Items you should never pack on the day of the move

Moving Day TipsOctober 31, 2020

Relocations are virtually always packed with stress, anxiety, and plenty of tasks to take care of. That is why as the moving day draws near, you feel the energy culminating, and have the need to speed up whatever you are doing, simply by inertia. However, come moving day, we urge you to put the boxes down, take a deep breath, and go through this list of items you should never pack on the day of the move. Even if you have the best moving companies Columbus Ohio can offer to help you out, this is the thing you yourself need to know and take care of.

While hiring packing services is a great way to ensure your move is simpler, faster, and easier to handle, that does not mean you will get to avoid all of it. There are certain personal belongings you will need on moving day, and that you should have in handy in order to ensure a smooth relocation. So, let’s see what those are.

A white box on a white surface
Professional packers can only do so much. There are items you yourself need to take care of.

Items you should never pack on the day of the move, but rather keep on hand

To start of, here are the contents of a basic essentials box. Now, this is the box that will ensure your moving day, as well as the few ones that follow it are comfortable. Whether you are moving to another city or state, make sure to have this box prepared. It should have:

  • All your moving day paperwork, lists your moving inventory, important numbers of your movers and landlords
  • A small toolkit containing screwdrivers, hammer, and scissors, as well as a flashlight
  • Emergency first aid kit
  • Garbage bags, all-purpose cleaner, a broom, and a mop
  • Enough cups, plates, and eating utensils for your family
  • Snacks, water, coffe,e or tea
  • Basic hygiene products like towels, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, toothbrush, hairdryer
  • A set of bed pillows and sheets for everyone, as well as appropriate clothing if you are moving to a colder or warmer climate

A personal kit of your own everyday necessities

Now, we have come to a more detailed analysis of what you need for your moving day and the first night in your new place.

  • Your keys, wallet, and some cash are the things you don’t want to overlook
  • For the first night, you will need your pajamas, and most certainly a change of clothes (or multiple changes of clothes), including underwear and socks
  • Any personal hygiene items that may include tampons, pads, or even your mouthguard, if you use one while sleeping, some deodorant, facewash, moisturizer, prescription medications, etc.
  • Electronics and their chargers (your cell phone, eReader, laptop, etc.)
  • If you need reading to fall asleep, make sure to set your book aside, and make it easy to reach
  • Earplugs and a sleep mask, should you use them.
A person enjoying a cup of tea in their home
Ensure that you can enjoy that first night in your new place.

Things your kids will need

In case your kids aren’t old enough to pack their own essentials bag, you will have to do it for them. Still, make sure to ask them for their input (proven that they are old enough to be aware of the move). It will help them feel more involved and in control of the situation, they are definitely a part of. Make sure that their essential bag contains:

  • Their favorite books, toys, and stuffed animals
  • Portable games, DVDs, and music they enjoy playing, watching, and listening
  • Their electronics
  • School supplies and their homework
  • Pajamas, and a change of clothes, complete with underwear and socks
  • Their toothbrush and a night light

In case your kid is around toddler age or younger, that bag will be a tad different, containing at least the following items:

  • Diapers, baby wipes, changing pad, washcloths, prescription medications
  • Babby food, bottles, and pacifiers
  • Any humidifiers or air purifiers they need, as well as baby monitors, carriers, strollers, and chairs
  • Any other items your kid needs on a daily basis

Moving with pets

Regardless of their age, pets cannot prepare for the move by themselves, however great and amazing they may be. Still, that is why they have you to rely on, and you should make sure they have their own bag of all the essentials that will help them get through the moving day with minimal disruptions. Here is what you ought to allocate for their own box:

  • Freshwater and appropriate food, as well as separate food and water dishes from which they will be able to drink and eat during the road
  • Leash, pet carrier, their beds, and blankets, as well as favorite comforting toys
  • Litter and litter box, as well as pet waste bags
  • Don’t forget their prescription medications, nor any vet records or certifications you may need. This is especially important if you are moving out of the country or out of your current state, as the laws differ
  • Plenty of treats that will reward their good behavior
A woman with her dog
Items you should never pack on the day of the move include your pets’ essentials that you need to have on you at all times.

Might seem like much, but it really isn’t

At this point, you are probably thinking about how there are more items lying around than you have packed. However, that is not entirely true. As you know, these are all essential for the normal every-day functioning of you and your family. So, you want to ensure you have all of these items on hand, as it will provide you with the comfort you need on a day as hectic and stressful as moving. Make sure not to forget any of these. It would be best that you make a list, or print these out on a piece of paper, so as to ensure nothing is forgotten.

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