advanced city. Most people come here because of the job opportunities as well as for education. Columbus is well known for the Ohio State University, one of the reasons for moving to Columbus.

Columbus is one of the most intelligent cities in the world

This is actually quite true because it was the only U.S. city ranked in the list. Columbus is a popular culture hotspot and if you are thinking about moving to Columbus Ohio, this will be a great advantage. The city attracts people who like culture and modern, contemporary life. It has a lot of art festivals, parades, theaters, museums. It is an excellent place for all the art lovers. Columbus Metropolitan Library is renovated and it has an excellent library system. Many Columbus residents enjoy reading. No wonder it collects America’s brightest minds.

Columbus transportation

This is the capital city of Ohio and it collects many country’s young and bright minds. Residents like to say that they are also well red thanks to their great Metropolitan Library.

Columbus has a great transportation system. The city developed passage for driverless cars, smart sensors, and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Columbus public transportation does not have rail service, but it is still convenient. It has good bus connection for you to use. In addition, it has a bicycle service because the city encourages their residents to use more environmentally friendly way of transport.

Cost of living is an advantage if you are moving to Columbus Ohio

This is a great reason for you to move to Columbus. It is actually a very affordable city for life because it is below average costs. This stands for food, clothes, monthly utilities and housing. So it is one of the coolest cities and affordable as well. Now, what are you waiting for?

You have a chance to stretch your monthly earnings as much as you can.

Columbus has suburbs that are good for raising a family

Columbus has attractive suburbs for people with a family. Here are some of them: Dublin, Powel, Upper Arlington, and Bexley. They are all safe neighborhoods with tight community and a good public school system. There you have a great opportunity for your whole family. Because there is also a good job offer, you can say you have all in one.

German village is a popular historical neighborhood. It is popular because of its charming brick houses, shops and restaurants. There you have French cuisine, Spanish restaurants, and others. The Kitchen is a unique restaurant where you can cook your own meal with the help, of course.

Visit the famous German village and try some of the specialties.

Affordability is only one of the Columbus advantages for your family. There are many family-friendly things to do in Columbus. You can visit the zoo, aquarium and Topiary Park. You don’t have to spend much to enjoy with your kids.

The Columbus zoo and aquarium have a new water park as well. The fantastic new indoor playground is recently opened and that is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. This is an attraction for both kids and adults.

Things to do for younger people

When you are young and considering moving to Columbus Ohio you have a lot to anticipate. Columbus has an art scene for everybody to enjoy. You have visual, performing arts as well as kid-friendly arts.

If you are not a big art lover, then you have a different kind of fun activities. Maybe you are a beer lover? Columbus has numerous microbreweries with nice assortments. Beside breweries, you have bars and nightclubs. In any night during the week, you can find some live music or another type of entertainment in clubs.


Columbus has many bike trails and you can rent a bike if you don’t have your own. There are many parks and recreation areas for outdoorsy persons. Columbus offers hike trails as well. There is Inniswood. A forest that offers great and easy trails for you to explore.


You have numerous great forest trails in Inniswood

Sports fans do not worry. Ohio State football game is the time when everybody is a fan of sports. You will fit right in.


If you belong to a group of people that actually appreciates the seasons, then Columbus is the right for you. You have cold winters here, with a lot of snow. But if you aren’t a big fan of snow then be sure to expect a lot of blizzards and thunderstorms.  The residents sometimes say that winter never ends here.

On the other hand, you have hot summers with a lot of humidity.

Bear in mind, if you have a problem with allergies think twice about moving to Columbus. Either that or get used to sneezing all the time. This has to do with pollution and pollen in the city. The allergy season lasts about 20 days longer than usual. So, if you are prepared to have watery eyes and to sneeze a lot then welcome to Columbus.

If you have already decided to move to Columbus Ohio, try to avoid the winter moving. Moving is always difficult, not to mention stressful. Choose the right time to move. If you have to move during the wintertime there are some things you can do to make it easier.

The Biggest Small Town

So, when you have learned the main things about living in Columbus your choice is a little bit easier. Columbus has a nickname the Biggest Small City and it is earned. But many people are discovering Columbus for the first time and if you are hip and trendy then you have found your new home. It is a booming city and you can take advantage that will last as it looks like.

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