The fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus

Moving SolutionsDecember 21, 2022

Stressful and complicated times are in front of you. Yes, we are talking about the relocation process. We all know how boring, time-consuming, and confusing it can be. More so if you must cover all moving stages in a short time interval. If that is the case, you came to the right place because today we will explain everything about the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus. One of the Columbus moving companies will help immensely for sure, but you must cover the moving preparations yourself. So, let us dive right in and ensure you know how to do it right.

Prepare for packing without stress and confusion

Before you engage in a moving process you must tell yourself that there is nothing to panic about and stress over. No matter how many days you have to pack and relocate, you can still do it if you form a good plan, set aside an adequate budget, and have a few friends assisting. Of course, your moving company is the key player in this story so make sure you are hiring the right one. But the most important thing is to stay calm. You’ll think better, have more focus, and execute tasks flawlessly. And if you add a bit more sleep and exercise into the equation, you’ll feel even better. So, plan according to your schedule and notify movers on time. Obtain moving quotes Columbus Ohio as soon as possible so you can continue planning around it.

A man stressing out
There is no time to panic. Get rid of the stress before you start packing.

A good moving plan will save you

If you want to have stress-free packing and moving, you must assemble a good moving plan. Start by setting a moving date according to your work schedule. Figure out if you can take days off and how many you can utilize. Then, after obtaining moving quotes, work on your budget and figure out how many packing materials you must purchase. Of course, you must inspect all your furniture and other belongings as well. Once you do, you’ll have a full picture of the complexity of this project as well as the moving cost.

Lastly, call your friends or gather family members to figure out who can help and how. If you have a few helpers with you, you can cover packing and all other moving-related preparations within days. So, inspect your home, and create a list with moving-related tasks as well as the inventory list. And now let’s quickly cover the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus and prepare you for it.

Hiring movers is the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus

Surely the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus is with help from a reliable moving company. Obviously, you’ll hire movers to handle the hardest part. But remember, you can purchase packing services and have your movers pack everything within a couple of hours. You can even rent storage Hilliard Ohio units or ask for a special moving service. For example, if you have a pool table, king-sized bed, gun rack, or home safe, you can have movers take care of it as well. And the same goes for all expensive, delicate, fragile, and unique items.

A mover preparing the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus
A professional moving company can make your packing process ten times easier.

So, figure out which company is the best in the area, give them a call, go over the moving service, and choose the best package. If you decide on having movers pack you, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll be packed and relocated safely within a couple of days.

Decluttering and downsizing will help as well

Decluttering is one of the most useful things you can cover while moving. This is the perfect time to get rid of old items or those you are not using anymore. Simply by throwing or donating old appliances, clothing, and furniture, you’ll have fewer things to pack. Not to mention that you’ll have much more space inside the moving vehicle as well as in your new apartment. So, while inspecting your home, go over all the items you have and set aside all those you do not need anymore. We are sure there are quite a few in your garage, basement, loft, or backyard. Inspect those areas, gather everything, and donate at your earliest convenience. Hence, get rid of the clutter before moving and you’ll love the results.

Let’s cover the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus

It’s packing time! But before you begin, make sure you have quite a few cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, packing paper, adhesive tape, and labels. It is all you need to pack efficiently and quickly without endangering yourself or your items. So, ask your movers if they can provide these items through their packing services, or purchase the entire batch at the closest Home Depot. Once you have these items, do the following:

  • Place a cushion at the bottom of each cardboard box. It will serve as a buffer and protect your items. You can use bubble wrap, crumpled paper, blankets, kitchen cloth, or old clothing in general.
  • You should wrap each delicate and fragile item individually. This is mostly applied to ceramics and similar easily breakable items. This is what makes your kitchen the hardest place to pack.
  • Disassemble furniture, if possible, to have an easier time when loading a moving vehicle. You’ll have more space in general but do not do it if you do not know how to assemble it back.
  • All furniture pieces should be wrapped in protective sheets or blister packs. This will protect everything against bumps, bruising, and scratching.
A dozen of carton boxes
Packing should go smoothly if you have the right set of packing materials with you.

Once you pack all your boxes and furniture, label each piece with a detailed description of the content inside. You can use color matching, numbers, or simply write the name of the room it belongs to. Labeling is important for overall safety so do it right.

Take a break for the moment and get to know Columbus

We are sure that the entire process will be hard and tiring no matter what you do. You are moving to a different city after all. Luckily, a new horizon lies ahead and a new neighborhood to explore. Columbus is something special for sure and we are glad you have chosen this city to be your new home. It has a vibrant and diverse community as well as the safest neighborhoods in the state. This place is constantly ranked among the top three places in Ohio for new families, fresh graduates, and young professionals.

So, we highly recommend exploring it as soon as possible. It would be wise to visit your new neighborhood before you move in to get a head start. If you do so, you’ll realize how welcoming it is and that there is a lot to do. We are sure you’ll never get bored in Columbus as there are more than enough places for families, couples, and singles alike. You’ll have a ton of fun in Columbus that’s for sure. And when you realize how affordable living is, you will be glad you are moving to one of the best and most promising cities in Ohio.

Now that you know more about Columbus and more about the fastest way to pack and move from Hilliard to Columbus. Apply the techniques and methods we have explained, and we are sure you’ll have an enjoyable relocation process. Good luck.

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