The last week before your local move

Moving Day TipsNovember 18, 2020

So, you have just finished everything regarding your moving preparation and all that is left is to wait for the movers to arrive. Now, you have to think about the last week before your local move. That’s the week when the most important tasks happen. If you are still uncertain what awaits you, then you should definitely read our guide. Here you will find out what you need to do before you move out. It will surely help you with your relocation.

Start dismantling your furniture on the last week before your local move

This is the time when you will start packing things you are using often. And that means you will have to dismantle your furniture. By now you should know that you can’t do it with basic tools. You will have to get some pliers and a rubber hammer. Why rubber hammer? Because some furniture pieces are not bolted together, so this will help you put them in place without damaging them.

furniture you should dismantle The last week before your local move
The last week before your local move you should dismantle your furniture

Once you dismantle your furniture, you won’t have any trouble when packing them. Small furniture pieces are easier to pack for the move than whole items. You probably already have some packing materials in your home you can use for this. Things like blankets and towels are perfect when you want to pack furniture. And once you do this, you can leave it to the local movers Columbus Ohio to move them safely to your new home. Because professional movers know how to properly load the moving truck without damaging the items. 

Clean your home

By now you have probably packed all the rooms in your home. Now you have more space than you would usually have. This is the perfect opportunity to clean everything. You probably couldn’t reach some places in your home before packing everything. This will help you keep a record of a good renter, or if you are selling your home, you can spice up the price. Taking care of your home even days before the move means a lot. So think about this in the last week before moving out.

a girl cleaning
This is the perfect opportunity to clean your home before the move

While you are cleaning your home, you need to think about your moving plans as well. This means it is for the best if you keep all boxes and packed furniture in one place. Dedicate one room in your home where you will put all the items you are moving. It will help you and your moving company to speed up the moving process. This means that your best moving companies Columbus Ohio can spend less time packing up. And if you are moving in a hurry it will mean a lot.

Pack what is left

This is just a few days before you move out. Now you will pack the final items in your home. That means clothes, shoes and some other items in your place. You should try and put them in moving boxes that you designated just for them. Since these are the items you will use a lot, it will be easier to reach them when you start unpacking. Don’t forget to label the moving boxes when moving. When you have to settle in your new home, you won’t have to wander around and search for the items.

Not every packing process comes with ease. People still can have a lot of issues when trying to pack their home for the move. And this is especially important if you have to move something expensive and fragile. This is why you can opt for getting packing services Columbus OH for your move. It can mean a lot to know that your items are being packed by professional packers.

Double-check everything

Just before the movers arrive, you should go through all the items in your boxes. Try to go and see if you packed everything for your move. It is important to make a list before you even begin packing for the move. Once you make it, you should use it to pack your belongings for the move. And now that you have a guide for packing, you can double-check everything with ease. See if you properly packed items for your move, so you won’t have to worry about it later. Especially if we are speaking about expensive and important items in your home.

a person checking a checklist
You will have just enough time to double-check everything

But as we mentioned already, you need to have a hierarchy when you have to pack your items for the move. That means that you need to know when to pack certain things when moving. You can’t pack some things just a few days before the move, because you may have some trouble either finding them again, or you would want to use them again before the move.

Make some snacks for the road

It doesn’t matter that you will plan a local move. You will still have to eat something when moving. The moving process itself can be very tiring so you would want to have something to replenish your energy. There are many energy-boosting snacks you can pack for the road. They will certainly help you get through the moving process with ease. It will mean a lot when you have to deal with all those items you are moving and unpacking. Especially with the post-moving process. You won’t have to deal with everything half tired.

The last week before your local move can be very crucial. These tasks that you need to complete are not easy and simple. You have to follow your moving plan to have everything ready for the move. We are glad if our guidelines helped you with your relocation in any way. If you want to learn more about the moving process, feel free to visit our blog.

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